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first HT AND floorstanding - all at once!


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OK, so it's not really a HT with just 2 speakers but it's on the way! I'm really excited!!

I got a good deal on a pair of RF-15s (I realize they are bottom of the Ref line, but they are Ref). I also bought a HK AVR 340. I am now looking for a center channel, sub, and surrounds (probably in that order). I was thinking about

center: maybe an RC-25 if I can find one in my price range

sub: KSW10 or KSW12

surround: no ideas

They will come, slowly but surely. I do not want to skimp on the center but the 25 may be overkill - I would like to hear some opinions. Thanks

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Wires connectors, Banana on the receiver end and Spades on the speaker end, but Banana - Banana is fine too. I just like spade connectors on the speaker ends only because it looks cleaner with the way the wire come off as oppose to the bananas.

Center is your next step for HT, then I would go sub, then surround speakers.

Subwoofer, get the 12" if your budget and space can accomodate it. For movies, there is no such thing as too much bass! :)

BTW, don't think you have bottom of line speakers, really doesn't matter, what matters is that you gonna have HT experience!


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Go with the RC-25 Center, because sooner or later (probably sooner) you will get bitten by the upgrade bug. So, down the road you can get RF-25s for mains and move the 15s to surround duty. You might just want to plan this as you buy the other parts.

1. 15s in front

2. 25 center

3. Sub

4. New 25s for mains moving the 15s to surrounds

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