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  1. Like i said OB i didn't mean to offend. Almost any receiver from the seventies will make anything made at walmart today sound like total trash. But when you are comparing a so so sony with some of the better receivers of the day and referring that it is on par with some of the best receivers of that day why yes there is no comparison. And yes OB i have listened to many Sony receivers. I had military family members that brought many back from over seas during their hay days. And if you read on you will find that i highly recommend some of sonys products without question. And of course this is all just IMHO and you know what they say about opinions[]
  2. Glad to hear you like your new player. I happen to own the DVD 22 and i find it to be a fantastic dvd player. Very similar to the 31 but the 22 doesn't do the high res formats. Picture quality is just amazing and the audio is extremely smooth. Of the dvd players i have had around here the HK just smokes the others as far as audio and video. Enjoy!
  3. If sound is what you are seeking then IMHO that Sony is a long long way from a nice Kenwood,Pioneer,Sansui or Marantz. Japanese made some nice recievers back in the day but sony sure wasn't among the best and no offense meant.And i would easily drop 500 on one of the nicer others before 200 on the Sony. Now you start talking Sony top of the line ES cd players and thats another story. Just my 2cents to all the receiver junkies out there.
  4. LMAO ! You do speak a mountain of truth in that statement. Probably the most subjective business on the planet, audio business that is. With more folks knowing absolutes than any other folks anywhere. It sure is funny and quite amazing. Enjoy what you enjoy and dont worry about all the rest. Sad actually because there are some that truly try to help. But its hard to siphon through all the BS.
  5. Do you have them in corners? Chorus IIs require corner placement to really get the bass out of them. Amen! And do not buy into the hog wash that there is no image or soundstage with your chorus II's in the corner. I have owned chorus II's as long as anyone on the planet and they perform perfect in corners. Leave enough room for the radiator to breathe. It will make for a much more even speaker top to bottom. Again congrats and enjoy!
  6. Glad to see another happy Chorus II customer. Congrats and enjoy!
  7. In terms of amplification don't overlook a QSC PLX or SRA. These things are much more than just a fill in amplifier. Dont let the SS fool you. Smooth, Detailed, Slam ! Now as far as pre amplification many here on the forum love the juicy music peach. I myself use a restored marantz 2325 as a pre. There is no ss glare here and as a metal head i enjoy the warmth and control i have with the marantz. Good luck!
  8. You don't always have to * her hard In fact sometimes that's not right to do Sometimes you've got to make some love And * give her some smoochies too [] LMAO
  9. From your avatar i would have taken you to be a head banger. That is very misleading []
  10. Were they just not what you were expecting or looking for? Did you find something to replace them? Epics?
  11. Danny, Can you put me first in line for the Peach? Since you purchased it in 7/04 is it up to date or has Mark made changes in the design since then? Also, are the cosmetics on yours the same as the new peach? Thanks, Randy PS: Not sure what your email is.
  12. First, I find the forte II actually rather manageable compared to its big brother the chorus II. Second, I find the midrange to be one of the dominate features of the quartet ,forte II and chorus II. Harsh?.......... noway........No bass?.......Let the woofer see some juice. Third, if you find you have not the power to move the woofer but would like to enjoy the woofer with some added compensation by all means proceed man!
  13. The Marantz 2325 is a very warm,punchy receiver. With all the adjustments available no sub needed indeed.
  14. Doesnt matter how much it was when new its what folks are willing to pay. Some of these vintage pieces whether tube or ss are bringing a ton. Pioneer SX 1980 for example or A Marantz 2600 or 2500. Anywhere from 2,000 to 4,500. And these are just receivers. So if it looks good and you like it buy it. Echowars of Audiokarma would be your restorer for vintage ss. By the way i'll take that sub off your hands if you want your money back!
  15. Congrats Wuzzer! Copper would be cool to match your woofers! Always dug that poster
  16. You sure are a controversial ole fart [] But.........HAPPY BIRTHDAY! PS It's folks like you that will keep tubes alive forever.
  17. Got it Chris. Bummer, i sat on the fence just a little too long. Thanks anyways Randy
  18. Chris, PM sent and email sent in regards to your Peach. LOL...... sounds a little funny when you put it that way. Thanks Randy
  19. Congrats Duke on your new additions. They look awesome.
  20. LMAO! Good one. I see we have another rocker in the house!
  21. Well if i was part of the influence i hope it has lived up to your expectations. I know Dean,Tiger and Carl have only used or still us theirs behind a Juicy Music Peach preamp. I am yet to experience the peach but i will say that with my various vintage ss pieces being used as preamps it has been fantastic.
  22. I didnt think VRD's were SETs or SS. They are in another classification i believe.[]
  23. Yeah I forgot about the HK 930 i have here in the ss arsenal. She is a performer as well but not quite in the league of the 2325 or the G8000 IMHO. I dont think the vintage ss is the end all in music reproduction by any means. But as you say it is very reasonably priced and alot of fun to listen too. And actually quite pleasant on the old horns. I did forget about Luxman. The minty L-580 integrated i have here is mighty powerful and smooth as silk on my chorus II's. Dont have any experience with SET but obviously they have a huge fan following.
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