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  1. How about playing the CD player with the cover removed, and then with it on, and see if there is a difference in sound.
  2. Excellent job! Makes me want to re-do my Khorns (again). -kevin
  3. What exactly do you surmise the shop did wrong? If you crossthread a bolt when installing it, then you've screwed up. How exactly do you mess up when removing a bolt? It either comes out or it doesn't. I don't see where you're coming from with your autocomdemnation. If it's your job to remove bolts all day long, you should know about the problems that may exist, such as galvanic reaction or oxidation that may make a bolt difficult to remove. Using a pneumatic gun to back off bolts in a "timely " fashion so you can beat the given time alloted for the job is a sure way to snap off stubborn bolts. Even using hand tools takes a certain finesse sometimes, especially on older vehicles. When I'm restoring classic cars, I always make sure to treat the bolts I'm removing beforehand with some type of penetrate to insure easy removal. If I do happen to snap a bolt, I consider it my fault for not doing the job right, instead of putting the blame on the customer for having incooperative bolts. Common sense. Bolts sometimes don't just come out or doesn't. If it doesn't come out, don't break it off.
  4. Top Notch!Hire a good lawyer. the repair shop is trying to stick you with the cost of their mistake. I was an ASE certified tech for years, and I saw many shop owners try to pass on the cost of their mistakes to the customers. If confronted, they are almost always willing to negotiate. Disclaimer: I no longer work as a mechanic. I now build American Trucks for an American company (until GM files bankruptcy, anyway!)
  5. Bob Crites carries the grill cloth also. I used it to re-do my sides on my K-horns and it matched perfectly with my top hat with original cloth.
  6. A long drive through the countryside will make the K-horns sound way better than a pair moved from across town. Keep repeating this in your head
  7. I have a pair I'll sell for $1200.00 You can't get them anymore, you know?
  8. I just bought a (used) Shanling T-100 CD player with tubes in the output stage, and I can honestly say that there is a difference when comparing to my Pioneer Elite universal player. I was skeptical at first, and thought there wouldn't be any noticeable difference, but there actually is. I don't know if it's the tubes or the Burr-Brown DAC's, but it sounds better. I'm running this through McIntosh equipment into my K-horns, so I was thinking that if I wasn't using such hi end equipment, I might not notice a difference. This unit has a list price of $2000.00, but you can buy them new on e-Bay for half that. I paid $750. so I guess it wasn't really high end. Now I'm curious what a really expensive player sounds like!
  9. I just ordered a Shure M97xE cartridge, so I'll try that out first before dumping the old turntable in favor of buying a new one. Thanks so much for everyone's input!-kevin P.S. I ordered from Garage-A- Records, and got the cart for $74, but ended up spending $261 after buying a test record, lp cleaning machine, stylus force gauge, protractor, etc. Analog sure is fun!
  10. And to think I gave away 500 LP's in the 80's including many original Beatles, Stones, Who albums. Just to replace them with the ultimate format-the CD! I was 13 when the White album came out! Funny, I thought I was older. If you remember the 60's, you weren't really there!
  11. BTW-the cartridge is a Signet 3Ea, with the original stylus, I believe. The only replacement stylus I can find is the 7 series, at $275.00
  12. Hi Forum Friends, I have an older JVC TT with a tonearm that was very expensive in it's day (around $450.00 in the 70's). My question is do you think I should upgrade to a whole new TT or could I get by with upgrading my cart? The replacement stylus for my cart is about $275.00, but I don't know if my cart is too old to justify replacing the stylus. Has modern analog technology improved greatly since the 70's to warrant replacing everything with new? I don't have anything to compare the turntable sound to, but it sounds OK to me. I'm just a little leery because it has been in storage for a decade, and I don't want to ruin any new LP's I might buy. The TT is a JVC QL-50 direct drive, and the tonearm is a Signet XK-50, which is basically a rebadged AT 1100. Thanks in advance for your input. -Kevin
  13. What would happen if the Big 3 did file bankruptcy? I am not an economist, so I don't have the answers. I do know that we, the taxpayers, will be stuck with paying the pensions of the retirees, and I'm sure we will end up paying a portion of the health care also. It looks like the Government is going to be involved one way or another. Maybe it would be best to have some type of managerial takeover so that we can at least get some of our money back out of the Company. It is going to be messy no matter what. The legacy costs aren't going to go away no matter what. It is only a matter of time before the younger auto companies have similar costs as their workforce gets older. We are becoming a nation of older people, and we are not prepared to deal with so many people reaching retirement age. The Auto Industry is one of the older industries in our country. It will be interesting to see how we deal with this problem, and if we learn anything from it.
