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Thank you for passing along the LP's via James V. Several of us found some pieces of music (or heck, sometimes just some really fun covers) from your grab bag assortment you sent to us.

We opened up the boxes at the Pilgrimage and let the gang have a go at it. I understand that Amy Unger will let Klipsch employees pick through them this week as well.

Your generous gesture of sharing the music was very kind. I hope that everyone who benefited remembers to 'pay it forward'!

Thanks again!

yer buddy,


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Yes. Thank you Artto and JamesV for your generosity. Artto for providing the vinyl of course and James for bringing it down to Indy for us.

I also have to thank Keith Claytor for insisting I take the Elton John Captian Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy after I commented I had almost grabbed it for the album cover even though I do like a lot of Elton John's music, but it seemed to be missing a disc and then I'd be disappointed. Kieth pointed out that the other side was extras and that he was taking it for the cover art and insisted I take it. Keith, if you change your mind anytime soon, please let me know before I become too attached. The extras contained in this LP inclue a smallish folded up poster or the album covver art, though the wording is different, a Lyrics booklet, and a Scraps booklet. I'll try to photo and post a picture. And the vinyl appears to be in good shape... [:D]

I really miss the LP sized cover art. CD sized is such a let down.

Thanks guys. Maybe I'll post more later

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Yes, Artto, thank you so much (and jamesV for bringing). I am taking the day off today, and I'll be firing up some of the Olivia albums I snagged (it's a weakness). It was a nice surprise, and great timing with my new turntable! Hopefully, the Klipsch employees are having fun going through them as I type...

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I'm glad that you're all enjoying them!! Me, I'm finally beginning to see more floor space again, LOL. And as Michael pointed out, James V deserves a HUGE THANK YOU too. James, how's your car? By the time we got all the record cases loaded, James car looked like the suspension might be bottomed out. It's not like he lives in the next town. He had quite a drive back home with all those LP's, and then down to Indy too. Amy, I'm pretty sure there was at least one Sound of Music in there (unless of course it got spoken for already).

Enjoy the music

BTW, my best cheap trick for cleaning these older and sometimes mishandled disks is to get some Smirnoff Silver vodka (yes, it must be the Silver version~better/more distilling~100prf) and mix it 50/50 with distilled water. Use this on a DiscWasher brush, clean in both directions, wipe dry with another clean lint-free cloth or brush for LP use. Get yourself some GruvGlide, follow the directions, use sparingly, buff in both directions, until the surface gets shinny. Rub it on the label too (anti-static). I also use Stylast on the phono pickup stylus after cleaning to reduce friction & distortion. And remember, the majority of these LP's were probably played on mediocre to lousy turntables. The good news is, with the equipment most of you will be using for playback, your "modern" phono stylus (contour) will most likely be running on previously untouched groove surfaces most of the time. This of course won't negate ticks & pops caused by physical damage across the grooves such as a scrape or cut. Have Fun!!! [ip][:D][^][8][G][<:o)]

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Here's what my daughter and myself scored, she's responsible for the historical stuff.

Elton John -
Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
(cool cover)

Herb Alperts Tijuana Brass -
Whipped Cream & Other Delights
(famous cover, minty compared to my wife's grandfather's copy with dog chewed cover and trashed out vinyl I was going to copy to CD for mother / father out law)

Various -
La Cage Aux Folles The Broadway Musical (
must have beat Amy to this one ... maybe I'll let her have it, someday)

The Alan Parsons Project -
The Best Of The Alan Parsons Project

The Alan Parsons Project -
I Robot

The Guess Who -
The Best Of The Guess Who

The Dave Brubeck Quartet -
Time Out (
now I have a vinyl copy to compare to the CD)

Peter Paul And Mary -
Peter Paul And Mary
(on Warner Brrothers Vitaphonic Stereo)

The Who (and others) -

La Toya Jackson - 45 rpm single "Without You" / "Heart Don't Lie" (fell out of one of the LPs)

Various -
Joseph And The Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat (Original Broadway Cast)

D.C. LaRue - "Let Them Dance" - 33-1/3 RPM single sided disco single (trash disco night anyone)

D.C. LaRue - B Esty - "Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm" / "On With The Dance" - 33-1/3 RPM disco single

Various Featuring The Smith Brothers -
Songs Of THe Civil War

Fever - "Standing In The Shadows Of Love" - 12" 45 rpm disco single, same track both sides

Tiffany - "I Think We're Alone Now" extended version / "I Think We're Alone Now" single version, "I Think We're Alone Now" dub verson 33-1/3 RPM single (3 verrsions of the same song)

L Hines - A Stokes - "Dancing In The Moonlight" / K Rutledge - "Body And Soul" - 33-1/3 RPM disco single

Various -
America The Beautiful (Let's Keep It That Way)
2 LPs (Kate Smith belts out "God Bless America")

George Carlin -
Take-Offs And Put-Ons -
recorded live at The Roostertail, Detroit Michigan (RIP George) ("Congolia Breckenridge... That's a Colorful Name" is on the back - when my wife was pregnant with our fist daughter, we told her dad it was Bowser Renaldo if a boy or Congolia Solaria if a girl - we didn't name either of our daughters Congolia Solaria but my wife and myself were hurting we laughed so hard at her father's going offf, over the phone, you can't name your kid that ...) (contains "Wonderful WINO (Top 10 Disc Jockey)", "Commercials", "Daytime Television", "The Newscast", "The Indian Seargeant")

Dave Brubeck -
Gone WIth The Wind
(a greatest hits collection from prior Columbia albums, hard to pass on Brubeck)

Bent Fabric -
Alley Cat
(thought the girls would like the cover a closeup of a kittey - the description aboout jazz pianist Bent Fabric playing as an alley cat would play sounded interesting)

And most appear to be in very good shape with the exception of side 2 of the George Carlin disc. Not sure what I was thinking grabbing disco singles, but could be fun... and for some reason I like the Tiffany version of "I Think We're Alone Now" and probably don't have the earlier Tommy James And The Shondells version. There was a lot of other things that looked interesting but I didn't want to get too much as it'll take a while before I get around to listening to these. Even saw at least one Cher album Thebes posted in The Right This Minute thread a couple of weeks back.

Thanks again Artto and JamesV


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  • 2 years later...

Amy's collecting LP's of SHOW TUNES in case you guys have any you'd like to send to her Wink

I think I may have picked up a couple with that in mind the last couple of years at least if any duplicates. Now I've got to get all my LPs organized and cataloged.

And yes I know this is almost 3 years old but all those LPs JamesV hauled down from Artto sure made for a lot of extra fun didn't it.

I hope James' care survived. I wonder if anyone ever estimated the weight. I think I found the Dave Brubeck Gone With The Wind but was bad news vinyl and thought I hope I find a good copy someday..... forgetting apparentlly that I have one [:$] as I think all of the LPs Alea and I got were in good to very good shape, including the vinyl... or at least looked very good.

My music collection has grown drastically since I've "discovered" Goodwill, The Salvation Army, other thrift stores, pawn shops, and yard / garage sales. I've got to get it all cataloged and build or buy some more storage.

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