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  1. I've only done the LaScala.It actually has one piece missing, and I have never gotten around to adding it. I'll try to get it done. The piece missing is a three inch piece across the back, which would support the top. I've got a couple others with different wood grains and different angles, too. I had saves some actual veneer pics from one of the suppliers websites, and mapped them onto the drawings. Here's one in red oak, already 1024 x 768 Bruce fantastic work! [Y]
  2. Well put wuzzer. wuzzer said what i was gonna say...only he said it mucho better [Y][Y][Y]
  3. Welcome! As you own Cornwalls, sounds like you know quite a bit already! [Y]
  4. very kewl as background. is there a similiar view of a khorn?
  5. You and I might call it an equipment rack or stand....if you get your wife involved you will be buying an ENTERTAINMENT CENTER....beware.
  6. ty, they sound better than they look!
  7. yes they do, but since they are in water, they don't hear as well. so, turn it up!
  8. Think he'll have to add a sub to get some low end...
  9. BS or not, my advice, fwiw, is to try it. I put Heresy II's on stands which were a little less than the 6" of the floor that was recommended to you. Initial impressions were less bass, but, sometimes less boomy bass. It was a compromise, but overall i liked it and kept them on stands. I see a lot of questions on the forum, which to simplfy, say, should i try this? My answer, is hell yes, try it and see how it sounds to you (in your listening area). In my meager experience, the two biggest variables to obtaining fidelity is your speakers and your room.
  10. This thread was such a wonderful read and the pics had me memsmerized! Why? Well, I have a pair of Khorns being delivered tomorrow morning!!! Thanks for the pics! Oh, and didn't see many pics of your wife toward the end, hope she is OK.
  11. You should check wikipedia and Nelson Pass website. "Here is something to get you started. 1) The input signal goes plus and minus in voltage. This is because sound in air goes plus and minus in pressure. This is because vibrating things move in both directions. We use a sine wave as an example. Generally -1, 0, and +1 in an undulating curve. 2) Amplifers have the effect of taking the input signal and making it bigger. Power amplifers (the big box) also supply current to drive the speaker. 3) The amplifer box has a power supply. It just converts the power out of the wall socket, which is a sine wave itself at 60 Hertz in the USA, and converts it to d.c. which is a constant voltage. Like a battery cell. It supplies the power to the rest of the works, but it doesn't create power............" Thank you,Wm McD, for taking the time/effort to post this.
  12. Other posters have given you some of the big names in DCI. I've listened to many of these live at regional events and DCI Championship events and also recordings of these events. While the recordings are decent, they will not be the same emotional experience as attending a live event. It's just very difficult to capture/record/properly mic a performance with all the movement that occurs, the fact that the performance is outdoors etc. My first experience with recordings was vinyl in the 70's and more recently CD's and DVD's in the 90's and 00's. Again, the recordings are pretty good, but the hair never stood up on the back of my neck from any of the recordings. I would still try one though, your mileage may vary..
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