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  1. it's your mind...

    you've probably gotten used to the thick sound of a direct radiating woofer configuration and now that you are hearing clean superb bass, you don't like it or you find it lacking for some reason.

    if you're happy with the Cornwall, then just plug them in and be happy as a clam.

    if you want a much better midrange and much better harmonic distortion performance, work with the La Scala.

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  2. On 11/18/2023 at 11:31 PM, JohnA said:



    Line Array?  Do you mean stacking?  I don't think that would be needed from a performance point of view.  Yes, the mouths are small, but a larger mouth or longer horn is apparently not needed to get lower frequency output.  These are kinda odd beasts from the way the ports and short horn interact. 


    I can't imagine why you could not parallel 2 or 3 on one sub out connector, whether they had a pass through or not. I use these to parallel 2 sub's on each sub out.  Is that what you're asking?



    I am not really interested in whether or not some users think that using an array is 'needed'... I can make that determination myself.


    Setting up an array can take many different forms... stacking being only one of the most very basic.


    As the question reads as, is there going to be any factory support for it right out of the box without having to use an adapter. some manufacturers do, and some do not. I am getting the notion that Klipsch will not.


  3. 1 minute ago, OldCrow said:

    There are top and bottom pictures of the item above. The top has four bolts and a lens like center. The bottom is smooth metal with a dimple in the middle.

    That Dimple is called a Phase Plug...


    how sure are you that the issue is the speakers and not the source?

  4. as a general set of rules... because nothing is ever equal in the real world.


    I make my placement measurements CTC (center to center) or 'on axis'.


    I prefer my speakers placed as wide as possible (X axis), and while MLP (main listening position... Y axis) might be somewhat foreshortened, it makes for a wider sound stage, which is what I prefer. Currently my personal speakers are 17'ctc apart, and my MLP is 16' on the Y axis.


    for me personally, there are some other aspects that I also try and adhere to... I don't like Boundary gain, so I never place my speakers against a boundary layer/wall to the point where I even preferred my Klipschorns AWAY from any wall and I used 'wings' to augment LF extension. I also DO NOT like sitting up against a rear wall where reflections and time arrival issues are experienced.


    If I had a small room, I would use a near field layout myself.

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