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  1. Ah Hell make them got to Hope, AR to audition the system. Do they still have that room PWK built? Let them compare the system with different tube gear from pp to set maybe even PWK's favorite tube the 2a3. I like looking at the audiophile mags the same way I like looking at autophile mags while I'll never afford the new v10 porsche it sure is pretty to look at. I would like to see an audiophile mag that actually reviews equipment not priced in the stratosphere. Thank god for online forums like this and audioasylum etc..
  2. I found this link on the site http://www.klipsch.com/media/Photos/KPTjubilee_large.jpg but it is obviously not the same critter. I am thinking of jobs in Hope, AR but wouldn't it be great if that was made at the same facrtory as the khorns. I just love that wooden horn how do they sound compared to the regular horns? Seti
  3. ---------------- On 8/27/2004 4:53:06 PM D-MAN wrote: That thar is the Jubilee (all dressed up for a night out). DM ---------------- Well that thar needs to be in my house!~ So what is this Jubilee of which you speak? Eye candy to torment us or is this actually on the market. I suppose I missed this one some how. That wooden horn up top is dead sexy.
  4. I found this on the web but what the heck is it a tricked out beautiful klipschorn? This made me wonder if there were any other Paul Klipsch designs that didn't make it to production but should have. I know this could be considered sacrilege but I wonder if any new klipschorn speakers could be possible in the future? The New Dope From Hope! Seti
  5. ---------------- On 8/26/2004 12:52:32 PM neo33 wrote: "I could go on and on about the greatness of William Jefferson Clinton" The greatness of William Jefferson Clinton: Shamelessly receiving "head" from the world finest "horn" blower of the 21st century while sitting in the head-of-the-state chair of the greatest nation on earth! What could be more GREAT then that? We are a shameless nation! ---------------- But now we have a head of state that can barely spell head shameless indeed.
  6. I almost bought one of these Fi X integrated 2a3 tube amps when I was looking. Dang it looks cool. http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.pl?intatube&1098485434 I have heard this http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?intatube&1098126790 Cary 300SEI and it sounded very nice. There are always good deals on AG it's like crack for audiophiles...
  7. ---------------- On 8/26/2004 11:51:17 AM IndyKlipschFan wrote: Hope you will enjoy this spec sheet on the Belle. ---------------- That is great! I am very curious about what this looks like an the inside but do not want to take mine apart to find out. Do you have any pics of the inside or the cabinet design? Thanks Seti
  8. ---------------- On 8/26/2004 7:52:07 AM richinlr wrote: Since it has been reported that you live in Little Rock and McIntosh has been recommended, you might go see the folks at Custom Audio in West Little Rock on Rodney Parham Rd. They are both Klipsch and McIntosh dealers. Not sure but I think you can order any Heritage model through them, too. Small caveat - this past Monday, there was a fire in the building they are located in and I understand that they suffered quite a bit of smoke damage and according to a spokesman for them, lost 'thousands' in inventory. Who knows they might have a 'fire sale'... ---------------- They can order the heritage line and they had some khorns on site I hope they weren't damaged. Just don't mention that you want to try tubes to them I did once and they tried to sell me some yamaha gear. They like most audio stores are moving towards the home theater market which is fine but I wish they wouldn't turn their nose at you when you mention anything but what they sell. I think Little Rock is ripe for an audio store that not only sells home theater but also some tube gear and a range of speakers outside of klipsch and b&w. It would be great to be able to walk into a local store and listen to new ss and tube gear. Just my rant sorry... I would like to know if they have a firesale!
  9. preacherman Daddydees May 2004 Klipsch gathering in Little Rock, Arkansas. ________________________________________ OK since when is there a klipsch gathering in little rock? Is it annual? I would love to hear some more tube gear in Little Rock. I live in Little Rock but would not recommend any of our audio stores. What do you need help with exactly?
  10. Is there a gallery of early model klipsch speakers ? I found this early model image in one of my archives not sure where it came from.
  11. Am I the only guy here who REFUSES to stack things on my speakers? Or is that an "acoustic treatment"?? Nice setup. Looks like a great place to kick back with your favorite libation and let the music pour over you. I dig that couch. ______________________________ I knew someone would say something about that LOL. The picture was taken before I found a home for my CDs. Thanks, the couch was a $65 dollar special LOL....Will spend money on gear but not furniture....
  12. Thanks having just bought a home so I have avoided walmart like the plague as that will be a good $500 trip perhaps I should by stock first. I will get some of those tonight and see what happens. Also the previous owners manage to get one drink ring and another spot that looks a little worn on the top of the speakers any ideas an what i can do about that? I would rather not refinish them!
  13. I have one of George Wrights preamps and it is a purchase I am proud of. I don't have as nice a turntable as yours but I don't see how you could go wrong with a George Wright Pre/PhonoPre! Good Luck!
