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Incredible Realistic Drum CD's


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As an extention to the what happened to drums thread, what are some truly great drum CD's. I'll start with" Bouncin his best tunes Sonny Rollins". Incredibly well done CD. They got the sax and bass right in addition to the drums. Great "TEST CD".

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The seventh track on the DMP's Multichannel show-off disc is a musical arrangement that poses no less a challenge to a superb audio system than race cars. If your system has the right stuff, the front-end delicacy and details, the horse-power and "wake me up, I'm ready to rock" loudspeakers, then this track will demonstrate it to you.

For track seven is a simply "Tsunami," a quiet to loud Japanese percussion tempo from the Horner Percussion Ensemble. It comes from DMP's "Far More Drums" album. You want to embarrass a braggart quickly? Play this track on his system at close to full volume. Receiver and loudspeakers that warm your heart with the smooth jazz of Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Patricia Barber and Cassandra Wilson choke, gasp and fall flat when attempting to handle the rowdy dynamics of this raucous track.

If this track doesn't sound like real, energetic, pounding drums, then that audio system doesn't have the high-demand 500-horse power to zip around the high-end reproduction course. Sure, a modest system does great alone on a dark night; it handles the female vocalist curves just fine. I've seriously auditioned in my own home, with the same music and equipment for Enjoy the Music.com™, several loudspeakers that fit easily in that category. But load those loudspeakers up with a few friends, if you turn on the AC and they can barely climb a hill at full throttle.


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