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  1. ---------------- On 3/21/2004 11:31:11 AM paulparrot wrote: This is *exactly* the place to argue over amps, speakers, vinyl versus CD et cetera. Who the heck else cares in the world about such things? If you love records and hate CDs, and somebody posts about how much better CDs are and records are crap, are you supposed to just say, "Thank you for sharing that with us. I will carefully consider your points" ? BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRING. That doesn't mean you have to call each other vile names or whatever. But there is nothing wrong with strong advocacy for your point of view. This ain't Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. ---------------- That is the best point I've heard yet. Being audio enthusiasts or audiophiles, we are such a distinct minority. Who the hell else DOES care? This is one of the only places where people can discuss wavelength frequencies or subsonic regions or watt/amp equations and not be considered the biggest geek since Rick Moranis.
  2. I'm sure they'll break in, although I never paid attention to whether mine did or not. I just enjoyed them from moment 1.
  3. I say the more the better.
  4. Q-man, don't let that deter you. It's only because on such forums, nobody is going to talk about how much they love their controller's over the next guy. The only point is to share thoughts about different features, or discuss problems that are arising. So naturally, it will seem like 90% of all threads pertain to problems. It's no different with the Anthem or Rotel or Lexicon etc. clubs on that same site. Or even computer forums where people are discussing the Mac G5's, Alienware Aurora's, etc. It's a given that it's a good product. Problems are the only thing people need to post for, in order to get help.
  5. ---------------- On 3/19/2004 11:59:57 AM Q-Man wrote: Most of the dealers that I have been talking to want to point me in another direction for one reason or another. When I try to explain my system and desires to them they also seem to think that I'm nuts. I wonder where they get that idea from? The McIntosh dealer is pushing the Sunfire Theater Grand 4. I'm tempted, but it's extra channels arn't as flexible as the Parasounds. I talked to another Sunfire dealer and he suggest or prefers the Anthem pre/pro. This goes on and on. One Parasound dealer also carries Lexicon, but prefers Parasound and he may let me try one for a few days. I have time to make up my mind yet, because after buying two more McIntosh power amps I don't have the cash to run right out and by a pre/pro. ---------------- Interesting. From what I've heard both from people and my own ears, the Sunfire Grand, while a fine unit indeed, is extremely warm to the point of muddy. That is, in comparison to other units as Parasound or Lexicon. The Anthem units always seem to received plenty of praise whenever they are brought up, so I would doubt you'd go wrong there either. Again, you have to listen. It's very odd that many dealers would be pushing you away from Parasound, and though I would normally say it's because they're trying to sell you Macintosh or whatnot instead, that hasn't been the case in my experience here in LA; where I would assume people to be shadier than most other states. I knew nothing about seperates before I bought mine. I was still stuck in the world of receivers and thought those were the end-all, be-all heart of the home theater. However, I spoke with ALL the biggest dealers and high-end stores around town, and they ALL pointed me towards Parasound, despite also being dealers for Mark Levinson, Classe, Krell, Lexicon, and McIntosh to name a few. The big boss of one company even told me "if you were asking about anything else I would've referred you to one of my people, but you're asking about Parasound..." If it's any consolation, he told me that Fabio, who owned a ridiculously nice Krell setup he uses to show off to his friends, entertain the honeyz, and showed to Tom Green on his show one time, switched all his componenets to Parasound once he gave it a listen. Dunno how seriously we take a guy who can't believe something ain't butter though. Regarding the auxillary channels, you should ask the blokes on Club Parasound at "htguide.com." They are more than knowledgable with every nook and cranny of the C1 and C2.
  6. Haha it seems like you're really digging around to find things to sell and srounge up the dough huh? I did exactly the same thing when I was saving up for my seperates. Selling my Apple G4, parts from my car, even the Fellowes footrest I have under my desk! You name it I sold it! But yeah, PB2 ISD? That would rock the house. Def. def. save up for that I say. And yeah, I think for now temporary surrounds (like the JBL's you mentioned) would suffice until you get more money to, as you said, justify the price, or perhaps you just get a bigger room. But you still have to tell us - why the sudden splurge? got a phat raise? upgrade bug knashed it's teeth at you? robbed a bank?
  7. I own the C2 that I run with the A51 and A21 amps. They are connected to RF-7's. I certainly can attest to their NOT being bright whatsoever. Warm? Not that either. My opinion is that they are extremely neutral.
