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  1. I have heard $250 onkyo home theater in a box (receiver included) that sounds better than $1300 bose systems. Go figure. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I live my life one quarter mile at a time." "That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard."
  2. This is off topic but have you heard a decent recording of Fragile? The vinyl I have is an Italian pressing and just like all the others I have gone through sounds distorted at times, like maybe the studio guy screwed up but it never got fixed. The actual vinyl sounds fine, no pops, clicks, noise, etc.
  3. I am one of the lucky ones. My wife would actually let me put another pair of forte II's in for surrounds. She likes movies, and she likes the movies when played through the system. Plus she knows that I like it and allows me to indulge. I have yet to drop serious money on a separate amp system yet, the Big test....
  4. Forte IIs plus the elusive academy, heresies/quartets for surrounds, and still have money left over for a sub, or use the excess for better electronics and wait for a sub, the forte's go nice and low to begin with. You have a lot of choices which would fit your room, try to audition as many different models and set-ups as you can, oh what fun!
  5. If your kg3s image well phantom is the most satisfying and less distracting way to go. I have tried using mis-matched centers and found the overall experience to be better using phantom mode and slightly louder volume. Maybe look for another kg3, install a bucking magnet for shielding and use as a center for perfect timbre matching and efficiencies could be an option for you?
  6. Interesting indeed. They are also not listed in the regular Klipsch category. The absence of serial numbers in the photos makes me wonder how they were "acquired."
  7. Yes Dr Who I meant for the whole thing to be involved. As for the LaScala, that would be a little wide, wouldn't it? Or do you guys just have mammoth furniture!
  8. Don't justify, rationalize!
  9. Forte's go great with any wine....a perfect match.
  10. Oh yeah, as towelie says "don't forget to bring a towel." Even though you knew that already you might forget with all this other stuff.
  11. Karn Evil 9 is a great suggestion. You must also have some Zappa. Maybe something from Tomita for the space age experience.
  12. A very nice pair for local pick up in boston went for 430 on ebay this winter. Since I live in Texas, but have a friend in Boston who was willing to hold them for me if I won at a worthwhile price to make the drive home, I bid low on them. Your new price of 600 is at least competitive. They have also gone, very quickly on audiogon for 500, alas, I was late on those and they were within a days drive.
  13. Right. If they made it the size of a nightstand with from the bed controls...sort of like a shorthorn with an alarm clock radio...that could be cool.
  14. It looks pretty sweet to me. The WAF must be high being only one unit taking up space. I have started lusting after sunfire pre/pro lately on the used market but maybe this is a good compromise. I especially like the running warm vs. hot of these. What is the msrp or expected market price?
  15. Ah yes 3D, acoustic jazz. I love the sound of my Forte II's with this sound. They shine with Stanley Clarke's solo on Chick Corea's Return to Forever (Sometime ago/La fiesta). Plus I love the old 50's and 60's recordings using Telefunken mikes with Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and guys like John Coltrane. Natural horn sounds really sound great on horns! (naturally). Be right back, got some listening to do.....
  16. Laughing out loud Dman, but to answer your question: No, it does not make you look fat.
  17. Does anyone else here think that dman's avatar looks a little like meatwad from aqua teen hunger force? Just an observation..... ___________________________________________ Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you.
  18. It is so sad to hear about good Klipsch getting banged up by shipping. I have not bid on or bought my second pair of OO Forte II's many times out of fear of this. One of these days there will be a pair within driving distance.....
  19. Well, we could discuss the ethics versus legality of beanballs. Or perhaps the difference between legality and justice, even the merits of a flat tax, or get back to speakers.
  20. Oh yeah, I also don't buy from Hollywood Video, more power to the guy.
  21. I am also very aware of how the rules of business work. I was not aware that the current suitor for the distressed assets was not the one repsonsible for making them distressed. My bad. As for moral indignation, part of that is answered in the previous sentence. I did not buy from them, so maybe I am partially responsible for their downfall. As for changing the rules, there are definitely efforts in that direction in cases of abuse, but as I said before I retract any implication of the current suitor. He may be a vulture, but I can respect that.
  22. It is true that liquidators are running the show. It is also true that the so called ceo is mounting a bid to buy the stores he wants(not all of them, just the ones in less competitive markets). So just where did he get the money to by these stores you might ask? Or, who are his friends willing to finance the deal after his proven inability to compete? In business school we had a saying, "nice work if you can get it."
  23. So what you are saying Griffinator is that old folks can still get Matlock? I was worried about riots in the streets for a moment.... Disclaimer: This does not void my worry for riots in the streets when our pensions are taken away...I'll be leading it.
  24. While a sub is far down my list of what to buy next, thanks for the information. I am however severely suffering from the lack of NHL this year. Rock on.
  25. This is the end, my only friend, the end.....
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