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  1. <p>I'm really hoping this has changed for ya, but the musicality of the 650's all depend on the source and amplification. I prefer the sound and smoothness of the 650's over my 63's and heresys. I recall Mark and Trey saying the 650's have the smoothest freq response of any speaker Klipsch provides.
  2. I'd most definitely stick to the KA1000THX amp. Keep in mind, any other amp will completely void the warranty....regardless if it works or not.
  3. What kind of power are those buggers putting out?
  4. I do see where you're coming from. Shoot me a PM with an offer.
  5. Hey Stephen, Where are located? David
  6. Hey Adam, I know you didn't mention these, but I do have a pair of RB-61 II's in black. They're just sitting here collecting dust.
  7. Weekend price of $3250. If you're nice I might go a lil lower. =)
  8. It can also be configured as a two channel amp, 800x2@8ohms, and of course, doubles from there. It can be run off a 15amp breaker, but loves a 20amp. She's been run off a 20 since new.
  9. Thanks!! I must have been half asleep typing up this ad, its most def 200x5, not 4 ha.
  10. Hey guys, sadly I have to get rid of my prized Krell. I have it priced low for a quick sale; $3400. Its in near perfect condition. It comes with the power cord and jumpers. I can call Starpower, but I do believe it is still under warranty as well. Amp is 200wx4 at 8ohms, and keeps doubling down to 1. Weighs right at 100 lbs. I was hit by a drunk driver last week, so its time to get a new car. Price is or best offer, but this is already the cheapest unit on the web. Located in DFW, TX, I really prefer not to ship. If it comes down to it, though, I will. Thanks for looking.
  11. Has anyone called dibs on the THX drivers yet? You can reply in a PM if you'd like
  12. I've noticed that, just when I was starting to plan on buying a pair. Still am, though!
  13. It'll all come together before you know it. The wait is worth it, it was for me haha
  14. You're going to love everything about the Ultra2 line. I guess you could say we were in the same boat, as I did the same thing with my Reference series. Make sure to get four of the KW-120's =P
  15. What intrigues you about the Ultra2 line?
  16. What do you power the La Scala's with? And what is your source? Also, did you burn everything to a cd or how do you have that run?
  17. They are quite pricey. I did see if you sign up for their newsletter or whatever you get a free download. I didn't get a chance to take advantage of that yet, but maybe later tonight I will. I sort of want to hear how their copy of Hotel California is. Overall the music is pretty nice, just not my genre I guess. I do love their copy of 'Ave Verum' though. I'm thoroughly impressed with how well the KL-650's do with two channel, especially since that isn't their specified use. Using them in a bedroom isn't their intended use either, but it has to make do I suppose.
  18. Ooops, I didn't see this thread, and posted one in two channel. Sooo sorry :-/
  19. Has anyone tried this yet? I'm downloading it right now... Sounds decent on my Modes, I don't have my Ultra2 system up and going right now, but do have a pair of KL-650's with a T-Amp with 50wpc right now, though its not done downloading. Just wondering if anyone else has got it, or noticed the offer yet.
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