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  1. Thanks for posting this Travis. I’m in. Christy and Eldon are good friends to many of us and have been super-helpers at Pilgrimages and the Museum. I know many of us have been cared for by Momma Christy. I’m glad we have an opportunity to say thanks.
  2. Oh, no. Thanks for letting us know, Christy. Roger was a great guy . . . .
  3. Great story, Chris! Thanks for sharing your adventure. Glad you are happy with your new speakers.
  4. Best wishes on your trip, Chris. Please take pics along the way for us all to enjoy.
  5. My friends in Charleston, SC are preparing for retirement and downsizing and have asked me to help find a new home for their gorgeous Chorus II. Speakers are in excellent condition. Sequential serial numbers. Asking price is $1500. Local pick up only. Please PM me or post here with any questions or if you are interested and I will put you in touch with the owners. Thanks, Bill
  6. I have not heard the RP-400C, so that's a question better answered by Corey or someone with direct experience. It seem like the components and specs are close enough to give it a whirl so long as you can exchange for something else.
  7. Welcome Awpopp! I'm glad you found the R-5800 for fronts. I've installed a number of in-wall and in-ceiling Klipsch for several friends as well as my home. We did a 18x26 family room where we started with all in-ceiling speakers. I was not pleased with the front channels coming from the ceiling, so we installed RCW-5, a previous generation 8' in-wall, with much more satisfactory results. Timbre match should not be a problem with your combination. Since you are doing new construction, you have the opportunity to modify the framing to accommodate the center channel in-wall centered under or over the video. Simply box out the studs to accommodate the center speaker. Another option is the phantom center, using just left and right, but I much prefer the added flexibility and control with the center speaker. Hope this helps . . . .
  8. I have RB-75 about 12’ from seating with 8” RCR-5 directly over head, but about 18” further apart each side than width of seating. Turned them down another 3db from Audyssey settings and it sounds great.
  9. Hi Emmett and welcome to the Forum!! I am researching some interesting up-coming options from the Museum Store (new post to follow). Klipsch does make pendants to which you can add in-ceiling speakers, but that will likely be less satisfying. Klipsch makes the Designer Series that offer two options with pivoting (aimable) woofer and tweeter, the 8" DS-180CDT and the 6.5" DS-160CDT. I am ordering a pair of the DS-180CDT to use as ceiling height speakers so I can aim them back to the listening area. There is a modest 15 degrees of aimability. The Klipsch Museum of Audio History will be offering B stock DS-180CDT for about $175 each and the DS-160CDT for about $152 each, bit over half off. Watch for details coming soon . . . .
  10. I have rear RCR-5 (8" predecessor to 5800) in one room with RB-75 LCR and rear RCR-3 ( 6.5" predecessor to 5650) in another room with RB-75 LCR. The 5 (8") is fuller sounding than the 3 (6.5"). Either speaker will work fine for surround, but you may prefer the larger. I assume you are using a receiver that will allow you to adjust the volume of the rear to an appropriate "front-matching" level. There is no replacement for displacement........
  11. The K2s are on their way to their new home.
  12. I have two Crown K2 amps for sale in good condition and operation. These were originally owned by our own, Michael Colter, then sold to a forum member for a garage system. I have enjoyed these in my home for the last few years. Now it's time for someone else to enjoy them . . . $350 each, or $650 for the pair.
  13. KP-362.pdf Here is spec sheet on KP-362. I'm using four of them for live music in outdoor beer garden. They sound fantastic, but were not designed to give deep bass below 40ish. We use two KP-682 double 18s for the lower stuff. For your home use, you may prefer the addition of a small sub. It won't take much in a small setting.
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