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  1. ---------------- On 9/14/2003 12:53:15 PM groover wrote: I am planning on listing the following on ebay/audiogon in order to preserve my marriage. ---------------- My god...your wife is making you sell all that???
  2. Wow that's super cool of her. My BAX delivery guy was a big and thick football player type who was so wide he could block both headlights of a car with his shoulders. He just gave me the box and said "here...have fun." Since I'm 6 feet but only 145lbs, I had a tad bit of difficulty... EAR and BRUINSRME, do you guys have a recommendation as to how to position just ONE PB2+ to get ideal output? What I mean is should I turn it upside down, or have the faceplate face the wall, or put the unit sideways etc? Oh, I'm also curious as to what you guys have experimented with regarding port blocking and phase control. I've read many people don't actually go by what SVS recommends in terms of # of ports blocked vs. tuned freq?
  3. ---------------- On 9/12/2003 2:05:02 PM DrPyro wrote: if you like the sound of the parasound under those conditions. If you do then you can get two parasound monoblocks for the RF-7s... ---------------- Dave, I wasn't aware that Parasound's classic line had any monoblocks? The only one I knew of from them was the Halo JC-1, which is $4000.
  4. I hate how I love home theater yet live in an apartment smack in downtown LA where lots of old and irratable people live next to me. Complains all the time I get. Bruinsme, I take it you live in a house? Even if you did, I would assume cranking up the DUAL subs (you're crazy!) would still shake the house to its foundations, but be heard by your neighbors as well? Don't THEY complain?
  5. Dean's girl needs to get back into Dean's bed.
  6. Well the only thing is I've come to the conclusion that the hiss is (as you all stated) a result of the speaker's high efficiency and the amps they are connected to. However, even if I got RGPC or PS Audio products, everybody advises me NOT to plug my 2 amps into any sort of conditioner/power regenerator etc for it will limit the dynamics. Even Parasound says keep the darn things in the wall. I mean the hiss isn't bothering me in the sense that I can hear it when watching movies/listening to music at any of my 3 couches surrounding the TV -- it's just that I thought I could completely eliminate hiss with the best connections and power conditioners. I guess there will always be some.
  7. Like I had suggested on HTF, I think the Parasound HCA 1000A would be a very nice compliment to your HCA 120 amp. However in my post over there, I didn't consider Outlaw as a preamp. I should have. Good on ya Frankie. Solid performance and the price may very well fit into your budget cap markmac.
  8. I'm sure EAR is right about making sure your subs are all balanced with your mains. But I think 2 would be insanity. Heck, I think the PB2+ is already too powerful. But I just keep it at the same dB calibrated level as my mains and have the gain set midway. And ofcourse it's good to give yourself that extra headroom leeway. Like Frankie says, the box is crazy huge. Hope you got somewhere to hide it. Almost big enough to use as a full on seat. Scott - your sig says you have DUAL PB2+'s on the way. Are you serious??? Then YOU are about to find out what damage they can do.
  9. ---------------- On 9/11/2003 10:38:49 PM lemonman wrote: Mel Gibson's death in Braveheart ---------------- I think you nailed it. That has GOT to be it.
  10. Yup. If you get the RF-7's, you quite possibly will never need to buy loudspeakers ever again.
  11. Well since White Wolf has made his order, it might be a good idea for everyone to leave this thread alone now.
  12. Yeah...I got my PB2+ today and hooked it up. I have never known what I was missing. Tuned to 16hz with 2 ports blocked -- who says it sacrifices volume? I was experiencing shirt flapping, my pictures fell from my walls, and I have never, I repeat NEVER EVER felt the floor shake left to right under my feet. I thought it was an earthquake. I had an old lady from next door (I live in an apartment) come knocking on my door, furious. SVS is ridiculously powerful. It puts the "RE" in "diculous." So thoroughly did I enjoy this new found power that I kept on turning it up, and when I powered down the system, my ears really really hurt. And they still kinda do. And it's 6 hours later. PS - is there a difference in turning up the LFE volume via preamp vs. turing up the gain on the sub?
  13. My vote goes to Brad Pitt in MEET JOE BLACK. Double car action.
  14. Hi guys. I have been doing some research and I've read alot of things about PS Audio's power plant AC regenerators. I was wondering if anybody here uses the P300, P500, P1000, or P1200 and if they truly made your dreams come true, or made only a slight difference. I only became interested because I've noticed that at higher volumes when I play my music, if I walk right up to the horn of my RF-7's I can hear a faint static hiss. If I pause my CD then I can hear it better. As I increase the volume, the hiss becomes more and more apparent. Now granted, if I was playing the source at these volumes it would be so loud the hiss would not be audible...but it still bothers me that I have hiss despite using XLR cables, PS Audio power cables, top of the line monster power units, and I have no lamps or any other things around that could introduce interference. Am I just tripping and this hiss is normal, or is something terribly, terribly wrong?
