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  1. Breaks my heart. Prayers for the family and friends
  2. Will do. Thanks for the info Jason. I will clear a spot out for it tomorrow. I learn a lot from you guys
  3. I couldn't find were the hum is so I guess I will keep what I have. I painted the cabinet. The pictures do it no justice. It turned out good. I will try to post a picture
  4. Not yet. Its my son's room and he is talking to a girl so I'm not wanted. I will give it a shot tomorrow. What bothers me is it worked fine before the lighting strike. No hum, dead quiet
  5. Well hell I don't know for sure. I tried 2 other RCA cables with no luck. I took a power cable from my cable drawer and cut the ground off and the hum went away. Its plugged into the a power strip, is my house going to burn down?
  6. I unhooked the RCA cable and the hum stopped. You think its the cable or the receiver. Naturally I will try the cable first. I have a Mono price cheapo RCA cable. Is one any better than the other? Oh yes, thank for all the help and quick reponse. You guys are the best
  7. I sent in a Dayton SA230 amp to Parts express for repair after a lighting strike because of a hum. It was under warranty. I talked to the repair guy and he said he seen nothing wrong with it and it played fine. I got it today, hooked it up, the hum is there. The more I turn up the gain the louder the hum. I don't have time to mess with it tonight but I will tomorrow. Can anyone give me any tips on what I might try or change out? Thanks for any response.
  8. That's a very good price. That's what I gave for a XPA-3. Good amp. I have had zero problems with my Emotiva
  9. Dave, I will give that a try. Thanks for all the responses.
  10. I am typing from my phone. It should say subwoofer hum. My phone has a mind of its own. Thanks for the replys guys. The lightening hit my wireless router as well. My kid is bumping. He's sure proud of his sub.
  11. With the help of Mustang Guy I built my son a sub woofer using a Dayton 230 watt amp (external). Lighting hit near the house and we could heard a pop coming from my son's room. And now there is a hum coming from the sub, it was silent before. I don't have another amp to see if it is the amp that causing it to hum. What do you think?
  12. I wish I was closer and had some money. I would like to have a CD player
  13. They only letting the cool kids know. Friday and Saturday is our garage sale here at Franklin HQ! We have plenty of awesome gear for sale. pic.twitter.com/rS4Gs2G2rA
  14. MinerMark, do you eat a lot of tri-tip. I cook the hell out of it. I cook it fast, high heat over a fire of oak wood. I use Santa Maria seasoning. Dang it good. I hear it was first cooked that way in California long time ago.
  15. Its not sold around my neck of the woods. But if you say its good I will give it a shot. Thanks MinerMark I have been to Apple Butter Days in Mt. Vernon and sampled some good apple butter but I never seen anyone making apple butter.
  16. Nice garden Mkane. Where are you located?
  17. Farmers market is good. When I was a kid there was always old pick up trucks on the side of the road selling their goods. They were so sure of their watermelons that they would cut a tri angle out of if( called plugging) and let you try it out before you bought it. They had a bunch of kids that would stare at use as we stared at them. And an old tired dog that never moved. Those days are gone.
  18. Our corn is coming on. Not a single worm in the ears.... yet. Too much rain even for bugs. Green beans are growing crazy. We ate our first few tomato's this week, best I had all year. Had to dig up potato's early or they would rot in the ground. Onions did rot in the ground. The thing I like about home grown vegys is if you make a some type of vegy salad, each vegy has a flavor that stands out. I love to watch my wife work in the garden. That's my farm report.
  19. peshewah

    What I Got Today!

    There was a pair of chorus II for 200 bucks I flat did not have the money to buy. Layed off from work. Deals like that never come around when I have the cash. I guess this should go under " what I wish I got today."
  20. One of my boys just walked in the door coming in from a float trip on the Buffalo River in Arkansas. They left out yesterday morning. They set up their tents and went for a hike. Came back and the camping area was flooded, and the tents went down the river. They floated today and said it was a good float ( upper Buffalo). They had fun and made it home alive, that's all that counts.
  21. Amazing, i posted this four days ago and i think you are the first one to click on the pic and read it. well done . I'm sorry Minermark, most of the time I have no time. Forgive me brother
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