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  1. xxufo1xx

    RB 5 for sale

    PM sent. Thanks.
  2. xxufo1xx

    WTB: chorus i

    PM sent.
  3. xxufo1xx

    Hoping For a Deal on a TT

    21st Century Schizoid Man
  4. xxufo1xx

    Looking For A Vintage Receiver

    e-mail sent. Bob
  5. xxufo1xx

    looking to buy a nice pair of chorus II's

    Hey Duke - Where are you located and what do you have for sale ? Bob
  6. xxufo1xx

    For Sale: RB-35 Bookshelf

    e-mail sent.
  7. xxufo1xx

    Yamaha CR-2040 - Any opinions?

    email sent. Bob
  8. xxufo1xx

    Klipsch LaScala's for sale

    e-mail sent.
  9. dkalsi If shload passes let me know - I'd be interested.
  10. dkalsi I know what you mean. Those Chorus just aren't very good speakers. I'll take them off your hands for the $350 that you paid for them. []
  11. xxufo1xx

    Academy & Chorus II's For sale

    Nov - Where in NJ are you located ? Bob
  12. xxufo1xx

    Forte Is for sale .... price reduced

    Larry I'm interested. You have my # Thanks - Bob
  13. xxufo1xx

    Klipsch RF-35 have got to go

    Sorcerian I would also be interested in the RF-35's if they are still available. Where are you located ?
  14. xxufo1xx

    Cornwalls arrived and playing

    Laurenc319 I tried to PM you but I don't think it got thru. I'm probably only 10 minutes from you. I'd love to hear the cornwalls if you feel like showing them off. E-mail me at berthypo@hotmail.com thanks - bob