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  1. ---------------- Of course daisy chaining the 2 together over firewire crashed big time ---------------- Are these PC's? Never seen this behavior on OS X unless of course the OS is on the Firewire drive and I unplug it : ). Firewire is incredible I want to experiment with using the IP over Firewire which I just haven't had time to do. I want a computer that runs on tubes so I have a better chance of surviving emp from a nuke : ) wonder how big that would be hmmm....
  2. Wow I usually hate gold but that is super sweet. The VAC and Art Audio gear always looks superb would love to listen.
  3. ---------------- On 12/13/2004 3:40:07 PM D0N wrote: timmi whats the deal? We're handing you this person on a silver platter. Are you doing anything about it? Inquiring minds want to know. ---------------- Lets harvest his organs and sell them on the black market : )
  4. ---------------- On 12/13/2004 3:01:44 PM D-MAN wrote: ---------------- On 12/11/2004 9:54:37 AM Daddy Dee wrote: I have thought it silly to put directional arrows on interconnects. However, when I am setting up my system and using Monster interconnects, the arrows seem compelling... So plug them in so the signal flows the way the arrow points. Power of suggestion is strong, eh? ---------------- Dad: me too. And I certainly know better! Ok, I'm not proud. I followed the arrows. And then bad-mouth the whole idea. What's up with that!? I should add that these "directional" ic's are on the VIDEO gear only! I'm not completely gullable! DM ---------------- i believe they are there to lure us into a false sense of security
  5. eBay handle one out of thousands? I STILL would love to know how the scammers have attained the full email address. If they are going through the eBay contact Seller OR the ask Seller a question and they have been informed that some of the addresses are scams, technically, they are aiding and abetting. Be am interesting Civil case. dodger ---------------- I wonder if their security has been compromised? Stranger things have happened.
  6. Have Tar and Feathers will travel. At least the individual is in the US! I am suprised ebay doesn't take matters like this more seriously like I said before audiogon was very beneficial in getting my money back for one dead ead1000. I didn't take too well to be being screwed out of $700. I know this is kinda evil but I had 3 of my sellers email addreses work/home, also his work/home/cell phone numbers as well as physical addresses. I was giving him a last chance at resolution before I started operation SPAM SLAM. I configured a linux box with a couple modems to use calling cards to call his various phones at all hours with a script from a friend to do this randomly from 1am -6am all week skipping occasional days. The home addresses were going to be saturated with catalogues from various and sundry stores. You know how it is get on one fingerhut or porn list and pretty soon your mailbox falls off the house. As for his email addresses he was going to be lucky if he ever found an email meant for him. Fortunately he finally said he was sorry and sent me the money back as he had both the cdp and the money. Seller Beware! That was one experience out of many positive ones audiogon rocks~!
  7. Always liked the look of Art Audio http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampstube&1108061134 If money is an issue some of the gear coming out of hong kong looks decent haven't heard any of it. I think a friend is going to order either a bez or a weaudio amp can't wait to compare to my canary especially since there is such a huge difference in price. Whenever I see that super expensive gear I wonder will it sound $40K better than what I have or like those $500,000 tube monoblocks in stereophile a while back.
  8. ---------------- On 12/13/2004 1:51:54 AM DeanG wrote: Seti -- I actually had the Canary 301-MII in here for a while, and I really liked it. I had considered going back to one but I changed my mind. I had a tube runaway on me, and the damn thing wasn't fused -- so it ended up being my first experience with an amp going up in smoke. An easy fix, but it really toasted the board. The biasing scheme also sucked -- big time. At any rate, the 20 watts of the Canary worked great with my RF-7's in my small room. ---------------- Cool I looked at the 301s on AG but at the last minute it was a pick between an AirTight ATM and the Canary so I went for the CA-300 I even got the rare blue instead of gold. Runaway tube Wow that sucks so far I have not had any problems so far. I'd really like to hear the Reference One could you imagine 80watts of 300b that one goes in my dream gear list. Good luck....
