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Question on RF-7 Placement ???


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Hello All:

I'm currently building a new home, framing is up, so the media area I have isn't changing. I'm planning on using RF-7's up front, an RC-7, R-5650's for surrounds and CDT-5800's as back surrounds.

I have a couple of options, with the media cabinet. I can leave the RF-7 on top of the cabinet and angle them inward, but i'm afraid the sound might be hindered being so high, dont think I can flip them upside down. Whats your opinion? I have 10' ceilings by the way. Or I can leave 18" off on each side of the cabinet, so that the RF-7's are flush w/ the floor. What do you guys think?


Jonathan (Cali)


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Thanks Wuzzer. I figured that. I also know that I'm supposed to be a couple of feet from the back, but thats just not do-able with the size of the room. I also know Its a rear firing port, I might try and see if I can re-port the air towards the front. With a plastic coduit, ie, pool or port matching tube. Hopefully that won't re-tune the enclosure.


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With them on the floor, will you be able to toe them in? You may surprise yourself and find you can move them off the wall. Mine are about 14" forward of the front of the media cabinet. Looked stupid at first but I am getting used to it. Can't say my wife is though.

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