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  1. There seems to be many people who recommend Marantz with Klipsch. As far as the F3 versus RF-35, the RF-35 would be the better choice. The F3 is a good speaker, but the Reference series is definitely a better quality speaker than the Synergy series. If you have room, RF-35s would be the best choice for back speakers, otherwise RS-35s would work as well.
  2. It will give you a little more headroom, but remember that doubling wattage will give you only a 3dB increase in SPL. Then again, its always better to have more watts than you need. Exactly how many more than you need is up to you though. If the 200watt/channel amp is of the same quality as the 400watt/channel amp, the 200watter should be fine. Your speakers are very efficient and as far as I know don't have any low impedences that any amp would have difficulty driving.
  3. If you bi-wire remove the straps. If you're not, leave them on.
  4. You can either bi-amp or bi-wire. Bi-amp consists of having two separate amplifiers, one powering the LF (woofers) and one power the HF (tweeters) Bi-wire consists of running two speaker wires from each positive and negative output on the amp/receiver and hooking one to the LF positive, one to the HF positive, one to the LF negative and one to the HF negative. Bi-amping can be very expensive and hard to adjust if you're not using the exact same amplifiers, Bi-wiring has been debated over and over and most say there isn't much benefit to doing so.
  5. I too spent a ton of $$ at Audio King/Ultimate Electronics. A lady I used to work with used to date Paul Glass! Small world, eh? I know John and also the former store manager Tom. As an FYI, someone on the Minneapolis craigslist just posted a pair of 5.5s for sale if you're looking for another pair.
  6. JetSnake, I live in St. Cloud Minnesota and would be happy to arrange a listening session for you with my RF-7 two channel system. In fact, we could do an A/B test with a pair of Bose 401s that I've had for about 10 years if you'd like! []
  7. I'm afraid to be bitten by the Heritage bug so I'll just stay with my lowly RF-7s for now. I know what you mean as far as being blown away.
  8. Are the subwoofer settings on the receiver set correctly? Does your receiver give you the option to switch between 'large' and 'small' front speakers? If so, most receivers will turn off the subwoofer if the speakers are set to large. Make sure there's a good signal getting to the sub first.
  9. I thought you said that the 'single 12' (RW12) goes to 21Hz and the 'double 10' (RSW10) goes to 20Hz?
  10. Thanks everyone! I'll have to check some of them out.
  11. Thanks everyone! Anyone have any favorites they recommend?
  12. Not a problem as my DVD-A player is hooked up to my HDTV. Should it say on the DVD-A disc box if it has a 2 channel option? My DVD player has an option to turn off all the video circuitry and I usually do that when I have a DVD concert on. I usually don't watch what's going on, I just like to listen to the music. []
  13. My h/k DVD player is a DVD-A player. Since I'm only running a 2 channel setup, would it pay to look into getting any DVD-A discs? I'm also using the DVD player's RCA outputs since my amp doesn't have a digital input, if that matters at all.
  14. Absolute best thing I've ever done. Looking at the specs on the foambymail site it shows that the treble frequences are absorbed most by the 2" foam I have. As a result, bass and midrange has been boosted and the overall bass output is much smoother. Having the corner blocks & foam on the rear upper corners has also made the soundstage come alive and be much more forward focused. Basically put, it has taken every descriptive sound word (soundstage, depth, etc) and boosted it up a notch or two.
  15. The RSW series will be a much better choice than the RW series.
  16. If anybody needs to buy the diamonds to put in their KHorns, shoot me an email! (I work at a jewelry store. [] )
  17. Yes, L+R for 2 channel and 5.1 outputs as well. I don't have the same DVD player but my h/k DVD-A player has the same 8 RCA outputs.
  18. For starters, there's a few ladies here along with the gentlemen (Not me, I'm just standing up for the women). [] What kind of distortion are you hearing? What kind of SPL are you listening to the RF-82s at? What amplification are you using?
  19. There's a video on google that shows one launching from a stop. You'd swear that thing could keep up with a rocket! A lady I work with was over in Germany a few weeks ago and saw a Veyron there. She got a picture to show me but I haven't seen it yet.
  20. Well, there wasn't any scientific way of going about it, that's for sure. [] I knew I wanted to treat the upper corners to smooth out the boomy bass in the room. I simply made bass traps by using 1 corner block and 4 or 2 tiles depending on the space available in the corner. Since my speakers are so close to the side walls I knew they were giving off some pretty intense first reflections so I had my wife place a mirror on the side wall until I could see the horn, then had her mark the spot on the wall. I then placed the foam on the wall in that spot. The time that I notice the biggest improvement is when I turn the volume way up. Nothing sounds harsh anymore.
  21. [8-|] Al's best to date! He always makes me laugh.
  22. My basement theater room is 10 feet wide, 23 feet long, 7 foot ceiling. I had the speakers set up along the long wall for quite a while. It sounded great, except I had to sit so close to the speakers and TV that it was annoying. Our main floor living room is wider than the basement room by about 2 feet. My wife doesn't like the idea of a big stereo in that room and especially not the big TV either. I'm really happy with how everything turned out. As you can see in the pics a pretty minimal amount of foam, especialy on the side walls, makes an amazing improvement in sound quality. Every CD that I've listened to in the past that wasn't recorded too well sounds 100% better. I think I might look at getting a subwoofer, maybe a Sub-12 now that the bass is less boomy and tighter.
  23. I've noticed those too. Don't they all ship from Hong Kong or something like that? That's why the shipping is so high on them. I thought it would be cool to get at least a Klipsch one and maybe a harman/kardon or Cambridge Audio if they made those, too.
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