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Cornwall I woof


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No to be critical Marty but the Cornwall l shares the tweeter and midrange of the klipschorn and LaScala. The bass is actually where they differ.

The Cornwall uses a vented port "normal" 15" woofer which I believe you correctly identified as the K-33. The LaScala and Klipschorn, however, use a horn loaded system (not sure the part number). This is why corner placement for these is essential for proper bass reproduction.

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Prior to the introduction of the Cornwall II in 1986 the K/B/LS/CW all used the K33 woofer.The Cornwall II used the K34.The difference between a K33 and K34 is the mounting gasket.If you run the numbers below in BassBox you get 101.5dB/2.83V/1M with the optimum vented box being 6.65 cu ft with an Fb=34hz and F3=38.7hz .Gee,isn't that how big a Cornwall is and isn't that how efficent it is and isn't that how low Klipsch claims it goes? The numbers Klipsch publishes for the K33 are BOGUS.Work it out for yourself.

01-SPEC 15162

02-PART # K-33

03-MODEL # 1520F5637

04-DATE 11/30/92

05-RE OHMS 3.39

06-LE MH .96

07-QM 7.39

08-QE .410

09-QT .390

10-XMAX MM 8.20

11-BL TM 11.88

12-EFF % 2.91

13-FS HZ 34.46

14-MMS GMS 78.59

15-CMS mm/N .2714

16-RMS NS/M 2.3037

17-VAS LTRS 301.66

18-SD SCM 889.59

19-EBP 84.4

20-SPL dB 96.6

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my '84 cornwall I manual says the corn uses the same mid & high drivers as the khorn. says the khorn & lascala use the same bass driver, but the khorn's is trihedral requiring corner placement while the lascala's is folded only twice not requiring corner placement. so reading this you'd think the corn uses a different woof, though they're probably talking of the cabinet design. now could someone explain folding? biggrin.gif

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the great K-33 OR K-33-E cookoff.

I have an e-mail from Trey Cannon dated 21 Nov. 2000 he says: 'From what I can find out,Eminence comes up with their T L small numbers different than we do. There will be a difference in the 2 sets of numbers. In what way they are different, I'm not sure.'

I ordered 2 new K-33-Es from Klipsch fall 2000 - they had stock Eminence stickers labled K-33 #15162. I went round and round with Trey about the difference. He says these ARE the current Klipschorn drivers and have been for a while.

Anybody else run into this ...?


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Thanks for the info but the differences in parameter measurement of the K-33-E and K-33 are quite different. This is what djk was referring to. Basic params

K-33-E K-33

Qts: 0.633 Qts: .39

Fs: 27.99 Fs: 34.46

Vas: 12.11 Vas: 10.64

SPLo:92.30 db SPL: 96.6

Trey Cannon says these are the same driver.

Try putting the high Qts 0.633 in a vented cabinet program such as bass box ...it don't

go. The K-33 does.

I bought new "K-33-Es" from Klipsch and received Eminence K-33s. They were brand new, I talked to Eminence and got manufacture date.

Am I the only one who has run into this? Somebody out there must have bought new

K-33-Es in the past six months. If you have, I'd like to see a picture of one of um.



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Those are the older woofers that John is showing.I took a pair of those out of my 1975 LaScalas & replaced them with the newer K-33-E's. The newer ones have the traditional looking round magnet. All my other LaScalas & Klipschorns have the round magnet version. They are all post 1989 models.

My square magnet woofers say K-33P, yes (P).


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Which K-33 do you have mounted in your Imperial backloaded horns? The newer round or square model? If it is the newer round model and you happen to take one of them out to dust it off today I'd love to see a picture of front and back of driver.

I see from older thread you got new drivers in May June 2000. Were they clearly labled

"K-33-E" or "K-33"? I ordered new ones end of August and mine had stock Eminence sticker K-33 4OHM #15162 on magnet with small Klipsch decal on rear but no "E" designation.

A picture of a new one labled "K-33-E" would

solve another Klipsch question.



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My 1979 LaScala has a square magnet speaker with K33B printed in white ink on the magnet. There is a Klipsch metal label with a seral number stuck to the magnet. There are no markings on the frame of the speaker.

My 1972 Cornwall II has a square magnet, but is a K33P.

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My '81/'82 La Scalas have square magnet woofers labeled K-33-E and my '87s have round magnet woofers labeled K-33-E. The '87s have a 15162 ink stamp on the cone. I can't remember the square ones having anything on the cone. Since buying the '87s I've wondered what's up.


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>>Here is a bad Polaroid photo of my Cornwall's K33P. The model number is punched onto the Klipsch label and is illegible.<< That is a K33 made by CTS in the 8th week of 1972.It is functionally the same as the later Eminence K33 driver.The biggest change in the K33 was when they went to the felt dustcap instead of the paper one.This vented the magnet and gave much better bass.The dustcaps cost about $1 each and five minutes with an Exacto knife and some glue will take care of that.I can make parts available if there is interest.

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