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Poll.......Why Do You Use a Subwoofer......Or, Why Wouldn't You?


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To get all the content on the movie or CD that you paid for. Spectraplus is a nice handy software download ( 8.5 mb ) for 30 days ( trial ) that will let you analyze your media to see what content is in it.

Here is a jpeg of a screen shot ( Disturbed "Just Stop" opening riff ) that has a high level ( 0 db ) burst at 35 hz. There is content MUCH lower than that. I get -23 db at 12.57 hz. Audible? Not really, even with peak levels at 120 db or higher, 12.57 hz would be in the neighbourhood of 95 db, but you should definately FEEL it.

Not to mention it takes a HECK of a lot of cone area and amplifier power to get this low this loud without compression, and massive distortion.

Pro-sound systems roll off the low bass during playback to protect speakers and conserve amp power. Which is more accurate, the live recorded event before going through a HP filter or after?

Food for thought.


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...........So I can tell people how my stereo makes my walls

...........To try and acheive a "Live Sound" Wink

...........To make my speakers sound betterWink

............I just like the sound of deep, chest pounding, back massaging, thunder rolling, kick your *** bass LightningWink

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For the people that think you don't need a sub for 2 ch,....with a sub set correctly listen then turn it off, if you don't hear a difference you either listen to music with no lower bass or something is set wrong, it's there.

For those who think you don't need a sub for movies,...you are just fooling yourselves !

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Some of the hi-fi mags even state that a good bottom end makes for a more natural-sounding midrange as well.

I agree, the mids are sweeter with the sub. I find a big improvement in piano and strings. When it comes to rock I like to feel the thump in my chest. Way closer to a live performance with a sub.

So for me it's to make it sound more "live".

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I get -23 db at 12.57 hz. Audible? Not really...

For what it's worth, complete masking is classically considered to kick in at -20dB. I think I've got an article around here somewhere...

So in your spectral-time plots, I wouldn't consider anything below -20dB to be of any significance....even at higher frequencies where we know it should be more audible.

It sounds boring this way, but I use a subwoofer to faithfully reproduce the source material. I don't use it as an effects box.

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