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  1. sometimes it boils down to life and finances....i was about 50 before i spent a reasonable amount of coin on gear, kids through college, weddings, etc...but enjoyed music on all the sub par systems too.
  2. mine aren't new any more, april 2010. rectifier tube went south last week...i listen 15 - 20 hours/week, so 4 years...approx 4000 hours on the 5AR4's....hard to beat that. i had spares, replaced both....another 4 years "hear" we come....
  3. you can do that, many have posted to that effect. however, the walls and ceiling make up the mouth of the bass horn, so anything to the contrary will be a compromise....
  4. and baseboards are not an issue as far as getting a tight seal to the corners. pipe foam helps get the necessary seal for getting the nth degree of bass response.
  5. it will work fine with a full wall on one side and 25" on the other side of each speaker. my khorns are situated in an almost identical situation and they never cease to amaze (according to all friends/family that have listened) and i agree! see post #26 in this thread https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/151696-klipschorns-in-a-smallish-room/page-2
  6. belles are the best looking speakers in the klipsch line, one of the best looking speakers period.
  7. 14' X 12.5' with 9' ceilings. In addition a bay window area adds some additional volume.
  8. i'm running khorns in a small room, they are jaw dropping.....
  9. yes, because at that price, if they don't work out for some reason, you'll be able to recoup your purchase price.
  10. i tried several cheap SS mass market receivers with my khorns initially. you're eventually going to want a quaility amp which will costs a little more $$.
  11. a bargain at that price. i know i bought new khorns!
  12. What you do is say...come on, we are going to listen to some music. Lead the horse to water....
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