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  1. DO WANT. Ask @colterphoto1 how into Bonzo I am... (he ran sound for a show where I was in a group that played all of Led Zeppelin IV front-to-back) John Bonham's (Led Zeppelin) 1973 kit at exhibit at Rhythm Discovery Center (Indy) opens today. source: https://twitter.com/FrankEspich/status/400690477541756928/photo/1
  2. Good! I don't yet have it on my machine here, so good to know.
  3. yup. When creating a new topic, you'll see a "Poll" section to the right of the editor. Click "Manage Topic Poll" to get started.
  4. Everyone have a 100MB total file upload limit for posts and PMs. Your attachments (including the ones migrated in from the old forums) currently total 190MB. I think that's why you are unable to attach files at this time. I wish I could raise the quota right now, but we have over 34,000 members. It's not likely to happen ever, but imagine if every member used their 100MB quota. That would take up over 3 Terabytes (or over 3000 GB) of disk space on our server. We just don't have that kind of space at the moment. The only thing I can suggest is swap out some of your old attachments. Or I could delete them for you. I realize neither of those options is optimal, but I'm not sure what else I can offer. Some silver lining in this: the next version of this forum software supposedly allows storing attachment files in external CDN containers (instead of physical disks which have finite capacity). That would be great as we wouldn't need to worry as much about the total amount of data being stored, and we'd be able to raise the per-member quota considerably.
  5. Ha! No worries. It's funny you said that. The other day, my dad (who still has a flip phone but has had it for about 10 years) sent me a text for the first time. I almost died from the shock. In my reply to him, I said "Wow, you TEXTED me?!?!?! I can't believe it!" His reply: "Old dog, new tricks" heh. That's my dad.
  6. Re-pinning this topic... Tagging your topics is a GREAT way to categorize them for you and for others.
  7. It provides a way to display fixed-width text. Many other forums (for example, in the tech community) use this to have some nicely formatted text that preserves indenting, like this: This is some text. See how each letter is the same width? Boom! I'm indented. I'm indented more. I'm back to the prior indent level. Blah Blah Blah
  8. Because it is a quote box. It's obvious, so the word "Quote" is superfluous. Not a big deal. Thanks. Ha! I don't disagree with you on that. It may not be so obvious to some people here however!
  9. Just curious -- why would you need to eliminate the word "Quote"? That text area is a quote box, so it says what it is. You could instead use a "Code" area that looks like this: test But that would require you to cut & paste from the quoted text into the code area. Seems silly.
  10. We show (pro and consumer) reviews on all our product pages, including the Palladium products. I see you point about engaging in conversation with others about the products. This is why we edited the forum descriptions to try to include most product types to steer users into the right forums. What I'd really like to do - and it's possible that this may happen sometime down the road (maybe, maybe not) is incorporate forum snippets into product pages, linking to the forums. To do that though, I think the tagging feature will need to be more widely used throughout the topics to help dynamic queries. Anyway, just thinking about it at this point. If we do something like that, it'll be far in the future.
  11. Yes, although HTML is not allowed (for security reasons). What you can do is see the BBCode tags by clicking the light switch icon in the upper-left of the editor.
  12. That user account was banned when the new forums were launched (which was after 10/15). They have registered other names and had posted here about their spammy snakeoilaudio link, so we've also banned their email accounts and IP addresses.
  13. The only other thing I really need to say on this is, if you look at some of our competitors' forums (those that still have them) and their rules, you'll find that we all have it quite good here. (cough rhymes with yolk for instance cough)
  14. Believe me, I considered it ;-) Honestly, as Amy said, it doesn't matter what we do, some people will like it, some won't. It's just how it is. The good news is, all members have the ability to create polls in our forums if you want to get a feel of others' opinions on something.
  15. I don't have time to go back and get the exact number. My point is that was one forum with minimal activity that was on the list to consolidate. If there is vocal majority of opposition to this, and we see that there is a need based on post activity, we will add a subwoofer sub-forum again. It's hard to believe that the Pro-audio category had more traffic than the Subwoofer category. I'm not sure there was, however we have the separate Pro Audio forum because it is linked from our Pro Audio website at http://www.klipsch.com/pro
  16. This is exactly one reason why things were restructured. People don't seem to want to scroll... with 20+ forums, there was a lot to get through.
  17. I don't have time to go back and get the exact number. My point is that was one forum with minimal activity that was on the list to consolidate. If there is vocal majority of opposition to this, and we see that there is a need based on post activity, we will add a subwoofer sub-forum again.
  18. I'm married, but I do my own laundry.
  19. Here's the thing... before we consolidated some forums into others, there were 26 visible sub-forums. Many of which had MAYBE an average of about 3 posts per month, if that. The old "powered subwoofer" forum was one of those. These older sub-forums really didn't need to be separated out, based on activity. It makes sense to have things more simplified. Now there are 15 visible forums. Nothing that is being done here is random or done without a great deal of thought and purpose behind it.
  20. Should be fixed now. If you have any posts that have the video embedded, you may have to edit it and re-save the post for the change to take.
  21. I think it has something to do with an https requirement option set on our end. I'm looking into a fix.
  22. The internet is an ever-changing beast.
  23. OK... It could be because all search engine spider crawling was being logged, which puts extra strain on the MySQL server. I disabled that, so it may work better now. Non-tech answer: Please try again.
  24. So you can't get into your PMs at all? Even if you click on your name in the upper-right, then "Personal Messenger?"
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