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  1. I agree that Emo has great customer service, when I was in the market for an amp I talked to a rep and there was no up selling at all I told him aboutthe system I had and the future upgrades. Its so nice dealing with a company that has strong customer service skills.
  2. Hello shady, I bought the new svs pb12nsd about 2 months ago and I still love it. It is my first quality sub and it still amazes me when I watch a movie with good lfe, Hannah, Tron, The Patriot, etc. I am using RB81's as my mains with a RC62 and RB61's as surrounds. The NSD seems to be very accurate and dosn't bloat bass at all, I used to have a Klipsch sub12 and it was good for the price but the SVS is on a different level all together. I use it in a large room 17*23 and the bass travels through the couch. I really couldnt expect much more from a sub that cost $769. The only potential down fall could be its size, its large 21*17*22 inches so it may not be for everyone. I find it blends in nicely with my speakers, there should be some links on the SVS web page I read them all before I made my purchase and the reviews are bang on as far as I'm concerned. I really wanted the PB12 Plus but I just couldn't justify the $1400, but the NSD is just perfect for me and my modest system. Hope that helps, if you have any questions just ask Nathan
  3. Hay Wuzzer how's it going! I got this game the first day it came out and have been hooked ever since! I will say I was not as impressed with the graphics as I thought I'd be (I was playing NFS shift before) but then I noticed all of the detail they put into the tracks like the banking of the tracks and the background scenery is amazing! The sound effects are great and this is the first of the GT series where I like the back ground music. All in all a must have game!
  4. Hi Joey and welcome to the forums! To answer your questions. Your Yamaha receiver will be able to power the HD1000 system with out any problems, the system uses five similar satellite speakers ( which probably have a max input power of 50-75 watts) The subwoofer has a built in amp that is rated for 200 watts RMS (420 peak). When you hook up the system make sure to set the satellite speakers to small since I don't think they will go below 90hz, and turn your sub cut off frequency accordingly. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.
  5. Agree with willand 100% The Quintets where my first Klipsch speakers a couple of years ago and I was completley blowen away with how good they sounded for there size. They fit almost anywhere, they don't look that ugly and the have the WAF. You will of course need a sub with htem since the dont go below 120Hz
  6. Well I got the new slim last night. The slim is so much quieter! It was nice watching a movie and not hearing the fan kick on. Wuzzer and finallygotmyheresiesyou are right there is almost no audible fan noise. It is so much smaller it fits almost anywhere.
  7. Well its official the fat PS3 is dead, I had it rpaired and it worked for a few hours and died! I thinks its time to get the slim, now my Emotiva amp will be put on hold again!!! [:'(]
  8. Good point! I was hopefull for the pair.
  9. Umm where do you live? I can't even get RF 82s here that cheap!! but seriously if you are with in 5 hours of Ontario I will drive to your dealership. That is a heck of a deal.
  10. Thanks guys for the reply! I think I found someone local who can fix the PS3, he also mentioned about doing a fan modification that make the fan only run on low all the time, which is OK, its when the fan runs on high that it drives me crazy.
  11. Hi Schutz The RC 64 has a depth of 13.5 inches. Here is the link to the Klipsch web page. http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/rc-64-specifications/
  12. Hi guys, I figured I would ask for help on the HT section here because a lot of people use there PS 3 as a Bluray player as well as a gaming system. Last night while loading a game my PS 3 completely shut down, no warning or indications. I tried to restart it and it would just start flashing a yellow light. I looked around the net and its I have only two options. 1) send it to Sony to get repaired $150 plus shipping 2) By the new slim model. My PS 3 is 2 years old and has had a lot of use so I don't know if its worth getting fixed? Have any members had there units repaired, any problems encountered after the repair. I was wondering if anyone has had both the "fat" and "slim" models? One thing I always hated with the "fat" model was the fan noise, is the "slim" model any quieter? Any help
  13. congratulation! That amp is huge! Have you hooked it up yet, how does it sound?
  14. RF-7 II Floorstanding Speaker $3,198.00 Pair (MSRP) RC-64 II Center Speaker http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/rc-64-ii-overview/' title="RC-64 II" class="sku">$1,299.00 Each (MSRP) WOW! those are some great looking speakers! I just might have to sell my horse, well maybe not. I now have a new goal[]
  15. Look at the bright side Ironsave, you bought a quility sub at a great price with a great warrenty. What else could you ask for.
  16. Thanks for the link Ironsave, I don't know how to post a link on my BB.
  17. Also something to think about. There is a user on the forums named "rivernugget" he is selling a nice pair of RB-81s for $400. His post is in the garage sale section.
  18. Welcome to the forums YoJoe! I've never heard the RB-51s but I have heard the RB-61s, they are great bookshelf speakers! I would personally go with the 61s as they are substantially bigger (if I recall almost twice the size) I think you would definitely notice a difference between the two of them. The 61s also are front firing ports so in most applications it is easier to set them up. As for your RC-52 it is a great center speaker and it would be a huge difference from the Quintet that you are using now. I have a sub 12 as well,it will blend well with either bookshelf.
  19. That is some very nice gear you have there! I didn't see any Quintets so I'm not overly impressed[]
  20. Well I recently quite smoking after 15 years....man thats tough its only been a couple of months but I notice I have more money in my wallet. For the first time in my marriage Ive put myself on a budget, $150 a week for entertainment, gas, coffee etc. What ever I have left at the end of the week goes to my amp fund. Last but not least never using my credit cards....ever. its been almost three years since I used one and not having the 20% interest is great.
  21. James brings up a great point. If you have access to quality wood working tools and have some basic wood working skills you can make an entertainment stand exactly to your specifications. Plus you would have the satisfaction knowing that you made it. There are tons of plans on the internet, a magazine called Woodsmith is my favorite http://www.woodsmithstore.com/w1001.html
  22. Hi welcome to the Forums! There are a lot of quality receivers on the market right now, what type of budget did you have in mind? I had the Quintet system awhile ago (still using them as surround duty. You wont need a receiver with a lot of power for the quintetes because they are only rated for 75 watts and the frequency response doesn't go below 120Hrz, the sub really does all of the hard work. Though like most (including myself) you may end up wanting to upgrade 6 months down the road so I guess it may be better to buy a receiver with more power and options now instead of having to upgrade a later. Here are some links to some of the popular receivers. http://www.yamaha.com/yec/avreceivers.html?CTID=5000200&CNTYP=PRODUCT http://www.usa.denon.com/ProductDetails/AVReceivers.asp http://www.us.onkyo.com/prod_class.cfm?class=Receiver http://www.harmankardon.com/en-US/Products/Pages/ProductList.aspx?SID=AVR There are other quality receivers around as well but this should give you get an idea.
  23. Thank you I do like it a lot as well. I had no intention of spending that much but my wife was complaining about the other entertainment stands we looked at. I half believe she picked this one on purpose so I couldn't get my amp right away[6] Sanus Systems has some very nice stuff, Ive seen a lot of it on CL and Kijiji brand new for fair prices. http://www.sanus.com/us/en/products/av-foundations/ Salamander Designs is nice too, I have no idea what there cost is though (looks expensive) http://www.salamanderdesigns.com/products/av.jsp
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