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  1. Dean G mod is the only way to go
  2. RP-280S are surrounds. Just making sure thats what you're selling since the picture shows RP-280F
  3. Nothing will come close to Palladiums
  4. He bought my set. I am sure he would be very happy with them. Cheers
  5. That's a good deal. $210 at Music Direct. GLWS
  6. Re: Klipsch+Palladium+Speakers+P-27+S+Pair+Merlot To: Galerie Hioco <9709ef24a1c03637859bd185f6acfe6e@reply.craigslist.org> I lost money also. I never knew you had a foreign account. I would have cleared $1716 after all the fees. Sent from my iPad On Mar 3, 2018, at 12:33 AM, Galerie Hioco < wrote: Raphael, Just saw your refund on my Paypal account. Ok, you changed your mind but you could have talked to me first before making the refund. Because of the unrefundable foreign exchange fee applied by Paypal, I have lost USD 50 on my USD 1,950 payment. I would appreciate if you pay me back these costs since they are due to your unilateral decision. Gildas 2018-03-03 0:00 GMT+01:00 craigslist 6487339921
  7. You forgot to add the email with PayPal foreign fees. Nice job though.
  8. I don't need to sell them anytime soon. Peace
  9. Yes I changed my mind indeed. This guy never told me he was in France and after foreign fees, shipping and all, I was not going to take a hit like that. Now he says he lost $50 due to foreign fees.. Yeah Right! And wants me to pay him $50 Yes I am the bad guy indeed. Cheers to all.
  10. I bought them for my 2nd system and I must say they sound really good.
  11. I have a chance to buy a pair of RF-83's and I was wondering if these would be a good match with P-37F and P-27C Cheers
  12. Indeed they are underneath. Thanks for pointing that out.
  13. I had a great experience with Klipsch warranty department. I think they are slow since it took two weeks to get the parts. Other than that they were awesome. I am a happy customer.
  14. Sound Distributors in Las Vegas is a Klipsch authorized dealer. I am puzzled.
  15. Thank you. I bought it from an authorized dealer Sound Distributors in Las Vegas.
  16. None of my speakers have serial numbers. Only the boxes do.
  17. I had an issue with my Palladium and Klipsch is handling it. I noticed that the serial numbers are only on the boxes but not on the speakers. Seems odd since I bought them from an authorized legit dealer.
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