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Which type of SPL meter is best?

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I've decided to buy an SPL meter from Radio Shack. They have two types (digital and analog). Although the digital meter more expensive than the analog meter, I'm more interested in performance/utility than price.

I want to use the meter to make sure my son doesn't play the system at dangerous levels. I also want to adjust subwoofer levels.

Any and all thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Radio Shack as a company does provide a good product as far as it goes, but i would strongly recommend against using their SPL meters(analog or digital) if you care about any sort of accuracy.

Many posters on this site have megabuck systems and yet they buy a cheap (and very inaccurate) piece of test equipment.

"You get what you pay for!"

As an alternative, here is a professional SPL meter that is very accurate and retails for under $300.


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I saw that thing in the Parts Express catalog, very nice. Parts Express says it is $450 list, and they sell it for $399.50. The design looks like it is about 20 years old, though. It would be fun to have, but thats too much cash for me, but you have a valid point, $40,000 systems don't deserve a $25 SPL meter. Wow, accurate to the tenth of a dB.! I would love to actually play with the Gold Line meter.

Another toy from Gold Line, a hand-held 10-band spectrum analyzer, 32-16,000Hz, only $265!

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Here's a link to the Radio Shack web site. They still list the Analog SPL Meter Model NO: 33-2050 with a price of $39.99. Site shows it can be ordered on-line or available in stores. The Avia or Video Essentials Discs should work well. I've only used the Video Essentials Disc.

http://www.radioshack.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fn ame=CTLG&category%5Fname=CTLG%5F002%5F003%5F018%5F000&product%5Fid=33%2D2050




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