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Little Miss Sunshine


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Quirky and excellent movie --

A family of misfits drive their daughter to a pageant a few states away from home -- that's the plot. That's it. But-- there are so many surprises that come in unexpected ways. The problems they all go through and the resolve they show to get there is fascinating to watch. At any time, you look at these loser characters and think they deserve to be where they are in life, and yet their faults prove to be strengths. A great story about seemingly average people -- its a family movie for adults. I hope it gets some awards -- this needs to be seen--

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The feel good movie of the year.

I found it to be a little too dark to call it that, but I definitely was laughing loudly at several parts. Overall though, I found it to be a bit depressing. Dysfunction, USA. But absolutely a great film.

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