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Power Strips


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If your not willing to get one of those units that will sit in your cabinet like your other equipment (these are usually power strip/AC line conditioners) then you may want to look at say a Monster Cable HTS1000. It will protect everything to a point. The higher the 'jewel' rating the more protection there is.


I was able to pick up an HTS5000 for $360 from ebay where MSRP is $600.



KLF-20 Mahogany (Cornell Hotwired)

McIntosh C33 Preamp

McIntosh MVP-841 CD/DVD

Rotel RB-1080 Amp

Yamaha PF-800 Turntable/ Sure V15 Type V Cartridge

Ortofon VMS-30 mkII Cartridge

Stanton 999SS Cartridge

Yamaha K-1020 Cassette

dbx 1231 EQ

H.H. Scott 830z Analyzer

Monster Interlink 400mk II

Monster Interlink 300mk II

Monster Video 2 (DVD to TV)

Studio Tech U-48RW Cabinet

Monster Power HTS-5000 Power Conditioner/Surge Protector

Original 12ga. Monster Cable

Enough empty boxes for a fire hazard!

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A good quality surge protector with Electromagnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interference (EMI and RFI) filters is not too expensive and a very good idea for any electronic component. For a little more money, a low power Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) will also offer those same features along with a battery back up to smooth out power fluctuations. These are just a start. One can get just as crazy about incoming power conditioning as any other aspect of audio.


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Ray - I looked at the Juicebar, but saw no mention of it affording any surge protection. Did I miss it?

Also, I;m curious about their claim of "star wiring" reducing the "contamination" of the nearby outlets. "The difference in performance is both measurable and dramatic when a star wiring method is employed." http://www.psaudio.com/products/moreinfo.asp

If the outlets are all hooked back to the same AC input point, they are all hooked together anyway, aren't they, but just a few inches further apart. Does that serve to reduce contamination???



My System

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The PS Audio product line is very impressive, but I cannot afford their equipment at this time.

There was a comment somewhere I cannot remember where somone used a high value computer surge protector from "Sola" for audio with some success.

I used equipment from this company in a very old building to provide clean power to a CAD system in 1985 and never had a problem.

I think this may be an interesting less expensive alternative to investigate.

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