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  1. I have placed an order for the 20-39CS+. I wanted the Ultra but could not justify the additional cost. I have a 20'x20' room with LaScala mains. I went with the passive just to allow myself to play with amp options. Plus the last powered sub I had rattled inside. Don't ask who made it, the owners of this site would not be happy. PS Know of a good, low priced ($300) amp for a sub?
  2. Must have seen them at the Flint Center? A nice venue for a show like that. I wanted to go but couldn't spark an interest from the wife. A good thing though, we just flew in on the red-eye from Honolulu to SF and were dead tired. I'm glad you posted comments from the show, I'll be looking for them the next time they come to town.
  3. Looks great! However, you never answered the question. Who made the rack? I want one too.
  4. Nice! Looks like you could use a longer wall on the left. Are you going to make a false corner too?
  5. Not to set fire to this thread, but... I was in the gym today and saw an Audiopile magazine. Now normally I don't read at the gym but today I did. Anyway, I found a write up on a $2,000 1 meter audio cable and after seeing Al's cracked pcb it got me to think out loud. Why are people willing to pay so much for cable when inside the best equipment is inexpensive thin copper traces on single layer fiberglass boards and cheap solder blobs? No gold plating or fancy wires on the inside. Just makes me go hmmm.
  6. Academy, if you can find one. The Belle if you have the space. Or like I did, make your own. See "Another DIY Center." Definitely stay with Heritage horns for the best match. Best of luck!
  7. I am not impressed with plasma TVs. They seem too slow to produce a sharp image during fast action. Here is some interesting information. I'm not pushing the company, just the info. Good Luck! http://www.sharpusa.com/products/lcd_vs_plasma/0,2340,,00.html
  8. I'm not much of a fan but I must say it was an exciting game. Congrats to the Pats fans!
  9. I have a ksw also and it rattles too. Many have had good things to say about the RSW. I have also seen posts about the SVS subs (not Klipsch). Search the forum for more info. In your next post it might help to include your room size. Good luck!
  10. The stand is also a DIY. I used 1/2in and 3/4in cabinet grade birch plywood and threaded rod (from HD) sprayed black. There is a center back rod (not visible) to add extra support for the TV. I also just added a 14ga. steel plate under the top center shelf and a rotating TV stand (~4" tall) to provide extra shielding and distance from the all the center magnets. This center project has now topped $500. With the completion of the grill yesterday, this project is complete!
  11. sorry so late: P=Positive N=Negative <=Speaker --- = wire P ---- 4ohm 10W resistor ------(P)----(P) / / < < 8ohm Woofers / / (Parallel) N -----------------------------------(N)----(N) I'm not sure if there is a noticeable loss across the 4ohm resistor, but it seems to work.
  12. JM, I wanted to use a K77 and K55 but I could never win the bids on eBay. As for the sub, that might be a project for next year! Thanks again for the comments. I didn't know there was a DIY Center club. Is there a separate post for them?
  13. If you live in the SF bay area, The Analog Room is a good place to visit for 2-Channel Audio. Good luck finding it, if you blink you'll miss it. I think it's an old house. email: hifi@theanalogroom.com Good Luck!
  14. The Last Waltz - The Band, Martin Scorsese does a great job at capturing the emotion of this event. I've been listening to this DVD now for a few days with my new DIY center and I can't seem to get enough. This is a great collection of old school rock, even Niel Diamond jams! Black & White Night - Roy Orbison, This is another great collection of artists. Although I only have the VHS it is a great production. My next purchase will be Hell Freezes Over - The Eagles. I can hardly wait!
  15. I have enjoyed all my Yamaha products with my 1986 LaScalas. I just finished my center, see Another DIY Center in Odds and Mods. I was first considering an Academy but I could not wait to find a good price for one, eBay gets the highest price for these. I think a Belle looks good for a center and would offer a great match for the LaSacala. Another LaScala is also good. Going down in price and size would be a Heresy. Good Luck!
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