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Cornwall Setup Advice???


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100 wpc is more than enough.

"I'm sure most people have experienced what it is like in a club when the music is so loud you have to yell to have a conversation and even then you don't understand half the time what is being said..."

At about 75 watts, I can YELL as loud as I possibly can and my wife cannot hear a single word I say. The same goes if she screams at me. My room is smaller than yours, but I must warn you that in my room this 75 watts is so loud it is terribly uncomfortable. Just my little tidbit for ya.


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I run a 45wpc tube amp with my cornwalls and I have yet to be able to turn the amp up high enough for it to start breathing hard, let alone push it. I get 105db easily out of no more than about 5wpc peak power. Granted my room is about 12x12x8 but cornwalls are 98db efficent, that means that at 1 watt of power at one meter (3 feet) from the speaker, you get 98 db of sound. This is a LOT of sound, you need QUALITY power, not huge amounts of power in my humble opinion.

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CO1 ~ I am curious to hear if you received the Outlaw and how you like it with the Cornwalls. I used to have one of their 1050 HT receivers and thought it put out some good sound in a 2-channel configuration. I haven't seen much info on this receiver other than professional reviews -- how would you describe the sound with your Cornwalls?


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I don't have my Cornwalls yet...should be here this week.

I do have the Outlaw RR2150 and so far I'm impressed. I have it hooked up to some old crappy Panasonic speakers that were lying around and they actually sound pretty good with this amp. I don't have my CD player yet either so I'm using my ipod's headphone out, forgot my line out dock, to the aux input jack and I am suprised that it sounds as good as it does. The Cornwalls will be the real test for the ipod and I doubt I will be as impressed. My other Klipsch speakers are real picky about the quality of my mp3's so I assume the same will be true of the Cornwalls.

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I'm keeping the Outlaw RR2150. My CD player hasn't arrived yet so I was using my ipod and liked the sound very much until I hooked up a cheap DVD player to play CD's...HOLY SH!T!!!

Can someone tell me more about the components in these speakers and if anything needs to be upgraded. I don't plan to upgrade anytime soon because I'm very happy with the sound right now but I'm still curious. Thanks.

Crossovers - B3
Tweeters - K77M square magnet
Mids - K57K
Woofer - K33P square magnet

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