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  1. R.I.P. Jack. Man, that was football at it's best. Football was a game of attrition not the fancy deception plays of todays game. Granted it's still a great game but the Tatums, Butkus', Lotts, Nitschkes, Doblers, etc made football. The Deacon, Olsen, Page, Atkins, Evy....the list goes on. Hall of Fame for a reason.
  2. I had the pleasure of hearing Michaels HIIIs sitting next to his CW3s. I listened to both that day.The HIII is a surprising upgrade over older Heresys. It has ample bass and is quite a nice speaker. I've also heard the HIII upgrade kit and it does work. Good upgrade. The CW3 IMHO is a step backwards from the true Heritage to my ears. The K-600/601 was borderline at best but the K-701 in the 3 just didn't "cut it" for me. I really enjoyed the HIII but I kept waiting for the CW3 to come alive. It didn't. It's still a good sounding speaker but IMHO a step backwards. JMHO which means nothing. Harry
  3. I don't think your issue is the amplification as much as your source material. The compressed tunes will eat up diaphrams no matter what you power them with. Use good 14 ga. or larger quality speaker wire, make sure your connections are clean and tight, and keep the volume control down under "12:00 O'clock". The Sony ES line is good. 100wpc+ should be fine unless you're trying to blow out the walls. All this advice is just from a written description you've given us and should all be taken with common sense on your part. Call Klipsch, order new diaphrams(come with good directions) and enjoy.
  4. Having heard both side by side I have to say the 28 has deeper bass and more punch. Period. Yes, cabinet volume is a limiting factor but the added bass of the 28 is worth the bucks IMHO I'm not a huge Heresy Fan but will say the later version makes them tolerable to me.
  5. Got a link where to purchase the foam? I'd like to try it on my RF-5s. Thanks.
  6. No K-77 failures at all. All failures with Klipsch.... RF-3, CW II, KG-4, KG-2, F-3, K-52-K witches hat, K-79,
  7. For some reason I'm replacing too many diaphrams lately. Granted I go through a lot of speakers but it seems like I'm seeing WAY TOO MANY bad or weak diaphrams. IF/when I change only one and I have an output difference I will switch drivers from cabinet to cabinet. I'm finding a lot of it is in the crossovers. Try swapping L-R and see if it follows the swap. Also, I'm beginning to wonder if the newer replacements are just not manufactured evenly or even with quality as in the past.. I check DSR after I replace diaphrams and see quite a difference in a few of the replacements. I'm no expert and don't have the high end test gear or knowledge of some here but I think I am covering the basics. I also ran into my first bad driver lately that had low output. A K-52-K. I tried 3 different diaphrams on it and the results were all the same. Food for thought. Harry
  8. I've been doing it for years. Some of the R,W,Y, cables have a larger Y and I'll use a pair of cables using Y only. May be my imagination but they've sounded better than the tiny R & W cables. Maybe? I think? Either way, they sound fine. Never an issue.
  9. After reading this thread panic set in and I got off my tired arse and checked mine. I'm good here. THIS TIME! C.R.S. is highly contageous in the elderly. Normally I don't tell on myself but since I didn't screw up this time I'm fessin' up to "having no clue"
  10. K-105 tweeter on the original RF-3. Memory doesn't serve well. http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/rf-3-specifications/
  11. I use a "post-it" note (per BEC) to clean out the channel before installing the new diaphram. Edit....Welcome. HarryO
  12. I have a feeling your tweeter problems may be connected to your phones compression. I know you'll get a lot of tweeter issues with compressed music, Karaoke, etc. Maybe some of the more knowledgeable on the phone output may chime in on this one. I do know there are replacement diaphrams available for the driver assy. (K-103? driver). Just remove the 8 screws holding on the horn lens, remove the wires, and they're accessible by removing the 3 screws holding on the lens. Take notice as to how they are lined up when disassembling them. I use a marker for assembly reference. I just traded off my RF-3s when I got my RF-5s up and running. I've got 4 extra drivers for the RF-5s and they're beasts. It's hard to think of blowing a diaphram in one of them. Pics with the horn lens removed showing diaphram, alignment dimples, and the three screw holes.
  13. Carefully push in on the woofer and watch for the passive to extend. The passive should hold out and stay extended for a few seconds anyway. IF NOT, check for leaks. Your room size shouldn't be an issue for the Forte IIs. Amplification??
  14. Make sure your cabinets are sealed. You can lose a lot of bass if they're leaking. They have to be air tight.
  15. I need to put my crossovers back together on my KG-2s. I was going to replace the caps and lost the schematic drawing and parts list I did to re-do them. I've got time now and want to put them back together. I need a schematic. Thanks, Harry
  16. There's a lot of elements that can cause corrosion to your wires. The cleaning materials you are using will cause some of your oxidation issues. As far as copper goes, well we've all seen copper plumbing oxidized. You can go to Lowes for example and see some of the copper plumbing stock with oxidization on it. IF you do plumbing you know you have to clean the copper off before soldering. Usually an abrasive brush or sand paper is required to adequately clean it. I'D CLEAN OFF THE OXIDATION OF YOUR PRESENT WIRES AND SOLDER. And before I start any controversy...YES, wires do make a difference in sound quality. Not always in a positive way but they do and can sound different. I've got some hig buck Tara Labs, Signal Cable, Audio Quest, and high end Monster speaker wire cables set up and there are definitely sq differences in it. Resistance alone in copper is enough to affect the sound of the wires. Long strand copper wires sound different than the cheapie lamp cord you can buy in bulk. I'm one to put the VOM to about everything when I use it. I've been surprised more than once in the resistance in wires of even 10' lengths. I'm not saying the monitary differences are worth it, just saying different.
  17. like JL said. Just normal maintenance. Recommended here also.
  18. Sounds like a lot of positive energy flowing Michael. Congrats on the weight loss and "spring cleaning". Harry
  19. Yes, by all means buy them. Belles are getting harder and harder to find. Nice Belles can go for as much as $2500. I'd say $800 would probably be a pretty good price on them. I don't see how you can lose. There will be a tag on the back with the serial #s for dating these. And yes, they're very effecient and can be driven easily with low wattage tube amps. As a matter of fact they'll sound fantastic on low watt tube amps. You'll love them. Don't walk! RUN!
  20. Yea, like he said. 5 watts is sweet and 14 will rock.
  21. I had a pair do the same thing. AQ replaced without question and had that replaced pair back within 4 days of them receiving mine.Good Product Support
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