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    For those who keep asking about streaming audio and airplay here is a video demo showing some basic operations. All audio has been removed to avoid copyright issues, so BYOAudio, The video shows the operation of airplay to airplay compatible receiver, airplay to apple tv, airplay mirroring, iTunes with airplay, apple remote app with iTunes and airplay, and finally airplay via the airfoil app for both windows and OSX to a vintage receiver connected to an apple airport express. The only issue i have come across is when using the Apple remote app's airplay controls. This only occurs when multiple airplay devices are playing and the computer is one of them. There is a lag between computer audio and the airplay devices. The devices themselves are in sync. I believe this has something to do with the source being a somewhat secondary device to the remote app and all other devices last in line. (network lag) Not a big deal if devices being streamed to are not sharing a room with the computers audio. I rarely use the remote app and when i do the computers system audio is not used. This does not happen directly out of iTunes. I only own apple devices so I cannot compare these devices to other devices on the market for you, my apologies. Hope this answers some questions any of you might have had regarding airplay.
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    12 gauge from mono price will be fine just make sure its copper and not copper coated something
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    I've enabled this on a trial basis. Please note we will not provide support for the Tapatalk app. To view the forums via Tapatalk, download the app to your device, go into the app and search for "klipsch" Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk
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    Pop, Crackle, Hiss! LMBO Childish response.... I get so sick of the digital folks that have sunk a fortune in time in money on the digital front comparing the performance to a LP system that was/is totally half assed...then you have the LP freaks that spend a fortune in time and money then compare it to a digital rig that consist of a bargain bin CD player... All formats can and are good in there own ways...LP rig setup properly happen to be the most "musical systems" on earth always have been and most likely always will be.... snap, crackle, pop my ***
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    Perhaps a sub forum attached to the Garage Sale for "Completed Sales" allowing members to comment about a recent transaction. Seems simple enough.
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    You can also just cut small piece of speaker wire and strip both ends. You can use that to make the connection from the HF post to the LF post. If you have trouble finding the gold strap. All you need to do is make a connection to both sets of terminals.
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    Ignoring the ugly carpet I just posted, I'll put in my 2 cents. I've used 15s with 10s in car systems to help dig a little lower while the 10s provide the punch and the 15s dismantle the interior. I don't know exactly what the output will be or the room modes, but if you position it right it might blend in nicely and pick up the bottom. If you have lfe output you could try experimenting with the rw's on the front preouts and the sw on the lfe.
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    What is the maximum dimensions for the unit. I have to be in Eugene next week and the week after. If I had a way to contact you while at the shop I could let you know what I find. And if it is what you want, pick it up while there. Or I could see what they have, let you know when I get home, Call them the next day and ask them to hold it for me. Just trying to help Taz Or post the dimensions and I can call and see what they have. List them on post, or call. If you are interested in what they may have, I could call and have them hold it until Tuesday.
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    My question is how do you sit in the same room with 4 RW-12D's going?!?!?!
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    Some people complain about ringing in aluminum or cast metal horns. Others complain about honking in plastic horns. Now whether or not those issues indeed exist with metal or plastic horns is something that will be debated until the end of time. The advantage of using wood or mdf is their resonant frequencies are below the horns range. So no debate needed. Dave is indeed the new horn guru. I've learned much from his tireless efforts.
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    I have to admit, after having these the smaller they seem! I did some rearranging and they really arent very invasive anymore. As good as they sound I may pull the plug on this and keep them.
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    Yup some of Jeff's awesome work. I sure do miss that guy. We not only conversed here but also traded many an email back and forth over the years. You have any idea where he is and what he is doing these days?
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    Ah, Tony, I still drool over that amp. At least I found a pair of Moondogs to assuage my 2A3 desires. Bruce
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    BTW Bravo for Klipsch for not censoring PWK's unofficial moto.
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