  9. Canary Audio makes some incredibly well made gear I have their 300B SET monoblocks. They also have several 300B Push Pull amps ranging from 22 watts to 80 watts. 300B 22 Watts Push Pull http://www.canaryaudio.com/301.htm 300B 26 Watts Push Pull http://www.canaryaudio.com/330.htm 300B 50 Watts Push Pull http://www.canaryaudio.com/339.htm 300B 80 Watts Push Pull http://www.canaryaudio.com/Ref-One.htm Tube rolling may be a bit expensive with the reference one having 8 300B's 3 6SN7's and 1 6SL7 per monoblock wow.... I've always wanted some Quads
  10. ---------------- On 12/12/2004 1:46:14 PM No Disc wrote: Craig. I knew someone would ask.... Wright Sound Company WLA12A. Tim ---------------- How do you like it so far and in comparison to the AE3? I have the WLA12A as well and I love it but also I had no preamp before so not much to compare it to. I just bought the wright on recommendation of members of this forum and audioasylum but they steered me wright. What tubes are you currently using?
  11. Seti, It is difficult to know which bands that were in or around Manchester you would know of - some I am sure - like the Boomtown rats, sex pistols and probably UltraVox, Depeche Mode? (actually saw them in Sheffield - dont matter much - they were terrible that night). Actually I met Saint Bob Geldoff before his evolution from Rocker to saint - twice in London in one week (how weird was that?) First time he stopped me on the road to ask for directions and the second time was browsing Camden market and bumped straight into him - he is huge - I guess 6 foot 4 or something. These are not in chronological order of course - all someting like 1976-84 or thereabouts. Now - lets see, who else - we are going back to my rebelious teenage years when I thought punk rock was the cooledt thing. Now I remember I met Fergal Sharkey after that Undertones concert - You wouldnt mistake him for Bob - he is tiny!! I got his autograph on the concert ticket - and then lost the ticket - typical me!! IT may be here somewhere I havent seen it in years - actually my Pink Foyd ticket is here somewhere too. Do the Buzzcocks mean anything to you? How about Madness? Sham 69 - they were American anyway I think? I never saw the Specials - they were 2 tone and we punks didnt do 2 tone - and I hated fish tail parkers as well (the coats they wore - for the uninitiated). More will come to me no doubt - a lot of what we did and saw is something of a blur - for reasons we dont need to go into now. Oh Bad Manners played our College Ball. LEna Lovitch (spelling?) too - really cant rmemever who else - I was in the back row with a girl called Brenda....or Barbara - no Bridgitte - missed most of the acts. Oh yes and a little group called Queen somewhere in the wilds of Staffordshire with what seemed like 100,000 others... Crikey - Adam Ant - in the thread too - I had a mate who was CRAZY about Adam Ant - before he became famous of course - we are talking 1978-1980 here. Ok that is it for now - you want to throw some names? IF they were punk C1976-80 and came to Manchester I probably saw them. OH - the Jam - excellent in Concert - got Paul Weir's autograph too - somewhere - place went insane to "Down in the tube station at mignight" - nearly broke my ankle - I was half carried home from that one. And now I listen to Classical - odd aint it. ---------------- I am a huge fan of the punk scene in the uk from 76-early eighties and know all the bands you mentioned. I have some buzzcocks vinyl and madness their first two albums One Step Beyond and Absolutely are bloody brilliant. One of my favorite tracks is Razor Blade Alley what a great song. Of course they were influenced by Prince Buster and he is also one of my faves early ska and dancehall from the Carribbean is great music even though its poorly recorded. Lene Lovich and Nina Hagen now there are some weird German girls. I still spin Hagen's African Reggae lol and nunsexmonkrock. I wish I could have been there at that time I have family in Shropshire, Shrewsbury but never managed to break away to see local music BLAST. There is alot of crap from that time period but then there were some punk rock bands that were brillant as well like the slits, the clash, the creatures, not punk but always like kate bush, cramps, residents, art of noise, Dexy's Midnight Runners did more than that one song. I never did get the whole joy division, new order & echo and the bunnymen scene. I can find music in just about every genre to enjoy. Lately I have been listening to the clash, tom waits, talking heads, dead can dance, some mozart violin concertos, meat beat manifesto, toots and the maytels, eek a mouse, Juan Esquivel Space Age Bachelor Pad Music and Music From a Sparkling Planet, robert johnson and even some hank sr. The cds laying around my player makes it look like someone with multiple personality disorder has been playing tunes.
