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Friday night movie choices


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OK, it's Friday night and my wife is out of town for the weekend. So many movies, so little time...... I've accumulated several action flick DVDs on sale and just never watched them. Anybody seen any of these and care to give a thumbs up or down? Running 5 channel surround with a sub.

Enemy at the Gates

The Hulk

Spiderman 2

Planning to crank something up in 30-40 minutes. Leaning towards Enemy at the Gates but it is fairly long.

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enemy at the gates is only OK

hulk is "incredibly" long

spider man 2 after watching a few teams i really didn't like the movie at all, and i could see the special effects sort of dated and not blended well with the movie, but might be your best bet for sound and techinicality

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Try "The Naked Prey", a 1960's Cinemascope color action epic with the world famous actor Cornel Wilde. They have some really neat "twists" on cooking large items.

Then there is always that great British classic "Captain Kronos", vampire hunter slightly comedic Cinemascope & color about a soldier who comes home and is bitten by his vampire sister. He is so tough that he "shakes off" the bite and becomes the scourge of vampires everywhere.


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Well, it would now be Saturday night movie choices.....If you haven't seen Open Range, you can add that to the recommendations, especially the gun fight scene. And...another favorite for sound and film action Top Gun.

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Enemy at the Gates, plus all the extra stuff till around 1 AM, good movie even with the love story aspect. Not much surround action except for the special effects audio, kept checking to make sure everything was setup for 5.1. Special effects were really great, though, payback to my neighbors for all the late night fireworks all week.

And yes, now the choices are lining up for Saturday night...........

Master and Commander, great demo movie but I've never watched beyond the first 15 minutes when they pull into the fog......

Hulk may be on the list again, if it is short maybe it will be movie #1 tonight.

Have Top Gun, but it was a gift before I "trained" everyone to only buy widescreen......great sound though, I think it is DTS

Don't have Open Range but have heard it is great. On my list for bargain priced DVDs.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Angie and Brad (back when they were "not" a couple, right...), some great effects and the gunfire at the end is wicked good from what I remember.....

Pearl Harbor maybe........

Stargate in DTS, but already seen it several times.

FOTR, TTT, ROTK, but ditto, many times and always sample the first 20 minutes of FOTR and never get out of that movie......

Or, I could go buy Pink Floyd Pulse, but I'm kinda ruined since hearing some of it on Cal Blacksmith's HT system with Fortes and Quartets, just don't think my RF-35s and such would compare, but would be a good test.....

Star Wars, pick any one......

The second PIrates movie, gift and not opened yet.....

Plenty of time to decide..........

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Yeah I'm doing chick flicks again. Rented Cold Mountain, although I'd seen it before. That scene at the beginning with all the dynamite really let the THX's sing! Renee Zellweger is a hoot in this one as well, a real swashbuckling southern woman.

Bought Monsters Inc used while at the store, because I'd never seen it and it was cheap.

Been outside working in yard and washing the truck, getting boat ready for tomorrow. Think I'll stay inside in the cool for a while. It's mid 90's and getting steamy outside.


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