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  1. Russ69, Smilin, and Spongeworthy......thanks for the suggestions...just as I thought...the 88s are not the tube. What a deal on the 5 tube sleeve...how could I go wrong with that. Keith....we have got to get together again soon..there is another Carolina boy building 7 La Scalas and doing a bang up job and Bluesboy is still at it. There is someone else on the forum at Wrightsville Beach about 3 miles from me and who knows how many more. How does the new Peach sound? Got to get back to the Carolina, Boston College game. Thanks guys for the reply. Chuck
  2. Pictures are just right...keep us posted. Chuck
  3. get one on Audiogon for $600-700 from time to time or Underwood HIFi or Hotrod audio.com. I got a mini-mod at Hot rod Audio which includes different tubes, sound deadning and isopads for the feet for $900. A warm sounding cd at an affordable price. Chuck
  4. William.....congrats on the Khorns.....wonderfull speakers. My friend Bluesboy just built a pair of hybrid Khorns for Spongeworthy and I was present when they were picked up. They sounded great! The suggestion above to use one cornwall as center channel was a good idea as well. Hope all is well with you. Keep in touch. Chuck
  5. WPM....asking for your always excellent advice....what tubes did you settle on for your Quicksilver Audio Horn Monos....I am still doing the KT-77s I got from Doug's Tubes with no complaints but willing to learn from someone who has been there. Should I try KT-88s or would I be giving away that midrange sweetness for a little extra bass? Bluesboy came over this afternoon and we listened to Mark Knopfller's Ragpickers Dream and everything sounded just fine. How is the novel going? Have you started your second system yet? Getting ready to watch Carolina play Boston College tonight. Go Heels! Chuck
  6. must say that my Jolida 100 SR from Hot Rod Audio sounds mighty good....Bluesboy just left my house after listening to Mark Knopflers "Ragpickers Dream" and we were mighty impressed with the sound. My previous cd was a Denon from 1984 and it was good for it's time but then again cds recorded with 20 or 24 bit technology makes me want to throw away the earlier recordings. Bluesboy is getting a Sony universal and I look forward to hearing that and watching the dvds as well. Chuck
  7. Thanks for the info OB....I guess I am just a warm weather person and thats probably because I have always lived in the south. I remember the big blizzard[] of 1989 when we got 18" and the whole city was paralyzed for days. Four wheel drive folks were asked to volunteer to get nurses to the hospital for their shifts. It was wild. I don't think New Hanover County got a road grader till 1972! I guess with the cabin fever at least you have time to listen to a lot of r&r....EH!!! Offer stands.... Chuck
  8. Very nice looking speakers with the veneered edges and trim. Can't wait to see them with the minwax and poly. Please give us a full review when you fire them up. Tarheel
  9. OB....I know you are sleeping by now after surfing the forum til 3:15 am. You folks have been on the news quite a lot with your weather conditions and having little experience with such conditions a few questions come to mind. I assume you don't have heat pumps lke a lot of do down this way so that means gas or oil. Can the delivery trucks get out for refills? How much fuel do you go through in a month? What about snow loads on roofs and danger of cave ins? Can you get your kids to school? Do you get extreme cabin fever? I am being serious...I am curious about these questions. I know I have filled the lp gas tank twice in the last eight weeks to the tune of $643 first time and $550 the second and thats a lot of money to me....your heating bills must be though the roof. Hope the weather improves for you guys soon. If it gets to be too much....come on down for a visit....I promise I won't try to get you to eat grits though I did cook up a big pot of shrimp and grits for dinner last night. It may get to 55 degrees here today and the sun is out....I may brave the elements and go over to watch Bluesboy build Spongeworthys center channel. Stay warm. Chuck
  10. I am not familiar with Quintets but I would not think the power match between your amp and speakers should be an issue. I use to have a Pioneer SX-1280 with 185 wpc and powered some McIntosh ML-1Cs that as I recall were only rated for 100wpc...with no problems. I think if you were to listen at anything over a couple of watts it would not be comfortable for long anyway. Congrats on your speaker purchase. Enjoy. Chuck