  8. Hey Kenneth, for my secondary system I use RB-35's and the RC-35, although the RC-35 was once used with my RF-35's which I now use as center surrounds in my main system. But once upon a time they were paired together, and I still remember those days. Yes, they will do the trick for all types of music, especially electronica (assuming you have a phat a$$ sub too). I won't even bother making suggestions or recommendations about other types of gear, cause I know you know you're shiznit, so if you're going for the 35 series, then hell yeah go for it.
  9. ...she said, "am I a human dreaming I am a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I am a human?" A Zen monk who she kept in her shirt pocket poked out and replied...
  10. Thanks a million WS65711 (which means?)!! Hope this works!
  11. Can someone tell me how to make it so that the picture actually shows up, like the 3 posts before me?
  12. Here's my car frontal view: 1997 Explorer 5.0L V8 Powerdyne Supercharger Clifford Alarm System w/ Remote Engine Start and Windows K&N FIPK II Intake Gibson Exhaust 6" Procomp Lift Bilstein Shocks 4:10 Gears w/ Detroit Locker AR Nitro 16" Rims 33x12.5x16 BFG Mud Terrains Ventvisor Air Deflectors Con Ferr Roof Rack 4 PIAA 80ProXT Lights up top, 2 more in front 2 PIAA 1500XT Fog Lamps PIAA Superwhite Headlights Go Rhino! Chrome grille guard and tail light guards APC Clear Corners APC Custom Billet Grille 5% Limo Tint all-around SOUND SYSTEM: Xtant 604x Amp Xtant 1001x Amp Boston Acoustics 6.5 Pro Series (2 pairs) 2 15" Eclipse Aluminum Subs Alpine IVA-800 LCD Head Unit Alpine DVD Navigation System Audiocontrol Three.1 EQ 2 Scoche Lightning Stiffening Caps Optima Yellow Top Deep Cycle Battery Pheonix Gold Wiring everywhere
  13. A nice, clean, easy and simple to read one with lots of colorful diagrams is Crutchfield's Audio/Visual Reference Manual. It's the thickness of a magazine, and although they usually ship one free whenever you buy something from them, I think it's available for purchase alone.
  14. Oh man, I feel you. That's some bullsh*t alright. I'm assuming the guy in the truck pulled over as well and you exchanged information right? Then for sure his company will pay for all damages incurred. Crappy thing is even if it's fixed as good as new, the value of your truck decreases because of damages. Wow, at 21 and this is your first accident? At that age (2 years ago), I think I racked up about 2 speeding tickets and 1 accident.
  15. Mine would be how I like to tell people that Tomlinson Holman was my sound professor at USC. I got an A too!
  16. Nice! Another mac member! I have that exact same computer, only with a single 160GB HD but with 3.5GB RAM and the Radeon 9800 Pro card for games. Which I never play.
  17. I never bothered to see if I could squeeze 20-30 in a dorm room because I was busy having a good time at my fraternity party with about 1000 other people at the frat house. So yeah, evidently USC is not a good party school or anything.
  18. Sony's 43" RPTV's also fall into this range.
  19. ---------------- On 3/13/2004 10:18:28 AM ccsakura wrote: Perhaps you should go ahead for some SVS PCi 20-39 or 16-46 or PB1ISD. That's all you need for going down to 20Hz ---------------- Yup. Or you could also check out the Velodyne SPL series. Same price range, same power down under, but they come in much, much smaller packages. IndyKlipschFan - I dunno what that guy is on about. 20-30 people in a dorm room? yeah right, what college is he going to? I had a 4 room/main suite setup at USC and fitting 30 people in all that space would still have been pulling a David Copperfield.
  20. Picky, I just visited your hometheater site...and I must say "wow," that was one incredible transformation.
  21. it would be even better if you knew a hit man to off my wife so I can claim all her inheritance, since her folks are not only rich, you see, but they're so very, very...... ***OT: Does anybody know how to make your signature back into list format, and not all crammed like it is with mine and AVMAN's?***
  22. Oh you guys are so lucky. The best place I can hit up which is still 8 hours drive away is lake tahoe, which is blah compared to Colorado I'm sure. Colorado is one of the best places to ski on earth isn't it? I mean, along with Utah, Canada, and Sweden, was it?
  23. soft tissue, dragging him kicking and screaming like a girl through the door which led into a secret mafia casino, where...
  24. Besides the khorns and single breast, the most eye catching piece is the receiver -- that thing is a monolith! I love it! Yeah...didn't you invite moon and I for a demo just the other day?
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