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equipment rack (on wheels?)


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As we clean up the basement in anticipation of it's being finished, I keep looking at various ideas on how I'll set things up electronically.

I'll be burying one LaScala into a "closet" wall (load bearing) and will extend the wall a bit so I can put the second LaScala behind the same wall.

Dawned on me that I can scoot the second LaScala further to the left if I put an equipment shelf/rack inbetween so it's got me thinking...

Is it better to have solid built in shelves or a premade equipment rack that might be on wheels and have adjustable shelves (I think this answers my question already)

If you go equipment rack on wheels, any brand suggestions or width suggestions?

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Wheels sound like a great idea. Makes it easy to get to the back for connection purposes. A local blacksmith type guy could custom make one for far less than the premade guys. At least around here anyway, we had a custom wheeled stand for a heavy bronze sculpture made locally for next to nothing relatively speaking.

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I am happy with my rack, the MGA-6 from www.wood-tech.com.

It was about $400, if I recall. It is very study, and casters can

be added in place of the leveling feet. The tempered glass shelves

will hold 75 lbs each; the top shelf will hold 300 lbs, due to

additional bracing. The legs/frame can be left as-is with the black

crinkle finish, or you can buy magnetized wood strips in various

finishes which adhere to the front face of the legs.

I found a reasonable set of casters from www.mappcaster.com,

which sells just about every type of caster made. Mine

are the usual twin nylon wheel type, like you will find on many

office chairs, for example, but these have a metal body and axle, and

can hold 75 lbs each, or 300 lbs with four. That allows about 250 lbs

of gear in addition to the 50 lb rack. You can get

heavier-capacity casters from that company as well. You can order about

any caster with a range of stem types, usually press-fit or

threaded. I got the exact threaded stem type which perfectly

replaced the MGA-6 leveling feet. They work very well, and add

significantly to the versatility and convenience of the rack.

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