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    Anthem Statement D2v Processor. BAT VK-6200 5 channel amplifier. Marantz DV 9600 SACD Universal Player with Underwood Hi Fi Modification. Samsung UBD-K8500 4K Blu Ray Player. Pro-ject Debut Carbon Turntable. Klipsch Palladium P-37, fronts, P-27C and P-27S in Merlot. LAT IC-300 interconnects. Clear Day Cables Single Shotgun for HF and Double Shotgun for LF. Shunyata Diamondback AC cables. Samsung 65" 4K
  1. New Palladium P-17B

    Indeed they are underneath. Thanks for pointing that out.
  2. Palladium P-37 woofer noise/distortion

    They send me a new woofer.
  3. Palladium P-37 woofer noise/distortion

    I had a great experience with Klipsch warranty department. I think they are slow since it took two weeks to get the parts. Other than that they were awesome. I am a happy customer.
  4. New Palladium P-17B

    Sound Distributors in Las Vegas is a Klipsch authorized dealer. I am puzzled.
  5. New Palladium P-17B

    But why remove the s/n?
  6. New Palladium P-17B

    Thank you. I bought it from an authorized dealer Sound Distributors in Las Vegas.
  7. New Palladium P-17B

    Me too.
  8. New Palladium P-17B

    None of my speakers have serial numbers. Only the boxes do.
  9. New Palladium P-17B

    I had an issue with my Palladium and Klipsch is handling it. I noticed that the serial numbers are only on the boxes but not on the speakers. Seems odd since I bought them from an authorized legit dealer.
  10. Palladium P-37 woofer noise/distortion

    Has anyone had a problem with these speakers? It sounds like it's blown.
  11. Palladium P-37 woofer noise/distortion

    Thanks a million. I'd just filled it out. Hopefully it will be taken cared of in a timely matter. Cheers.
  12. After numerous troubleshooting due to a noise/distortion coming from one speaker, I have come to the conclusion that I may need a new woofer. The noise is coming from the center woofer. I will call Klipsch warranty department tomorrow to see how to handle this issue. The speakers are less than a year old and I never abuse them. Has anyone ever used Klipsch warranty? If so how was your experience? Thanks in advance.
  13. I would let the store deal with it.
  14. Palladiums Year of Manufacturing/Decoding

    No Idea where they are made. Thank you.
  15. My P-37's setup video.

    I don't know what happened. Never loaded.