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  1. 1 minute ago, wayneair said:

    I do not disagree in the slightest, however, space limitations would dictate otherwise..well, “space limitations”, aka the warden…uh..er..I mean..wife.

    How big of a center can you handle?


    BTW, in my setup I have 5 Heresys.  Three across the front and two for surrounds.  For anything I throw at it, it’s absolutely the best setup I’ve ever had.

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  2. 27 minutes ago, Div said:

    @Ceptorman i will try the audyssey ..speaker sound about same infact i felt avr soubd better then amp. I am new to this so any basic thing i may be missing.. i havent ground my amp to say water pipe in the house ..

    @wuzzzer what donyou mean by trim level .. only thing i setup was. Size of speaker and set everything to 0db for gains in reciver 



    Trim or gain, same thing.  Just wanted to make sure you weren’t in the positive for that.  Try turning down the gains to -5dB for each channel and then see if you get the same distortion at higher volumes.

  3. FA means there is an Atmos module built in the top.  Not worth it in my opinion.  The “ceiling bounce” does virtually nothing compared to a true Atmos setup with in-ceiling or height speakers.


    The Reference Premiere is a step up from Reference, but truthfully if you’re used to Bose anything from Klipsch will sound significantly better.


    I would budget $2,000 for all speakers and $500 for the receiver.  It’s a great time to buy, Klipsch has some awesome sales going on right now.

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  4. 4 hours ago, rivercat said:

    So if my speaker placement is solid, it comes down to what speakers to put up there. 

    My initial thought is the PRO-180RPC. 
    they seem like one of the nicer ceiling speakers available and should match the PRO-180RPW’s I plan for the side surrounds.

    But they’re not able to be aimed. 


    The PRO-18RC. Honestly just not sure what the difference between this and the 180 is. This one looks like it’s able to be aimed.


    the CDT5800 I’ve seen a few people talk about now. Also able to be aimed. Is this the best one of the three for what I’m looking for?

    The CDT series will be timbre matched the best to your front speakers.  If you do those, I’d recommend the R-5800 as your side surrounds.

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