  11. Before long oldbuckster will be listening to jazz and classical through tubes[] You do know that rock and tubes aren't compatable right? Tarheel
  12. Munderwood......welcome to the forum...not much chatter here tonight so you may want to ask your question on 2 Channel....those folks usually like to talk. Tell us about your system when you can. Best of luck with your project. Chuck
  13. Way to go Mrdecibel...I know you've got those bad boys disturbing the neighborhood as we speak[8] Enjoy. Chuck
  14. Mgraham112.....Welcome to the forum...I see from your profile that you joined today. Sorry I can't help you with your questions but someone is sure to respond with some good information. Good luck with your project. Chuck
  15. Put me down for $25. Take it off of Buckster's part please.....lets really make this a gift. Axis Bold As Love....sounds like a good first. Happy Birthday OB. What month and day? Let me know where to send the money. Chuck
  16. NJBOB....if you haven't started cutting yet you may want to consider taking the 3/4 plywood back and going with 1" mdf like the new LS IIs use. It makes a noticeable differnce in the bass. I talked with Bluesboy earlier and he is going to try and locate a useful thread for you that should answer some of your questions. BTW...if things don't work out he has some empty LS cabs (my old ones) that he may sell you at a good price..but then shipping would be a pain. Chuck
  17. Make the top panel overlap the side panels by a 1/4 or 1/2 inch so that you can veneer the edges rather than leave end cuts exposed. Bluesboy did that on my previous LS and it was a rather clever modification. He can probably answer any of your other questions as well. Chuck
  18. Thanks Travis...I don't know if I want one if I can't playback back my 1/4 tracks. Its just there were some very good looking machines on ebay yesterday and I got the urge. The Tascam BR-20 or 3030 caught my eye. The BR-20 is still being made I understand. I have all the tape I probably will ever need....I bought a box of almost new Maxell tapes on ebay from a woman whose husband had passed away. There were 53 tapes including blanks and he never wrote on the boxes and kept the tapes in their plastic bags. Don ended up being the low bidder on the Teac 3300 SX. Anyway I appreciate your help. Chuck
  19. MMasz...go the thread below yours on "who makes the warmest sounding SS amps". That may help you.....and a very big Welcome to the forum[] Chuck
  20. Yes Thebes....but no one does comedy better[] I would chat longer but I need to go get another jalepeno stuffed olive for my martini. Chuck
  21. Sheldon..while surfing Audiogon I saw a Pioneer TX-9100 or 9500 which was a very well respected tuner in its day. The best part was the guy only wanted $140. Go to Audiogon and click on misc and look there. There is also a very nice Fisher 100 for $325. I would grab the Fisher but there are no good stations in this area. Chuck
  22. Russ...WPM one of my buddies in Texas tube rolls his Quickies a lot ant I think he has settled on 6550s? He tried the KT-88 and others but moved on. Anyway I am sure they are on the back burner now that you have the new monos. Burn em in good and let us know what you think. Chuck
  23. Wrench...he's in Texas and you are in Texas..I say go buy that boy a jet ski and then back up the truck to his music room. A pair of khorns and a pair of Belles plus the electronics....as oldbuckster would say....EH!!!! Chuck
  24. Well Dave.....I don't know what to say to that..... but thats never stopped me from commenting before....so I will just say that you certainly have superior writing skills and are a talented wordsmith. Plus I think you have a handle on this forum. There are a lot of talented and generous folks and much diversity here....as long as it's Klipsch...but then again we occasionally allow folks to ask questions about ESS speakers or comment about Vandersteen or even Martin Logans. So I say to you.....Welcome home. I wasn't even here yet when you left but I am glad you came back. Now tell me....where is Duke Spinner...it seems he just packed up his avatar and went home! Chuck
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