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  1. The Sencore is still available!
  2. Yes both the EL34 and 12ax7 are listed in the manual showing the testing parameters. The Hickok is sold.
  3. Selling Sencore TC162. This has seen some use but I guess after 50 years it's not gonna look brand new. I never really used this since I have a Hickok 800A which is also for sale. I tested a couple of tubes recently with the Sencore and it worked fine. Comes with instruction manual. Selling for $125.00 as is plus shipping. Let me know, I will send additional pictures.
  4. Hello all, selling a pair of amp Stands. I don't recall what brand they are but they are made of steel with sturdy shelves with spikes. The shelves measure 18 7/8 x 14 7/8. Selling for $119.00 + shipping for the pair. I also have a Target 5 shelf component rack selling for $125.00, I can't ship this one so local pick up only from Atlanta area. Thanks.
  5. I would like to apologize to every one that posted, for whatever reason I haven't been receiving email responses or alerts to comments. I should have been checking my ad but since I wasn't receiving any emails I assumed there was no interest, my bad. The Fortes are still available, I also posted them on audioasylum.com. If you have any questions I'll make sure to respond in a timely manner. Thanks, Phill
  6. Hello all, I am selling my Oak Forte's. They are in excellent condition, clean grills, square corners, no moisture rings, passive radiator has no dents and has Bob Crites cap upgrade. Unfortunately I cant ship these so they will need to be picked up in ATL, GA 30019. They are worth a road. This is one the cleanest Forte's I have seen. Selling for &750.00, thanks for looking and if you need any additional pics let me know, seems as though it wont let me load any more pics. PS: I posted this ad almost a year ago, I had a couple of folks that wanted to buy the Fortes but never followed through with the purchase. So I've reposted the ad, let me know if you have any questions.
  7. I once read that Agon was owned by Stereophile and was never able to verify but I would love to know. Phill
  8. Audiogon is not the safest place to shop/sell anymore, it has slowly gone down the shi!!er. A couple of months ago I got screwed over by a seller and felt the seller deserved negative feedback, now I take neg feedback very serious so I contacted Agon and described the situation and asked if under the existing rules if I was justified in leaving neg feedback. Agon's reply was yes you could leave neg feedback, they went so far as to take a jab at the seller. I submitted the neg feedback and guess what, the feedback was never added to this seller's feedback profile. How long will it take for Agon to raise the rates to 1.5%, then 2%. All you can do is put up with the rate hikes or quit using them to sell audio equipment. I'm going to try the latter and use the free sites. Even though I have used Agon for years and have a sentimental attachment, I say screw them and hope someone will take advantage of the opportunity and open an alternative site and put the greedy bastards out of business, ah I miss the good old days of Audiomart. BTW isn't Agon owned and operated by Stereophile? Phill
  9. I recapped the crossovers in my Forte I's a couple months back, I'm not sure how different the Forte II's xovers are from the I's. I replaced the caps with Sonicaps from a kit Bob Crites sent out to me, a real nice improvement over the stock caps. The hardest part was figuring out that you have to desolder and unwind the wire wrapped around the binding post, once that is done you can remove the board from the binding post cup, desolder the old caps, then I placed the new caps in the board and made sure they were placed properly then soldered them in, I placed a little silicone under the caps to keep them from vibrating loose. I used a desoldering wick to remove the old caps and had one of the circuit board traces lift up a bit, it wasn't a problem but if I were to do this again I would like to try a solder sucker instead of the wick, I had to use the wick several times to remove the solder on the trace that lifted up. Take your time and look at everything to make sure it is correct before soldering. When done give it some time to let the caps break in. Good luck and hope your running around again soon. Phill
  10. If the Chronus phono stage is the same as the Rogue Stealth phono stage you should be very happy with the phono section performance. I had a Graham Slee ERA Gold MK V which I liked very much, then I talked to a dealer that I know and he liked the Stealth better than the Slee so I found a used one for a good price and compared the two, it took all of about 30 seconds to hear that I liked the Stealth better and sold the Slee. The Stealth is dead quiet and is very adjustable, you can use LO MC's and MM's. I don't think the Stealth gets the buildup some other phono stages receive, for the money it's built well and sounds great. Some people have complained about hum with some of Rogues preamps, it may be true with some of their older pre's but I have no complaints. Good luck. Phill
  11. For a little Southern Rock try Blackberry Smoke, these boys can play. For some Country Rock try the Zac Brown Band and Kneck Down. For some smoky bar room rock try Cousteau. Phill
  12. The MMF-5 uses a cup to mount the arm and doesn't have an arm board per say and makes it very difficult to mount another arm. You have to get a blank cup (If available) from Roy at Music Hall, even then it would be more of a pain in the *** than its worth that is if it can be done in the first place. I recently built a Rek O Kut table (See avatar), an L-34, I built a 6 layer birch ply plinth and you can install any arm you want and can experiment with arm board materials. I did it all in 1 day and had a lot of fun doing it. Best of all it sounds a lot better than an MMF-5, I did my table all for $125.00. I have since sold that table and am starting another Rek O Kut project this time with a B-12GH. Good Luck.
  13. Hi Mark, I use to brew for several years but never got into the mashing I think they call it, I always used the canned stuff then added a little barley grain and good hops. Problem is I never made anything that I thought was equal to a decent commercial beer, maybe you have to mash to get something good. Where upstate N.Y. did you live. Phill
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