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  1. Bump. Still looking. I know they are out there somewhere.
  2. The sticky remote back can be fixed with a little rubbing alcohol. Mine didn’t come with a remote so I bought one directly from MH. It was sticky when it arrived. I spoke with Roy Hall and he mentioned that it was an issue from the vendor. I used a cloth with some rubbing alcohol and never had an issue with it after that.
  3. It wouldn’t stick out like mine does.
  4. Great CD player. I miss mine.
  5. I’ll toss my hat in the ring if dtr20 passes.
  6. Bump again. Still on the hunt
  7. Very. Although I wonder if it was the same member that was posting here awhile back. I believe both were in NY. I contacted the member here and he confirmed they had been sold.
  8. Thank you! I sent a message, always worth a try!
  9. Damn that’s was quick!
  10. I’m kicking myself for missing those. I think they were in NY. I would have drove from Boston to get them.
  11. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has a pair of RF-63’s in Cherry they are looking to part with? Many leads would be much appreciated! Thanks, Rick
  12. If these aren’t sold I’d be interested. PM sent.
  13. I'm open. Not too picky. Even interested in a roughed up pair as a fall project.
  14. Thank you! I'll give him a call.
  15. Hi All, Looking for a pair of Forte II for my new listening room. I'm not picky on condition. I'm located in the Boston MA area but wouldn't mind a drive to NH, ME, RI, CT or even upstate NY. Thanks!
  16. Any thoughts on how this would match up with my RC-64 ii and RF-82 ii?
  17. No wonder why I can't find much on Craigslist anymore. All these apps!
  18. Hoping someone has a pair of RF-83, 63, 7 , or 82's in cherry they'd like to part with. Im interested in any of those speakers in no particular order. I'm located near Boston but don't mind a road trip. Thanks!
  19. Bump for the new price of $120. I also have some nice Cherry RB-35 if someone was looking for a LCR set up. $200 for all
  20. I had zero issues when purchasing the RF-82 ii's last week. Shipping was free and my total was $229 per speaker. Although the it was one per household so I did have a family member purchase one from another address. Shipping was super quick (from CA to MA) I'd absolutely rate my experience with Fry's as a 10 out if 10.
  21. I hated the felt mat on my Music Hall 5 SE it would forever be stuck to the record as I pulled it off. Never had a staic issue or if i did it wasnt audible. When I bought my Music Hall 7 it came with a deer skin mat. Have to say I love it and it looks great. Soundwise... not sure I hear a difference with the mats. I do use the supplied Music Hall record clamp as well.
  22. The limit one per household was strange but with a deal like that I made it work. Sad part is I'm trying to sell an RC-62. Looks like I need to lower my price.
  23. My 82 ii's are brand new in box. For $229 each plus free shipping I couldn't pass it up.
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