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  1. I had seen some vintage 300b tennis balls but not the 6sn7 bummer oh well all looks no performance hmmmmm think I dated a girl like that once. I don't have a backup pair of 6sn7's so I have been shopping for some since my sylvania's bit the dust. thanks
  2. These are so cool looking but I have never seen them until now these would look so cool in my gear. Has anybody heard any of these or know anything about them? http://www.fotop.net/weaudio/n7/6sn7_tennis http://www.fotop.net/weaudio/n7/cv181_white
  3. ---------- Plus I am leery of no balance and tone controls. Opinions? Thanks in advance. ---------------- what are these tone controls of which you speak i have balance but haven't had a tone control in years can't say i've missed it either. I did find this with a remote. For $350 don't see how you could go wrong you could sell it again if you did't like it. Almost bought one of these myself but ended up with a george wright preamp instead. http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/auc.pl?preatube&1100053710
  4. You can always watch the classifieds @ www.audiogon.com and buy and sell different amps until you find what you really like. There are other amps I would like to add to my aresenal as I do not see myself parting with my 16watts of 300b's. I think SET deserves a listen to as well as some pp amps. Why limit yourself hear it all then decide. I would really like to hear some airtight \ quad forty \ macintosch \ vac \ ArtAudio \ BAT amps but there is not a good audio shop anywhere close to here. Examine the build quality as I have heard some DIY amps that seemed to be held together by little less than a prayer that sounded dreadful. I have canary audio and george wright gear that is very well made and can recommend but when you see well made gear you can just tell sort of like sitting in that Mercedes. If you have questions about a certain brand members of this forum are great because chances are someone here has probably heard and taken it apart LOL. I also tend to listen to the people that actually listen to the gear not just those that sell and review it so you might want to catch some of the threads at www.audioasylum.com . Good Luck
  5. I posted a wanted ad on audiogon and received a reply the same week. I ended up picking up some Belles and a custom made passive sub as well within a three hour drive.
  6. the creatures - boomerang & HA! STUMP - A Fierce Pancake TMBG - Flood
  7. Both of these are under $400 and one of them is in Cali the other in Nevado. Shipping wouldn't be too bad on these. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=61378&item=5729856112&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=61378&item=5729905474&rd=1 I have a friend with Hereseys and thats how I ended up with my Belles. The Hereseys are a great bargain. I could be happy with any of the heritage line. Good luck wish my mom was that cool : ( she has a Bose wave radio.
  8. ---------------- On 11/5/2004 11:35:15 AM oldtimer wrote: Count me in for Taco Beer! The US Virgins might be far enough away from Florida, although maybe too close to Puerto Rico. The Lesser Antilles would probably do just fine if they let you in..... ---------------- I bet St.Lucia or St.Vincent would be perfect. As always local authorities can be bribed with titties an..I mean tacos and beer. Those islands are so far south Venezuela is much closer than Puerto Rico. Im only interested in two things, and thats Tacos and beer You know what I mean? What? Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! I dont know if youre the right guy? Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! No! dont sign it! give me time to think... I mean hold on a second boy, cause thats magic ink! And then the devil let go of his pickle And out come my girl, there was her tacos Flop-floppin...all around the world She said I got me three beers and a fistful of downs And Im gonna get ripped, so f*ck, you clowns! Come on down for Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! Tacos and beer! Thank Zappa
  9. relax your government is in control
  10. ---------------- On 11/4/2004 3:30:46 PM fini wrote: I am just trying to plan ahead here: Are any of the Klipsch speakers shielded against nuclear radiation? Any of them less likely to get "blowed-up"? What is the melting point of LPs versus CDs? Thanks in advance. ---------------- I don't believe PWK prepared for this situation so the answer is no I am afraid not. If you see a flash don't forget to duck and cover! I believe geographic location depends on if they are less likely to get blowed-up or not. I understand that Canada isn't giving any special treatment to Americans but Mexio is just fine with us as long as we don't buy up coastal real estate. What if you bought one of those abandoned missle silos? I am sure they dug those far enough under ground! I have been thinking about opening up a chain of "Taco Beer" stands in the Caribbean(is that far enough away from florida). Cold beer cheap tacos servered by beautiful topless girls. I think the theme song would be titties and beer by ZAPPA. They can't take away your dreams.