  14. Kevin in Michigan. BRRRRRRR!!!!!! it sure is cold up here!
  15. Thanks for all the info guys! I knew that there had to be more analog junkies out there! BTW, the deck I bought is a TEAC X1000R with DBX niose reduction. Is this noise reduction system worth using or should I record without it. I'll be transferring LP's onto tape mostly, with a few greatest hits tapes made from CD's. Thanks, Kevin
  16. Congrats on your P-39F's and welcome to the "madness"! I haven't had a chance to hear them yet, but I haven't heard anything but praise from the lucky few that own them.
  17. Ever since I dismantled my multi-channel system and went back to 2 channel, weird things have been happening. First off, I drug my turntable out of the attic and hooked it up. Then I started buying albums. The voices in my head started telling me that analog IS good, despite the many years of upgrading to digital and accumulating several hundred CD's, DVD's, and the players to handle the playback. So, while innocently browsing e-Pay for a deal too good to pass up, I run across a reel to reel deck ad obvoiusly misplaced in this digital domain that I'm browsing. The voices chime in-- buy it, buy it NOW! So to make a long story longer, I bought a reel to reel tape deck. Now I'm going to have to buy tapes, reels, head cleaners and de-magnetizers. Isn't this the stuff that CD's saved us from in the first place? The thought of convenient music on a little disc was far superior to all that cumbersome handling of albums and tapes, with all the "messy" cleaning that goes along with it. So, why am I de-evolving and going back in techno-time? Is this an isolated incident or are there other people suffering the same fate as me? Does anyone have a good source for tapes and such for a reel to reel? Gotta run, I just remembered I have a cassette deck in the attic somewhere!
  18. I've got Khorns in one room and my Reference stuff in another room. No sense in trying to choose, go with both! (No sexy nude women in either room, darn!)
  19. OK, let's hear another opinion. I don't know how many of you who are calling Union workers lazy and overpaid actually work for the big 3. But let me tell you, being one of the rank and file at a G.M. truck plant, you shouldn't believe everything you read in the paper! Sure, there was a time when the big 3 were bloated with too many employees and work was easier. That isn't the case anymore. The American factories have leaned down to keep themselves competitive. Don't get me wrong--G.M. and the UAW are far from being perfect! But I think we need to look at the REAL problems. Why did the top 3 executives fly down to D.C. in private jets at a cost of $20,000 each? We cannot bleed the workers to death while the execs continue to live high on the hog. I'm sorry to say this, but I beleive that letting the American companies go bankrupt might just be a better solution that bailing them out. I think you will find in the long run that the problems are not with the Union workers, but the obsolete management practices. Toyota and Honda workers in the US are making pretty competitive wages. Let me tell you a true story about GM management: I recently put in a suggestion at my plant to bring in some work that is being done by an outside company. I could easily incorporate the work being done "outside" into my regular job and save the company thousands of dollars a year at no additional cost to GM. The suggestion was turned down by Management because it was easier to keep on doing things the way they have always been done before. The sad thing is that even if G.M. were to file bankruptcy and get rid of all the union contracts, they would still fail because of the way they run the company. I worked for Delphi while they filed bankruptcy and claimed the overpaid workers were to blame. 3 years later, after all the highly paid UAW workers left, they are still bankrupt, and the Executives are still getting big bonuses. That's my rant. I'll let you get back to bashing the little guy for all our problems.
  20. I got what I believe is one of the first if not the first Bob Seger lp. It has Ramblin Gamblin man on it. It isn't in really playable condition, but the cover is fair. Do you think it was worth 66 cents?
  21. I bought my RF-5's new a few years ago and have had them in some different set-ups. I am currently gathering up some components to build a home theater system around them. I recently purchased a KV-4 from Hudsonvalleynoah for a center channel, and it matches perfectly with the RF-5's both sonically and physically. I used to run my RF-5's with a Pioneer Elite receiver rated at 85 watts, which sounded very good. One day I hooked up my McIntosh 125 watt amp to see how it would sound, and it was amazing! The Reference series speakers really benefit from a little extra power! I think they image very well, and are a great choice for a normal sized living room, since I've never had a problem filling the room with great sound from these speakers. A very good bargain for the price! -kevin
  22. Great to hear from you Doobie. Hope you are doing fine as well!-kevin. My Mac stuff will still drive the Khorns, Going to build a HT system around the RF-5's.
  23. Thanks for the heads up, Eskimo1. I'm thinking about getting some Emotiva gear. How do you like yours?--kevin
  24. I e-mailed Oppo today to ask if their new Blu-Ray player would be "universal". Their reply was that they can confirm sacd playback only, although they are researching dvd-a playback. Anybody know of any company planning to build a true universal Blu-Ray player? Thanks-kevin
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