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  1. Not only are you correct Duke, but notice the rsw-15 on T's list. Well, they are probably for the heresies.....
  2. I agree that you should try to listen to your choices before deciding. Because you have a sub the corns will work very well. Without a sub the Forte II's are a great choice. I have never heard the klf series so can't help you there.
  3. I second your opinion IAm. My parents have a plasma edtv 46" size, hooked up with comcast digital cable and it is a treat to watch, especially the hd broadcasts such as espn sports. Dvd's look great too. I think even up to this size it is a very acceptable alternative to true hd for the budget minded.
  4. 16.2? Clearly the way to go is to buy up your favorite speakers until you have enough to add each time the format expands..... If I moved into a movie theater where would the furniture go?
  5. If memory serves me correctly, you are right about that travisc. Since the Academy is a match for the Forte II's, the Quartets should be just as good or better due to increased bass response.
  6. I will second Olorin's motion by complimenting Fastlane's efficiency and packaging of an Academy. These are examples of why the Forum is the first place to go when buying or selling.
  7. There is no doubt that quartets should be a good match. Don't they share the same tweeter as the Academy? Plus the Academy tweeter as I recall is positioned vertically between the woofers. Depending on your set-up you may have to shield the Quartet for the center, of course.
  8. Last night while watching Lord of the Rings-The Two Towers, a t-storm came through and since I had left the windows on the cars down the seats got wet. The storm blended perfectly with the thunder in the movie, so until I looked outside I was fooled. Just an example of the price we must pay for buying Klipsch!
  9. OK, 1400 for new Forte II's in 1989 (was originally used for two channel but I will not complicate the equation by employing any discounting) 525 for an Academy 390 for another pair of Forte II's Gift of 5.1 Panasonic receiver 100 for dvd player 150 for vcr 350 for 27" tv $2915? total I have raced boats (not my own) and I guarantee that just one sail usually costs more than this.
  10. I am using an Academy for a center. With the right space, and another pair of Forte II's I will be using a Forte II center. For now the WAF and space permitting the Academy fills the bill quite nicely.
  11. I connected my second pair of forte II's as surrounds today and have auditioned a few dvd's. I have set all five speakers to large, and have done no further tweaking with settings and placement, and remember I have no sub woofer(s). My first impressions are that even the unchanged front array sounds better, perhaps due to the timbre matching all around. The sound in the room also seems more open and truer to the theater sound experience. I would characterize the overall improvement as better depth and overall clarity for movies. There is definitely no real competition for matched speakers all around.
  12. I was blown away by the clarity of detail that the all cornwall plus sub system revealed. Beautiful, clean, detailed, without fatigue, better than any movie theater because of the intimacy involved. Plus, as a good luck charm, when I got home I found that I had scored another set of Forte II's at below $400(I have to and prefer to go pick them up) so I am on my way to a Forte version of Jeff's massive sound machine. Thanks Jeff for the great sounds and the hospitality, it was great to end the evening with Janis Joplin, just like being there! Now Margie has the drawing board out for the projection home theater extravaganza room. Hornheads unite!
  13. Got mine from a forum member. Someone put black paint over oak clear in the past. Maybe not a perfect finish match for my oak oil forte II's, not a great job on the paint either. There are some drip accumulations, etc. That being said, patience does pay off, it is a service to let forum members know what is on the market, so wait for what you want at the price you will pay. Other groups I am associated with point out possible buys, that is the way of the community. The black academy works out fine against the cherry furniture it is on, maybe better than if I held out for oak oil. Plus, now I have no fear of re-doing the black without destroying any originality. Patience versus cash, plus common sense will show the way. In the mean time, on the gotta have it now front, I have been enjoying mine for over a year with no regrets. Your mileage may vary.
  14. I have heard $250 onkyo home theater in a box (receiver included) that sounds better than $1300 bose systems. Go figure. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I live my life one quarter mile at a time." "That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard."
  15. This is off topic but have you heard a decent recording of Fragile? The vinyl I have is an Italian pressing and just like all the others I have gone through sounds distorted at times, like maybe the studio guy screwed up but it never got fixed. The actual vinyl sounds fine, no pops, clicks, noise, etc.
  16. I am one of the lucky ones. My wife would actually let me put another pair of forte II's in for surrounds. She likes movies, and she likes the movies when played through the system. Plus she knows that I like it and allows me to indulge. I have yet to drop serious money on a separate amp system yet, the Big test....
  17. Forte IIs plus the elusive academy, heresies/quartets for surrounds, and still have money left over for a sub, or use the excess for better electronics and wait for a sub, the forte's go nice and low to begin with. You have a lot of choices which would fit your room, try to audition as many different models and set-ups as you can, oh what fun!
  18. If your kg3s image well phantom is the most satisfying and less distracting way to go. I have tried using mis-matched centers and found the overall experience to be better using phantom mode and slightly louder volume. Maybe look for another kg3, install a bucking magnet for shielding and use as a center for perfect timbre matching and efficiencies could be an option for you?
  19. Interesting indeed. They are also not listed in the regular Klipsch category. The absence of serial numbers in the photos makes me wonder how they were "acquired."
  20. Yes Dr Who I meant for the whole thing to be involved. As for the LaScala, that would be a little wide, wouldn't it? Or do you guys just have mammoth furniture!
  21. Don't justify, rationalize!
  22. Forte's go great with any wine....a perfect match.
  23. Oh yeah, as towelie says "don't forget to bring a towel." Even though you knew that already you might forget with all this other stuff.
  24. Karn Evil 9 is a great suggestion. You must also have some Zappa. Maybe something from Tomita for the space age experience.
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