  11. I am not all that familiar with marantz vintage gear but this looks interesting. A marantz tube crossover I have never heard of a tube crossover. Might be get with a sub? Could this be a preamp instead ? http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.pl?vintelec&1104254097 Too bad I don't have more disposable income my house would be full of gear.
  12. Odds on this election are all out of whack. 100 different polls and they all say I dunno. Lets start over and have new candidates from both parties! Perhaps a Guiliani/McCain vs. Clark/H.Clinton ticket would be more fun to watch oh well maybe next round......
  13. I have only bought from the classified section as well. I'm not sure why but I never really look at the auctions maybe because I want to know the price immediately. I have had some trouble on AG but the staff has a good resolution process in place for disgruntled sellers/buyers.
  14. ---------------- On 11/2/2004 10:19:59 AM dubai2000 wrote: Well, let's just hope they cast the right ballot . Wolfram ---------------- I cast the left ballot. It took me 3.5 hours to vote on Thursday which I consider a good thing perhaps this is the start of a new trend in America where the majority of people get out and vote. I don't care who you vote for just do it! VOTE
  15. I'd love to see a pic of a MacGuver TT! I finally got a turntable MMF/Grado but alas still no phono pre : ( very very sad indeed! http://www.bottlehead.com/et/bix/bix.htm I was considering the bottlehad tt kit has anyone ever heard this puppy looks pretty nice.
  16. I would love to have this phono pre! http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?preaphon&1104290547
  17. OK so say you have almost 20yo belles and you want to replace the horn /driver wire are there directions for safely taking apart the cabinets or is this better left to a pro ?
  18. I've had terrible luck buying items outside of the US on audiogon and ebay so I just ignore those now.
  19. I have found audiogon.com a great place to buy gear try it out and if it didn't fit my needs I would just resell and try something else. I would try some push pull amps and even some set amps until I found what I liked best. It doesn't really matter what other people think sounds good but what you like. I do however trust advice about what manufacturers make quality gear because there is some cheap stuff out there. The last auction that I lost was a 300b airtight amp which looked incredible wish I could have heard it. Good luck this is the fun part!
  20. I have a friend with an EAD transport and dac which i listened to the other night and it sounded so much better than his rotel. My next purchase is going to be a cd player and I have decided to go with a tube output either a decware tube cdp or an ah! joeb 4000 with upsampler. Both of these cdp's are so well regarded by users not reviewers on this forum and audioasylum that I believe either one would be a safe bet especially when you consider the price is under $1000. Good luck!
  21. That is illegal and considered contraband but don't worry I'll come and get them to take the heat off of you. Just trying to help send address!
  22. That wooden horn is dead sexy still waiting for my brother to get his lathe so he can build a few and a couple for me. Just curious but if someone was going to sell a horn like that what would be a reasonable price ?
  23. Thanks that helps so unless for some odd reason record labels start releasing tapes or unless you stumble on a huge tape archive it is too much of a pain in the ***. Comprende But the spinning wheels are so hypnotic mu mu mu must get reel to reel.
  24. I am just abit confused & don't really believe what I have been told or I just don't understand. A friend is into reel to reel playback. I think he has an old Akai aparatus. He apparently takes new cd's and records them to tape and says that the sound quality is better this way. He then listens to the tape instead of the CD. No Comprende? If this was true I would imagine alot more people would have reel to reels. I know of a local band that prefers to record to tape but that makes sense to me. Is this fact or fiction or simply a preference?
  25. She saw it just before she left. She got a big smile on her face and asked me if I was decorating for Halloween! She's actually pretty tolerant of such things, at least for a while. Lynette's a creative type. When I told her what it was for, I could see she had ideas stirring in her mind. I have a feeling she's going to see this as an opportunity to do some serious decorating. I'd love to get a bunch of large potted plants. They look great, and I've been to many an audio "salon" that uses them for diffusion. I just hope my thumb is green enough to keep them healthy. ---------------- 1.Does she have a sister? 2.Plants as diffusers what a great idea hadn't even thought of that bloody brilliant.
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