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  1. Anyway, of course the internet is worth saving. How else would we be monitored with such effectiveness?
  2. Its not an absurd idea and it does have a name. Its not a popular idea so go figure. The issue isnt just limited to the USA. Sports money is global as my post points out. It is not a provincial matter it is everywhere.
  3. One explanation is that the supply and demand for the specifically skilled labor actually tilted in labor's favor, thanks to collective bargaining. Human behavior enjoys the escape that sports provide, and form an identity with their respective teams, spending not only big sums on attendance (think of church goers who attend every Sunday and throw sums of money into the basket, often more than once in a 45 minute session), but even more money on paraphernalia. Owners have managed to distort on their side public money and sweetheart deals to build massively expensive and elaborate arenas, which lines their pockets and allows for paying mega-salaries to labor. It must also be mentioned that huge television contracts have played a role. How is it possible that with perhaps the exception of one state, that the highest paid public employee is a college sports coach? It's part and parcel of our society. A better question might be why this escapism seems so necessary, and is so intrinsic. It is a world wide phenomenon where only the sport changes depending upon location. FYI, I am a sports fan, but the riches would never happen if most fans spent as little as I do.
  4. True. A real Yoda would not care. Or is it Yoda care not people think?
  5. It was something else and jokers, I forget now. The mod was Travis. PSA as an FYI.
  6. Do you really think grocery prices will come down as a result of monetary policy? People will always need to eat.
  7. I'm tending towards the Jeremy Siegel analysis: Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel says Jerome Powell is making one of the biggest policy mistakes in the Fed's 110-year history, and it could lead to a major recession (msn.com) Plus, rate hikes will not bring grocery prices down. Food inflation as far as I can tell is not primarily a monetary phenomenon, but a supply chain production/untimely weather problem. Question: If inflation is so bad right now, why are gold and silver prices going down? That is not the usual response in commodity markets.
  8. I use clothes pins the same way, John.
  9. Another anniversary some 8 months prior proves your point quite well.
  10. So hot here squirrels are splooting. Spell checker is an idiot as usual, look it up.
  11. English girls are so prissy I can't stand them on the telephone Sometimes I take the receiver off the hook I don't want them to ever call at all
  12. oldtimer

    crypto currency

    Gold does have some practical uses, plus decorative uses. Comparing the two, which would you think?
  13. Why do you think you have that cannon?
  14. Dont watch that stupidity. Costa Rica has some good beans and I like the dark chocolate covered ones. The coffee has quite a buzz so beware.
  15. Wrong john. Constitution was signed in 1787.
  16. oldtimer


    Give me the peas boys and free my soul I wanna get lost in the casserole And drift away
  17. oldtimer


    Too much fruit flavored kool aid?
  18. oldtimer


    Better name than choked chicken?
  19. Manufacturers struggle to keep pace with vinyl record demand (msn.com)
  20. oldtimer


    Just be sure to keep it down... Researchers figured out why fish fell from the sky in Texarkana, and it’s pretty gross (msn.com)
  21. Source of Black Death Bubonic Plague Finally Pinpointed by Scientists (businessinsider.com)
  22. Don't be so hard on yourself.
  23. The price of oil and ultimately gas is determined by supply and demand economics, and is set on a world market. Some like to forget that simple fact when their emotions overrun their brains.
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