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  1. Hmmmm, I had a less than positive experience with CBH over some tubes. Only the 2nd bad transaction I've ever had on the forum. This was a long time ago shortly after he showed up and before (I think) all the talk about building amps for forum members. In then end it was not catastrophic but lots of the same sort of stuff I am reading here about excuse after excuse after excuse.... Given the new direction the form was heading (Extreme moderation, Randy 😁, general bad vibes and thousands of youtube posts)I felt it best to bite my tongue (er, keyboard) and not have a public dust up. I kind of regret that now because I've had great transactions with WestCoastWhatEverHisNameIsThisWeek and very pleasant back and froths with Shakey. Had I felt more comfortable speaking up maybe they would have had second thoughts. Water under the bridge and Hindsight at this time I suppose.😐
  2. Oh, and the two that look very similar with different FIS numbers would have come form the purchase of KG4 and Forte II. I'm guessing around 1990/91 on the KG4s and 1994-ish on the Forte II. I purchased both new from "The Stereo Shop" in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Go Blue!
  3. That was the entire point of my original post. If this is something the Museum is remotely interested in, just tell me where to mail them. If that was not clear I apologies.
  4. Cleaning up a bit. @Travis In AustinI doubt it but if there was a need for them in the museum just let me know where to send them. Otherwise, I think $40 shipped to your house for these four items is reasonable. If nobody bites in a few days I'll put them on eBay with a starting bit of $50 plus shipping.
  5. ~$350 shipped. Today everywhere you look back to MSRP of 599 or just under. I wish I had snagged the surf green Jazzmaster and ruby metallic Strat with block inlay neck too. All the 40th versions have lots to offer. I'm pretty impressed with the quality and playability. Hope the feeling sticks around beyond the new gear syndrome timeframe.
  6. Fun little Sunday afternoon project. Never had a bigsby before. Decided I had to have one with the "F" logo.
  7. I really like it too. Brushed aluminum, kinda nice touch. For a cheap-er guitar I think they put a lot of nice touches on the 40th anniversary Squires. Fender had a pretty decent holiday sale direct from their site at 40% off. I've actually had bigger bar bills than this was on on sale. I was squirming for a few days after the sale and before XMas wondering if I dropped enough hints....I was going to kick myself if I missed out because all sellers had them right back to MSRP after the Fender sale.
  8. Best wife ever. Xmas Day surprise. Squire 40th anniversary telecaster. Double binding, aged hardware, tinted neck....quite the looker IMO.
  9. In The godfather they say leave the gun take the cannoli. When I look at that picture I think leave the La scala's take a guitar.
  10. As much as I would love to say yes, no they cant. I'd be happy to be wrong.
  11. Broken leg and winning. Go Blue!
  12. It's really not that difficult to understand. Especially for someone whom, IMO, on the forum tries to project the persona of a financial brain trust, knower of markets, crypto expert, etc. I would also guess that your short, terse replies are more trolling than really not getting it. I'd wager you've got time on your hands and are looking for a fun back and forth argument or just trying to bait people. Which is cool, everyone likes to stir the pot from time to time... myself include. Let's just assume I'm wrong about all that. I'd also bet you already had your mind made up about solar possibly, you didn't even listen to somebody's "spiel" (but I'll take you at your word on that). BTW, a guy on the internet like me or a person whose neighbor has panels and the owner explained it to your neighbor and your neighbor explained to you doesn't count. It's no more difficult to grasp than refinancing your house. In the simple house example it's going to cost you $3,000 to refinance and it's going to take you x-months of savings to recoup that $3,000. If I plan to stay in the house more than x months I really have no financial choice but to refinance. I might have other emotional reasons not to but, the numbers say refinance. Conversely if I plan on selling before I break even there's no reason to pay money just to have a smaller house payment because in the long run it will cost me more. I think even a middle school kid could grasp that. There are never any absolutes but with a little homework I think you can make some reasonably safe assumptions to start the cocktail napkin calculations. First and foremost the cost of electricity is probably (not absolutely) going to stay the same or go up. I can't really think of many things we consume on a regular basis that don't go up. For the sake of argument let's take the best case it stays the same. The system costs you roughly 20 grand. How much are you going to save every month/year? Will that annual or monthly savings be more than the time you plan to stay in the current house? If the answer to that last question is no there's no reason to worry about any other esoteric what if scenarios. You should not consider it. If on the surface it looks like the time spent with the solar panels would save you money in the long run, it's time to dig a Little deeper. Can you pay for it all up front or do you have to finance it or do you have to sell your $100 KHorns for $11K horns to help pay for some of the 20K? If you're financing it, the time you spend in the house and or the monthly savings have to be greater. Could you take the 20K for panels and do something else with it that makes you more $$$ than your electricity over that same period costs? Could you do something with that 20K that makes you more happy like a world-class vacation and a lifetime of memories? Where are they going to be located on my house and if I find them ugly will I regret it every time I drive down my street? If utilizing the money in a different manner than solar panels makes you happier screw the panels and do what you want. Things like roof replacement, panel disposal and future buyers turning up their nose are all red herrings. Those issues are already been addressed long ago and are baked into the price of a high quality system. In my experience, these arguments are typically thrown out by people who already have a bias towards solar panels or have spent zero time talking to a high quality solar installation company. You need to get actual references from installations they've done years prior and talk to the homeowners to find out both their experience with the company and the expected versus realized gains. The technology changes quickly and the panels only get more efficient so if you compare numbers today to somebody from 5 years ago you can only do better. So what's not to get?
  13. I feel my panels are one of the best decisions I ever made. I'm on year 11 or 12. Broke even about year 6 or 7 IIRC
  14. Yes, good eye. It is way better than I expected given the price and where built. A fantastic guitar at any price. I played a 40th anniversary squier a week ago. Very nice, I like the neck on this one a bit better.
  15. New to me today....love the neck.
  16. Stock photo cuz you like it or is it yours? I like the 3-saddle brass bullets over the 6 individual saddles even though the 6 are easier to intonate.
  17. Just how the newer American Pro I/II are. No more covering entire bridge, pickup, etc. Personally I think it looks better off and naked like a removed ashtray. Look close extra screws left/right corners closest to the neck too.
  18. Literally just pulled it out of the box. A few finger prints to take care of but figured I'd let 'er rip anyway.
  19. I like the bridge option of top or string through. However if you have a '59 top loader only it makes a good excuse to buy another guitar. The latest telecaster pro II Has a hybrid bridge for both options, just like yours. Everything old is New again.
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