  14. Well I finally got my Belle's to their new home (see attached file)and they sound better in this room than their previous room. I can really turn it up and not have to worry about neighbors becaus there aren't any! Now I just need some tapestries for the walls and some cd racks. Is it ok to have everything setting on the wood floors or should I get something to go underneath? Thanks, Seti
  15. I would love to hear some vintage quads with khorns! Looks great!
  16. I think this is why great online stores are doing better at selling audio gear. I'm in Arkansas and you would think there would be a more pro klipsch attitude here. However, when I went to a local audio store which even had some nice khorns the audio schmuck criticized me for buying an old pair of belle's and even snickered at me when I asked if he knew anyone that worked on vintage Quad's. This just made me sad and of course he wanted to show me the latest klipsch but recommended his B&W line of speakers instead. This shop had no tube gear and he was certainly not a fan. I only buy audio gear online now but how I wish there was a better audio store personnel closer than Tulsa or Dallas. Seti
  17. I've wanted to hear one of these AE-1 preamps for a while or at least since I lost an ebay auction on one over christmas. It was brilliant custom made black chasis with a big voltage plate meter on the front. I think it sold for $400.
  18. Reminds me of an article by Steve Deckert on the decware site which has several great articles. http://www.decware.com/newsite/articles.htm If the first watt sucks, why continue? http://www.decware.com/paper43.htm I think I've read just about every article on this site today. Seti
  19. Well I can't believe the DIYers on the site haven't developed a flotation system for your klipsch. Since you live in Florida I will assume you have some flotation devices for going to the beach why not retrofit all of these to your klipsch in case off rising water! Also I would put some of those but bumpers on the side of your klipsch to keep them from getting scratched from floating around. Talk about a floating sound stage
  20. I would by the Cheech and Chong Big Bambu LP with extra paper.
  21. When I was shopping for speakers I drove 30 miles to look at some la scala's that were advertised on ebay. I noticed they looked a little strange but the seller swore they were original klipsch. The horns weren't even klipsch. I looked them up later and they were from a pa system and the cabinet was homemade. The seller also tried to talk me into some JBL's which looked just as shifty as his la scala's. Just have to be careful with ebay or any online auction site.
  22. I have been building this system piece at a time since November and it has been very hard to have patience and show restraint as far as purchasing equipment goes. Most of the time I have been playing directly from cdp which will get replaced with an AH! Joeb 4000 very soon and based on my experience with this preamp I am very excited! I have listened to onkyo, sony, akai, spectral and bat preamps. The bat and spectral were very nice but just didn't sound the same to me. I am a newbie so I am basing this on my limited experience so far. When the funds permit I will be watching audiogon for a george wright phono preamp unless a hagermann coronet comes up at a good price. this hobby is wallet lightening.....
  23. I have been listening to the Wright preamp for about two weeks now and I could tell a difference from the second I put it in place. First of all I have not listened to as much gear as most of the members of this forum and I can only compare this to a handful of ss preamps and one other tube preamp. I was absolutely stunned and I could not believe that such an improvement was even possible and now I know why audiophiles are such tweakers. If getting a preamp could make such a dramatic change in my system what can I do next to make it better ah the sickness starts. I understand what people mean now when I read descriptions like accuracy, detail, and bloom because that is what I realized my system had after listening to this preamp almost immediately. I went through cds like crazy listening to the creatures,ween,beastie boys,paul simon,dead can dance,kama sutra soundtrack,ravi shankar,st.germain,bob marley,the clash,art of noise, and most of that without skipping a song. I am going to get a second opinion from an audiophile friend who is going to be in town next week and he did hear the system before the preamp was in place. I would definately recommend this preamp and if anyone else has this preamp I would like to know which tubes you prefer and what phono stage you would recommend. Tube Compliment 2 x 6SN7 1 x 6EM7 1 x 6X5 Specifications Very Linear 6 SN7 voltage and driver stages Frequency Response: Better than 20 Hz to 20 kHz , plus/ minus 1 dB Distortion: Less than 0.4 percent total harmonic distortion Input Impedance: 100 kilohms, nominal Output Impedance: 2 kilohm, nominal; will drive loads down to 600 ohms with some loss of output level Voltage Gain: 12 to 20dB, switchable on back Noble Audio Mastering pots Hovland Musicaps© in line stage Tube rectifier and regulation for truly quiet operation Output Level: 1 volt PP nominal; will drive up to 20 volts PP Stereo-mono-stereo reverse switch Output level control: 0dB- -10dB- -Full mute Tape record and playback compatible Size: 6 x 10 x 5 inches System Belle's,George Wright Pre,300b SET Monoblocks(no flame war please)
  24. I have each monoblock sitting behind each speaker on thick marble slabs. I plan on using the marble slabs until I get some secure wall mounted shelves installed to set them on. Uh oh I used the word set hear comes the flame war LOL.
  25. I was cruising ebay for gear and found this monarch phono pre it looks fairly simply. Has anyone on this forum had any experience with them good bad or ugly? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=3284&item=5713300222&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW Thanks
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