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  1. He tells everyone to have a 'blessed day.' We would if he would stop posting on here! [A]
  2. For what its worth I went from an RF-7 + SVS sub system to a Forte II + SVS sub system and don't regret it for one minute. That being said, I did like how the RF-83 system sounded at Ultimate Electronics. There's just something about a midrange horn though...[8]
  3. A dB meter will help you adjust the level of your subwoofer and your other speakers so that they are all playing at roughly the same dB level from the listening position. Most modern receivers have test tones that will play one speaker at a time so that you can write down what the dB meter says for each speaker and then you can make adjustments on the receiver. Keep in mind that differences of only a few inches can change the dB output that you perceive to hear by quite a bit. It probably would work best to hold the meter right by your ears or in front of your nose so that you get the most accurate level reading for where you're sitting.
  4. QSC is a company who makes some serious amps that are mainly for professional use but can many times be used in home applications for power hungry speakers such as RF-7s. Their PLX series seems to be the best for home use. Every now and then someone on here sells one and you can also find them on eBay or probably AudiogoN.
  5. SAE 5000 Impulse Noise Reduction, DBX 1BX Dynamic Range Expander, Soundcraftsman SE450 10 Band EQ Think you have enough distortion in there now? []
  6. Actually the RF-7 drops down to around 2.8 ohms at a couple points across the frequency spectrum. I'd advise in not re-wiring anything since they are a very difficult speaker for most amps to drive right out of the box. The ohm rating of a speaker is not a linear rating that stays the same at all frequencies, most speakers have huge peaks and valleys in their ohm resistance from single digits to over 100 ohms.
  7. To answer your last part, turn the gain on the sub to max and the crossover point as high as it can go, not as low as it can go. Then let your receiever handle the rest.
  8. Do I know you from the SHOForum? []
  9. Peak wattage is just that, the highest level of wattage input that a speaker can handle for short bursts of sound. I'm assuming that your new receiver sounds louder/better to you? Since you're doubling the peak output watts you're going to typically get at least 3 decibels more sound. Also if your receiver is running in 6 ohm instead of 8 ohm it is 'working harder' because of the lower ohm rating (this will be affected by the ohm rating of your speakers as well, though). Different receiver/amp brands will have different ways they measure their peak output, too. Some will measure peak output at 1kHz which is a frequency that is pretty darn easy for any amplifier to drive so generally they can put out a lot of watts at that frequency. Typically the receivers that give you a true idea of their power capability are ones that display their highest wattage output across the 20Hz-20kHz spectrum.
  10. One of the things to make sure of is to get a pair of cables that are shielded and that you install them with the arrow pointing the correct way. (From the source to the amp).
  11. From what I've heard others say and experienced myself in an in-store demo is that the new Reference series (RF-83, 82, etc) speakers are smoother overall than the previous ones (RF-7, 5, etc). What are you using for your components? Your source and your receiver/amp will play a large part in how your speakers sound.
  12. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/302594068.html "these speaker are about 5 years old. klipsch brand. used for only 3 years, stored the rest of 2 years. asking $1200 or best offer CASH ONLY. you must pick up, we are in zimmerman (55398). we would like this gone by this weekend. search under zimmtown to find my other furniture listings. please email if you have any questions." These are just over 30 miles away from me. They look to be in pretty nice condition. I'm going to pass, but I wanted to give others a heads-up.
  13. "Preaching to the choir" comes to mind. [] J/K of course, I could only dream of working for a company like Klipsch!
  14. I bought some sheets of 1" thick poly foam insulation from Home Depot to ship the RF-7 speakers I sold on eBay but fortunately I was able to deliver them an hour away and didn't have to worry about packing them up. I had planned on doubling up on the foam so that there was 2" thick all around, then double cardboard boxed. The Fortes each way about 60 pounds so I seriously doubt they'll weigh anywhere close to 110 pounds after they're boxed unless you're using steel reinforcements. []
  15. My best friend Brian turned me on to audio, especially Klipsch. He had a nice setup in his room at his parent's house complete with Sony LaserDisc player and all. Unfortunately he allowed his wife to purchase their last home theater setup and she ended up coming home with a Sony HTIB and a 42" Sony LCD tv. The HTIB was pretty much like Bose cubes, not too exciting. They are now separated and getting divorced and I have a pair of KLF-30s at my house awaiting him getting his own place.
  16. Can you post a little info on this amp as far as age, specs, etc? Haven't heard of this one. Thanks!
  17. If you'd like to find out for not very much money, order your cable from www.monoprice.com. I bought a 3 foot HDMI to HDMI cord that came to about $7 with shipping.
  18. Correct, its often called an LFE (low frequency effects) output. I'm not sure what XLR stands for but it uses a 3 prong connector and generally works much better than RCA cables do for very long runs as far as having less signal loss.
  19. The only items you can buy directly from Klipsch are their B-stock refurbished items. Some speakers show up now and then on the Klipsch eBay store.
  20. To sound the best you're going to need some serious supporting speakers for those Khorns such as Belles, LaScalas or Cornwalls. Hope you have lots of room! []
  21. If they are in good condition I'd say its a good deal.
  22. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=klipsch&minAsk=min&maxAsk=max http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/300164297.html KG4 - $220 http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/299710866.html KG 5.5 - $500 http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/296196246.html KG4 - $200 http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/292569762.html RF-3 - $350 None are mine - if anyone would like me to pick them up for them I'd be happy to store them!
  23. Congrats Colter! Considering what the reserve was set at, I'm sure the seller is leaping for joy even though you got a great deal for all 3!
  24. LG was a bargain-basement name brand a few years ago but recently has upped their quality quite a bit, especially in their big screen TVs. No idea what their electronics sound like but I hope it works out good for you.
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