  15. Whoa. I'm particularly dissapointed in Integra's performance.
  16. Even though your TV is a mitsubishi, I'm sure it also has different viewing display modes, like the Sony I use. It's probably because you have the picture mode on either "zoom" or "widezoom" or something that artificially converts 4:3 source to widescreen, so you can watch tv without those black bars on the left and right sides. Put it on "full" or something named to that effect and that is the true 16:9 display format. When displayed correctly, LOTR 2 should not have the black bars at the top and bottom. And by the way, you claim that you're "very new to home theater." Given the system you've put together, it seems you know more about quality components than you give yourself credit for!
  17. I have my front mains, center, and center surrounds set to Small. The rear surrounds are Large. Just properly calibrate the sub and try out different crossover frequencies. Turn it's level down a bit. By a certain point, the bass will no longer sound boomy and unnatural, but very smooth and well integrated.
  18. It will replace the 5 sets of white/red cables you currently have in your receiver's Left, Right, Center, Surround Right, and Surround Left outs. You still need the sub cable though. I would recommend digital coax.
  19. Saw ads for 2 channel 31 band Goldline (www.gold-line.com) EQ's in hometheatermag. I think they retail for $1000 per. I would assume those are good for anyone looking into EQ's. By the way, Frz and Sfogg, thanks for the EQ explanation. I think I'll pass...I don't want to put anything between my preamp and amps.
  20. ---------------- On 9/4/2003 3:00:28 PM kenratboy wrote: but the truth is, if I am single... ---------------- That's a BIG if. Women. They'll suck you dry and leave you thirsting for more. Just do what that Ronco food dehydrator guy does. "Set em and forget em."
  21. ---------------- On 9/4/2003 2:01:43 PM Frzninvt wrote: I only use mine for Sat Dish listening, some older analog CD's, and especially some records. During HT sessions I am running in the Digital domain and it becomes a moot point. ---------------- Frzninvt, does this mean that if I do all my listening to movies and cd's using digital connections (which I do), an EQ would be pointless? EQ's are only good for analog signals?
  22. Oh yes, Kenratboy I think you bring up something almost all of us (except the great mOOn) went through. When I first got to college 4 years ago, I suddenly became interested in HT. So I bought 5 Sony towers from bestbuy (and i still admit they sound quite good), a cerwin vega sub off the internet, the lowest-end-on-earth pioneer dvd player, and my 7 other suite-mates and I pitched in for a 27 inch tv. I figured the receiver was the heart of the system and that I couldn't skimp on that, so I went with a $500 yamaha. 1 year later I realized it wasn't giving me the enjoyment I craved. So I bought a 32" Wega, swapped out the dvd player for a $500 silver sony dvd player (which was, at the time, one of the very first silver components to ever come out, though now it sucks crap), and bought a cheap VCR from target. During my senior year, I decided that wasn't gonna cut it. So I sold my sony speakers and bought 2 pairs of Klipsch RF-35's, and the RC-35. I threw out the yamaha for a Pioneer Elite 45TX. Sony DVD player got relegated for the Denon 3800. I got a JVC SVHS player, and figured I could neatly hook up the whole shabang with the Monster HTS 2600. AND THEN I DISCOVERED THESE FORUMS. Klipsch, hometheaterforum, and avsforum. then it was all over... I don't think it was even 3 months when I said screw it, I need the best stuff I can afford to last me years to come. So within 2 months and in one fell swoop, I bought the Parasound Halo C2 controller, A51 and A21 power amps, 51" Sony widescreen HDTV, 2 pairs of RF-7's, RC-7, SVS PB2+, Sony SAT200HD, Monster HTPS 7000 and AVS 2000, and a TON of monster cabling, interconnects, and PS audio powerlines and XLR cables. And as Damonpayne correctly noted, I still want more. Anyways, sorry for sharing my little LONG story, but in your case, I think the TV should be first. That alone will probably make the impact of your system larger, since it is very hard to be submerged with a 27 incher. After that, it seems if you want to go with the best you can afford, the order of what you go with next is purely what you want first, since the speakers, receiver (or preamp and amp), dvd player, and any other niceties will all roughly be the same amount $$ in their own respective department.
  23. Oooh trucks, what do you drive? Any offroading? Any mods? Oh, and by the way, your system is f*cking dope. How low do the RSW-15's go in terms of freq response? I know they provide hella PUNCH, but do they also hit the lower than low subsonic frequencies?
  24. Wow Frank, you hooked it up good. I thought I saw those at Goodguys, or atleast thought it was made by Elite Industries. And the ones I saw of those were about $300. Yours look just as good, but you got it for less than a third of the price! By the way, I was checking out your rig on soundwise, and it notes you're still in college? What year are you? You must be envy of all your peers with THAT gear.
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