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    Fallout 3

    Well I don’t know how many people use there PS3 for gamming but if you do check out Fallout 3. This is one of the most unique games I have ever played, you can go almost anywhere and do almost anything. The graphics are good the story line is wild (in a good way) and overall the game is huge (no chance of finishing it I a week) Its kind of a RPG meets 1st or 3rd person shooter, there is tons of action and a lot of side missions. Overall this is probably the best game I have played on the PS3
  2. Here are some pics of the wall brackets I got from Home Depot. You can get the brackets in white or black, or paint them what ever color you want.
  3. Like Tommyboy I put a piece of 1" MDF under my Sub-12, I find it hits harder now. I have laminate flooring in the basement and it sounded like crap. I will try the spikes (or feet) and see if they make a differance.
  4. That is just as much a piece of art as it is an amp[]
  5. I am not familiar with the Rotel models but with my Yamaha receiver I can adjust the LFE (signal?/Volume?) through the set-up menu.(-10+10) Maybe your Rotel has the same set-up system?
  6. The Y-splitter on my sub-12 seems to help out alot, worth every penny.
  7. Good job man, I'm new to the Klipsch speakers but I have to say the sub-12 is a beast.
  8. Well this may help out a bit. My old Paradigm sub had the same problem so I just left on the "on" mode and plugged it into the receiver, so when ever the receiver had power the sub did to. I hope this helps Nathan
  9. When I tried this I used a fine roller and I also thinned out the paint, it helped out a lot but I ended up doing three coats. What ever you do don't over apply, it will show.
  10. I have (had) the same problem, I have read else where about, its a common problem. My solution was to buy some nice 7x8 inch brackets from Home Depot and mounting a piece of 8x8 pine on top. When it was done they looked great and only cost $30 for the pair. Hope that helps Nathan
  11. Ok well this may seem impossible but the sequel was 5x as bad
  12. Pink Floyd: The Division Bell. Its not the "Dark side of the moon" but its still a great CD.
  13. Oh boy, I'm starting to think that joining the Klipsch Forums will have a negative effect on my bank account[] At the moment I am happy with these speakers, but who knows how long that will last?????
  14. Well thanks for the warm welcome Rogers. I am still amazed with these little Q3's, for such a tiny speaker they sound great (I know without the sub-12 they would be junk) I just listened to Pink Floyd's the divion bell and it sound much better then I expected, though they become overwhelmed above casual listening levels. Well I'm going to scourer the archives and see whats going on around here. Nathan
  15. Hello everyone, this is my first post and I thought I would introduce myself. I recently bought the Quintet 3 set along with the Sub-12, I looked at the Bose and Paradigm sub/sat systems and was very impressed with the sound quality (for entry level speakers) these speakers produced. The Sub-12 is a beast and I can't believe how much bass this thing puts out for the price, I've got the gain turned to just under 1/4 and it still manages to thump. Well like I said I just wanted to say high and learn what I can from this Forum, I am already thinking about upgrading...but a new TV first. Nathan
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