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  1. Just got mine a week ago. They are a big improvement over the stock HK's my pc came with. Now I can surf the net while streaming jazz radio and it is enjoyable. You should be able to get them for 59.99 from the Klipsch ebay store, and for the price you can't do better.
  2. "I have no faith in corporations as an investment. Insiders make the real profits. The officers and directors siphon all the profits out in terms of huge salaries and benefits packages. They take pretty much everything they can for themselves and their friends. The shareholders are certain to get as little as possible. That's why we still see $30 million salaries being paid to execs whose companies are losing money. What a joke." I've said it before, and I'll say it again: It's nice work if you can get it. There seems to be this insiders club of execs. These guys drive companies into bankruptcy, then get top jobs elsewhere because of their "experience?" Also executives who stay at firms during bankruptcies get BONUSES! yes bonuses just to stay because of the company can't "afford" to lose this critical "talent?" at such an important time. These are people who share a common talent, they got where they are by backstabbing their way to the top and/or taking credit from the people who actually do the work. If they were judged the way musicians are, by their actual performance, they would be dumpster diving for their daily bread.
  3. Miles Davis--In Europe, also At Carnegie Hall.
  4. The digital cable here (which only has rca l/r outs, no hd yet) is definitely subpar. It is nice to put on as a low background for convenience, but is not for critical listening.
  5. I have to side with Allan on this one. He states that the satisfaction riff is the single most identifiable. Maybe for rock and rollers Smoke on the water is more identifiable, but to the general public satisfaction is, even if it is because according to garymd that it is the most overplayed.
  6. Yeah, something happened that caused Marvin Electronics to drop Klipsch. Too bad, or I would make up excuses to go to Fort Worth more often.
  7. You are a generous guy. If only they were closer....
  8. The Shure web site guide says they are NLA, so if you want to stick with the cartridge, go for it. Are you sure the stylus is the only problem? Since you will need another replacement after this one eventually it might be better to find a new cartridge.
  9. "Its like trying to pick the greatest baseball player." Holding back, holding back...don 't want to hijack the thread or start a new one.....
  10. Tom Petty--Wildflowers sounds pretty good to me.
  11. Play around with placement especially toe-in and you will find the imaging is quite good. For surrounds the best matches are more Forte's, but Academies and maybe Quartets should also work. Heresy II's might be another option, Others here have more experience with this than I do.
  12. I have a permanent place and am in and out a lot, but mostly live in Denton (paradise on the prairie).
  13. jeff, if it was good you could say "good dog!" Back in the old days (oh yeah here we go) I used to watch the guys at McDonalds make fries. They would take a real potato, put it in a levered slicer, and all at once slice an entire potato into frenched pieces. No wheat, just potato. When there were enough to make a batch into the fryer they went. What came out was delicious, far better than today's product.
  14. I wish I could help you out. All my stuff is in Texas, my Forte II's would take up half the room (the one room) in Honolulu. Personally, I would be leary of shipping anything more than a heresy in. An Academy double boxed would not be much of a risk, keep an eye out. Others have pointed out that the Academy is a better bet. Was there ever a Klipsch dealer on Oahu?, especially one back in the late 80's into the 90's? Keep the Forte's and the little woman happy.
  15. They are for my dad as a present. I think Forte's would be too much for his WAF, plus I am trying to maintain a budget.
  16. Welcome! You probably can't go wrong with either the Academy or the Heresy II if you don't find another Forte. Klipsch heritage seems pretty rare on Oahu. The Heresy II shares the same tweeter as the academy (K-76), and are way more commonly found. Good Luck.
  17. ahhhhhhhhhh (a la Homer Simpson) Good and Plenty............
  18. Just don't ever listen to the Beach Boys Christmas album. It is bad enough to make you never want to hear them ever again, no matter how well recorded anything else may be. Only the Beach Boys could make Christmas so depressing. _____________________________________________________________ Les Garcons de la Plage----The French Beach Boys
  19. Try this hotline: Mental Health Hotline Well dang, the board will not allow it.
  20. What is interesting Jeff is that people wreck their cars frequently, yet very few lawsuits ensue as a percentage. When a plane crashes, there are multiple lawsuits every time! This must be because most people think that when they wreck their car, it was either their fault or the insurance covers the immediate loss so all is ok. When they are a passenger with no control, it is de facto someone else's fault, and the deepest pockets will have to pay whether there is any proven definitive fault by any party. If they wreck their car because a deer made them take evasive action, the deer cannot be sued because the deer has no assets. If a plane crashes due to filthy weather, the equivalent of a deer in the sky lets say, the airline is sued because there is money to be had, even though if the plaintiff was driving the plane and was fully qualified to do so and would have reacted the exact same way as the actual pilots did.
  21. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood? The answer my friend, is blowin out your end, the answer is blowin out your end. With apologies to Bob.
  22. the greater danger with high altitude flying is with the greater exposure to naturally occurring radiation. most career airline crew don't live as long in retirement as the average person because of this.
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