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My budget would be around the $600-$900 range. I use it for stereo(2 channel) music with the intention of more HTheatre in the future. 2 KLF-30's up front, KSW-15 sub, future Klipsh center and rears(haven't decided yet). I have been looking at Onkyo like a 696 or something. I am not an audiophile like most of you guys, mine would be less frequent use but enjoy good clean crisp sound when I listen.

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I just bought the Denon 3802 Before x mas.

I am very, very, happy with it too.. Very clean, almost warm "tube like" too...(I had Yahmaha 2090 av/ amp before..a great amp but a little how do I describe it..shrill...or tinty sometimes...) Take that you technophobes..LOL..

Like anything else, it is personal choice.. I will say for instance on dvd's the new star wars movie, the 5th element, Jurrasic park, anything with great action it will almost knock you out of your seats with GREAT dynamic range.

( K horns used here...kv-3 center..<<looking for a

RF-7>> and little kg1.5's for side fill, back, and rear speakers too.

Like anything in audio..read all you can, experiment, but most importantly let your ears, when possible, tell you of course.. But keep this one on your list. I paid + - $900. for mine.

My mega rich Cousin attny in FL who makes boo coo bucks,... Is just as happy with his $995.00 all in one SHARP system with his 26" TV. Don't get him wrong, he could afford just about anything he would want..It just isn't a priority for him. And he just doesn't hear it.

Although he does say after coming over to my place...WOW!! THIS is better than the movies...it sounds fantastic here! If I had this in my house I would never go to the theatre.... ( I say yep..Thats why I did it. And smile.)

Enjoy the hobby...have fun, and good luck!!!!!

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I do like the sound of my Denon receiver. I liked the addition of my Rotel Amp (cleaned up the already fairly clean Denon, and gave it more punch, better imaging).

I liked the sound of my old NAD amp too. Generally speaking though, the NAD tend to be bass heavy and sometimes sound little grainy. LOTS OF PUNCH in the bass that helped the Heresys.

I didn't like the Marantz amps that I borrowed from a friend (MA-500 Monoblocks). They were dry and lifeless. No good upper end sounds. Not sweet sounding. I haven't heard any of their newest stuff, nor any of their receivers.

I would reccommend the Rotel simply on the strength of their amp sound (they offer a 2 channel receiver, and two home theater receivers), but they won't allow anyone to seel their stuff by mailorder. Choice #2 is Denon. Very sweet sound. Get one with stronger amp and cleaner specs than the base model I bought.

You can find reviews of various stereo equipment at Audioreview.com. Not sure if you can find good reviews there though. They also seem to have trouble with keeping up with certain brands new models (like the entire Klipsch reference line).

Good luck in your search.


Denon AVR-2700

Denon DCD1500-II

Audio Control Octave

Phillips CDR-765

Nakamichi BX-100

Sony PS-LX3

Rotel RB-991

Klipsch Heresy (1981)

Klipsch RP-3


MIT Terminator2 Bi-Wire

Computer system:

NAD 7130

Realistic Optimus Pro-7s (its only a computer system)

Klipsch KSW-10

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audioreviews.com is THE place for good & honest reviews. Also I'll back boa 100%! Outlaw's 1050 receiver has won several product of the year awards. I love mine! It also sounds fantastic for 2 channel music.


Outlaw 1050 A/V Receiver

Rega P3 Turntable

AMC CD8b CD Player

Toshiba 3108 DVD Player

Klipsch KG 4.2s(main)

2 Dynaco A-10/V IIs(centers)

Cerwin Vega E-706s(rears)

Cerwin Vega LW-12(sub)

Parasound PPH-100 Phono Preamp

Vampire Wire Digital Interconnects & Speaker Wire

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