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Audio Research Corporation's Listening Rooms


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Those are QRD (quadratic residue) diffusors from RPG.

While they may very well be used in a quality room, simply looking at the brand of diffusor can't really tell you this.

...No more than if I wear Wrangler jeans necessarily makes me a cowboy or wearing Prada shoes means that I am gay. OK...well at least the jeans aren't conclusive, but then all you need is one exception...[;)]

The speakers are Wilson/WATT/ Puppy 6 speakers (http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/wilson_watt_puppy6.htm)

For ~$20K you too can have a pair.

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If your not very good at diy stuff you might also check out this site, corefurniture.com. I purchased 4 of their QRD's. Arnold at Core is a great person to work with and they packed (double boxed) and shipped very quickly. Quality product at a reasonable price as well.

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As for the speakers, the bigger ones are Wilson Grand Slamms. Only $75k [8-)]


The smaller set are Wilson Watt Puppy 6es's (watt Mas said). (At least that's what the article calls them). After the Grand Slamm's these seem cheap at $20k.


It's nice to read that Wilson got hooked on Audio at 13 years old, when he heard a KLIPSCH speaker on the porch across the street playing Xmas Carols (probably a Heresy I).

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