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Who makes HIGH OUTPUT base reflex subwoofers.


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I am told by Velodyne that because my Klipsch RF-7's are so efficient I need a high efficency base reflex subwoofer such as their DSL 5000R or I need the DD 18.[ The DD 18 is too much money] They would work much better with my speakers than the DD 12.. I noticed that the DD 12, that I just bought, doesn't get to play very loud because The RF 7's jump in and I have little sound from the DD 12. My question is who else makes great base reflex high output very efficient subs?

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This is an interesting point that most people miss. Because Klispch speakers have very high sensitivity our subwoofers must have greater output so as to keep up with our mains.

Velodyne gave you very good advice.

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BobG and Velodyne are correct.

And for a long time Velodyne was the only source for a high output sub with sufficient sound quality that could come close to matching the Klipsch efficiency products. I know that that is how I ended up with the large Velodynes. Now a few other have joined the niche, but they will all cost you as the combination of sound quality and output does not come cheaply. But Velo, JL, Paradigm, Danley and a few other lines offer fine high output subs.

Just a thought...Although I have not heard their entire line (but I am intimate with the CS Ultra), I would guess that SVS might come the closest for the least amount of money, simply due to their direct marketing approach eliminating the middleman cost markup. But I am sure others are more familiar with their other models and could provide more insight. But then I lack hands on with the high end Klipsch subs as well, so you might want to troll the Subwoofer thread.

Just out of curiosity...why are you caught up with a bass reflex configuration? I would suggest dropping that requirement, as you will only further lessen the chances of finding a suitable sub!

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I currently use a cheapo JBL 150 watt sub, with the sub channel boosted to about +5 db and the gain at 60%, and my receiver tells me that the sub is too loud during the MCACC auto calibration.

I understand how efficient our Klipsh speakers are, but couldn't you just turn up a sub?

I'm looking at the HSU VTF 3.3, or the HO.

I know that you know ten times as much as me about subs, Ear, from your posts at AVS - are you looking at picking up an HSU?

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I scoured HSU and SVS web sites and could never find any mention of their subs being bass reflex. Why is that? Too complicated for the audience? marketing? ???

My guess would be that it doesn't matter, assuming that the unit is designed properly.

And if they mentioned that the cabinet is ported, they did tell you! So at the risk of sounding rude (but meaning it in a tongue in cheek manner with my headed tilted slightly to the side with a big grin...), did it do any good? Knowing what you know, how much of a different did it make?

You see, it doesn't really matter. Knowing up front simply helps you to understand the challanges that are faced by each design in achieving their goals. But none necessarily make the design better or worse in themselves.

There are many excellent ported/bass reflex subs as well as many superb sealed subs (of which the JL and Velodyne models are).

There are many other resultant properties that are MUCH more important than simply specifying one of several legitimate methods of loading the driver.

I would suggest one focus on the total response achieved, and then simply marvel at the design used to achieve them afterwards and just how they addressed each of the limiting factors to achieve the final result.

In other words, its like a car. You do not (or at least you should not) buy a car simply because it is 'turbocharged' (well, unless its a diesel where a turbocharger is a fundamental part of the design). But a turbocharger may be employed to address a particular limitation and to facilitate its final overall performance goals.

There are many ways to reach the final destination. Using a reflex design is simply one of many valid methods of getting there. But it is not the only way.

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A better question might be who doesn't make em.

Haha! Well many certainly claim to! But I am not so sure that you want to necessarily combine the claim for high output and musicality in the same sentence.


Amen Mark- preach it Bro! Musicality is what it's ALL about in the sub world as far as I'm concerned. It's easy to blow stuff up.

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JL Audio

JL Audio does not make any commercial bass reflex(ported subs),they are ALL sealed. [;)]

I misread it, i thought reading that velodyne told him to get a dd series that those are sealed or acoustic spring subwoofer. I thought that was it. Now that I bass reflex I take that back. Also the danley is technically not a bass reflex its more of a tappered horn

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