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Memorex Poster


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I have the very same poster hanging in my living room.It is really large 24" x 36" and I've had it about 8 years.

If this helps this is what it says on the poster...

Steve Steigman-The Weaver Gallery


When I got my first apartment I wanted one in the worst way and went to my local mall print shop and found the print.Had it mounted in a gloss black frame with glass instead of plastic,paid about $100.00 if memory serves me correct.My wife made me take down all my stereo posters but this one-I think she actually likes it.

Hope this helps.


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I've got that same framed poster from the Weaver Gallery. Go it from (of all places) a movie theater lobby that sold the art they had on the walls. Think I paid $60 (foggy memory) in 1987. An original one was left on the wall when I moved from my first house in 1985. Not my doing though. It was as "tattered" as a Rolling Stone by that time. The new version now hangs in my study. The girlfriend wouldn't let it in the livingroom. We did compromise. We found a greeting card with the very same picture on the front. We put it in a 5X7 frame and it and now resides on the end table next to my "big comfy chair" in the prime listening position.

Nice to know I used to have at my disposal some JBL L-300's though.

BTW-The correct quote from the commercial was "The usual, Sir?", response was "Please."



KLF-20 Mahogany (Cornell Hotwired)

McIntosh C33 Preamp

McIntosh MVP-841 CD/DVD

Rotel RB-1080 Amp

Yamaha PF-800 Turntable/ Sure V15 Type V Cartridge

Ortofon VMS-30 mkII Cartridge

Stanton 999SS Cartridge

Yamaha K-1020 Cassette

dbx 1231 EQ

H.H. Scott 830z Analyzer

Monster Interlink 400mk II

Monster Interlink 300mk II

Monster Video 2 (DVD to TV)

Monster Power HTS-5000

MIT Terminator 2 Bi-Wire Speaker cables

Studio Tech U-48RW Cabinet


Enough empty boxes for a fire hazard!

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