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Anyone here know anything about Bozak B-4000


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Wanted to find out if anyone here knew anything about Bozak B-4000 speaker - had little luck finding information online.

Someone is selling it locally and its only one single speaker (left) for $200. Its not worth anything to me but may here collect vintage speaker and wanted to know if someone was interested in its parts.

Let me know. Thanks.

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The Bozak B-4000 - aka the Symphony - is considered one of Bozak's best speakers - not as tubby or thumpy as the Concert Grand in medium sized rooms. They came in left and right pairs - with 8 tweeters in a vertical line array along one edge or the other, two 12" woofers in the opposite corner and an 8" or 6" midrange above the woofers. They came in a variety of cabinet styles, most of which manage to look dated nowadays without the over the top flair west coast speakers from the same time frame have. They were sold as kits on occasion, with a "building block" approach that let the aspiring audiophile start with a woofer and two tweeters, and add drivers as finances permitted. So you'll want to make sure everything's there.

It's a different sound than Klipsch - perhaps a bit more natural, but not as detailed or crisp. Bozaks were at their best with large scale symphonic works and chamber music, and seemed to like large amounts of solid state power - regardless of what that guy in Stereophile said.

I gather there's only one - you might have a hard time matching it, but if you need a mono system, $200 is certainly not outrageous. A good pair from the end of the run - they were made for over fifteen years - goes for $800 or so. The difference is in the tweeters. The B-200-Z series were the best. Earlier units peter out around 16 Khz or so, and the first ones - with paper cones - had a hard time clearing 12 Khz. The later crossovers used mylar caps and are probably better, as well. Some Bozakphiles favor Alnico or ceramic magnets on the woofers, but I could never tell that much difference. The woofers do need to be original, though, with a slightly darker area at the center. The cones were made of wool pulp and tapered toward the edges. You can recone the drivers, but then, they're not really Bozaks any more.

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I have owned these Bozak as well as my own design for 2 woofers.  They are on my short list of speakers I would own again.  Sound very different from Klipsch and need very good high powered amps to do them justice.  I loved them but had a bigger heart for Klipsch.  Excellent natural sound (to me) with very good midrange.

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Probably best to post in "garage sale" area on the forum...


Here's a few pics for those that are unfamiliar


One interesting note...the drivers are all Bozak proprietary and very interesting construction techniques for the day...Rudy Bozak was a contemporary to Paul Klipsch...although maybe had different design philosophies...LOL



Bozak B4000.jpg

Bozak Symphony 2.jpg


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