  12. Simply play some Barbara Streisand through your Klipsch and the dirt and grime will run off of your crossovers in fear. OMG motley crew is on tv apparently some sort of reunion......oh the horror
  13. ---------------- On 12/10/2004 10:45:41 PM mandi wrote: how about Adam Ant and Boy George. My roommate in college loved both and the rule was whoever got back to the room first and turned on the stereo had control ---------------- Boy George bad but the first adam and the ants ep was good but i don't think i have ever seen a musician sell out so fast in my life and the music was stinkorama. They were a decent punk band for about one album. Not sure if you saw this in the news but adam ant went way crazy and was actually put into a rubber room hmmm wonder how my belles would sound in a rubber room?
  14. I'll let you borrow my baby seal bashing club if you would like to use it on your "friend"
  15. ---------------- On 12/10/2004 12:28:39 PM maxg wrote: The Undertones!! That takes me back - I saw them live at the Manchester Apollo back in the day - I think - My perfect Cousin right!? ---------------- OMFG your kidding right? Who else did you see around that time? Next you'll be telling me you saw the specials or the slits. Who else did you see there then ? There is a local punk rock all girl band in little rock called "the chicklettes" and they do the best cover of teenage kick and true confesions.
  16. the undertones first album was brilliant but they just couldn't do it again.
  17. ---------------- On 12/9/2004 3:32:47 PM D-MAN wrote: We wouldn't even know PEACE ON EARTH if it landed on our collective face and started squirming! ---------------- No but it sure sounds like the right way to start
  18. Thats interesting I would be curious how much of my 8wpc I actually use. Last night I was listening to the Talking Heads new box set Once In A Lifetime and it sounded incredible. I don't listen real loud I just like the room to seem full and clear. I doubt I turn my wright pre volume knob past 10 oclock very often.
  19. ---------------- On 12/9/2004 2:09:46 PM Guy Landau wrote: I'll take seti's blonde as long as she cooks. ---------------- Hey get off my blonde! I'd rather cook I can cook better than any blonde : ) Hey where are the girl klipsch groupies : ) I'd like to impress her with the size of my horn.
  20. I might catch some flack for this one but I never understood why Boston and Rush had such appeal. Oh as far as Prince goes I actually heard some previously unreleased tracks on his Crystal Ball box set that I liked and I was in shock when I figured out who it was. My reaction was wait no please no I can't like prince. blast but it was nothing like anything I had heard from him....ug...excuses.....
  21. ---------------- On 12/9/2004 10:37:26 AM sunnysal wrote: peace on earth ---------------- A snowflake in Hell has a better chance. I just want a Linn Turntable \ Wright Phono Pre \ AH! 4000 and a blonde that loves music SaveThePlanetStampOutHumans
  22. ---------------- On 12/9/2004 10:10:58 AM Allan Songer wrote: Anything by the band called "Journey." ---------------- You've got that right Allan growing up my friends loved Journey and it drove me nuts. Lets not forget Air Supply and the other bands of their genre from the early 80's ah wait no lets forget them : )
  23. OK I forgot about this but Mr.Shatner was on late night TV the other night promoting his new album......Wonder if it will be available in SACD format? William Shatner's New Album More than 35 years after the release of his debut solo album, William Shatner teams up with Ben Folds to create Has Been, a surprisingly pop-driven, lyrically potent collection of songs written by the duo. With the exception of Trying, co-written by Folds and novelist Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About A Boy), Real by Brad Paisley, and Pulps Common People, Shatner proves to be a witty and self-deprecating poet, while Folds talent for crafting the perfect pop melody has never been more evident. Heard about this via Sam and Fuzzy. Listening to the samples and interviews on Shatners site, the album seems really genuine. I feel really good about this; it fits. Makes me happy to see Shatner pull this off, at the right time, and in a good manner.
  24. ---------------- On 12/9/2004 12:29:39 AM mike stehr wrote: Yoko's stuff has to be worse than prince..... ---------------- When I wanna get a date in the mood I just slap on some old fashion Yoko. Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 come on you know John wasn't responsible for that~!
  25. I hadn't thought of the WAF factor hmm perhaps she did it..bad evil women.. I think a nice exotic veneer would have been much more effective. They look like Klipsch from the cover of Southern Living. They don't like that bad from a distance but close up barfy..... OMG They sold already.......
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